Mukunda Mala Pravachana by KS Narayanacharya

August 28, 2009

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Aside: This is the 500th post here.


21 Responses to “Mukunda Mala Pravachana by KS Narayanacharya”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    5OOth post 7 lakh hits wow great bellur
    hearty congratulation have next mine stone of one million hits and 1000 post achieve it soon. Its amazing even though u r bit not active in RWB visits to your site have not comedown. feel great and proud of u bellur

  2. Sunil Iyengar Says:

    Dear Ramki,

    We have probably met during the pravachana on Mukunda mala if you had come. It was an amazing pravachana…How do I recognize you? I was the prasada distributing volunteer after the pravachana

  3. Murali Says:

    I have never been fortunate to listen to Sri KSN personally. But, I have heard his pravachana audios. He is amazing, with immense knowledge and clear diction. I pray in god to give him a healthy long life to enlighten others.

  4. Srinu Says:

    Hare Krishna ..! Beautiful Image of Krishna ..!

  5. Srihari SR Says:

    Hi, I have had the anugraha of organizing SRI NARASIMHA AVATAARA in Dec’07 and the DWARKA YATRA in Oct 2009. During an interaction with Rangaramanujam (Acharya’s Son), I came to know of your contribution towards the preparation of Mukunda Mala cds. Great work. The cd is very grand. I was doing the announcements at the discourse, if you remember. Though I have read your blogs earlier, I don’t recall meeting you during the pravachans. Have we met? Please do get in touch.

  6. anjana Says:

    please inform me where can buy the audio/vedio
    cd/dvds of prof k s narayanacharya.i’m from dharawad/karnataka.
    thank you very much.

    • rk Says:

      Dear Anjana,

      Sri KS Narayanacharya’s books are available at:

      Sahitya Bhandara (Bangalore):
      Jangamamestri Galli, Balepet, Bangalore 560053.
      Tel: 080-22877618
      Mobile: 9449695586

      Sahitya Bhandara (Hubli):
      Contact Sri Subramanya
      Tel: 0836-2367676

      CDs and DVDs of the lectures available at the following addresses:

      Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs
      Bull Temple Road, Narasimharaja Colony
      Bangalore – 560019
      Phone: 080-26613148

      KS Badarinath
      27, Srushti Dhama Apartments
      5th cross, AECS layout
      Bangalore 560094
      Mob: 9448000202

  7. anjanaaa Says:

    thanks a lot for your quick and prompt response.

  8. nagarathnana nadipuram Says:

    we are very thankful to kannada to have facilitated to listen to ksn swami’s eye opening lectures on vishnusahasranama& mahabharatha series.I would like to show our gratitude in any way,if there is a trust established for kinkaryam.We are blessed to have found a great teacher,revealing our sacred hindu philosophy in such a crystal clear reachable way.I would like to meet him when i visit India in july 2010 in bangalore. ARE there any lectures during that time.with regards,nagarathna&mukund nadipuram

  9. Vinay Venkatesh Says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is from the postings of kannada that I started to follow Sriman Acharya’s discourses. I would love to attend any upcoming discourses of sriman acharya in bangalore. Please update if any….

  10. Sampath Kumar Says:

    I would also like to know about the next discourses from the acharya.Please update me.

  11. Raghu narayana Says:

    Dear all,
    Some one can please tell me the web site to listen mukundamala Stroram or above commentary by K.S.Narasimhacharya.
    thanking you,

  12. Ananth Says:

    Dear Ramki,

    I happened to see your blog just now. The picture is very interesting. On a different note, the text should read as ghushyathe yasya nagare and not yatra nagare.


  13. Vishwanath.BH. Says:

    please inform me where I can buy the audio/vedio cd/dvds & Books written by prof k s narayanacharya.i’m from Davangere/karnataka.

    Thank you very much.

  14. ananth Says:

    Can anybody provide prof k s narayancharya’s discourses to my email id

  15. madhan Says:

    can anybody tell me that where i can find the dr madhur krishna murthy’s pravachana cd/dvd’s or books… thank you.

  16. madhan Says:

    can anybody tell me that where i can find the dr madhur krishna murthy’s pravachana cd/dvd’s or books… thank you. my e-mail id is

  17. sudhee Says:

    Sir … I gratelly inspried after listening to Dr Narayanacharya’s pravachana and greately admired by you. Thank you soo much for your contribution to society.

  18. Usha Says:

    Sir , I am very grateful to Prof. Narayanacharya as he inspired me very much and enlightened me in various religious matters, our responsibility etc. I would be very grateful to you if you can send me his lectures (CDs) to my mail id

  19. balu j.s Says:

    it is inspiring to listen and see prof. narayanacharya’s speech in shankara channel every day ( mon-friday) between 10 am to 10-30 am, never miss viewers,

  20. venkatesha murthy Says:

    kindly send my DR.Achary’s telephone number

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