Forever MS

September 16, 2009

Design: RK

Blessed with a rich and resonant voice, she struck an immediate rapport with the audience. Coming straight from the heart, her Mellifluous and Sublime music transported the scholar and commoner alike. The aesthetic experience was equivalent to experiencing the Brahman. Soaked in spirituality, her music reached the rasikas effortlessly.

An artiste extraordinaire, MS’ timeless and priceless music and the saintly aura was enhanced every moment of her life kaaya-vaacha-manasa and of course through her divine music.

Yet, she was so humble that her body language conveyed that all this was the Grace of God; not of her making. In his composition, “Shanthamuleka” in Sama raga, Sri Thyagaraja has pleasingly delivered the essence of Shantha rasa, which we can so easily associate with MS.

To quote Rajaji, “The way of devotion is not different from the way of knowledge or Jnana.  When intelligence matures and lodges securely in the mind, it becomes wisdom.  When wisdom is integrated with life, and issues out in action, it becomes Bhakti.  Knowledge, when it becomes fully mature, is Bhakti…”

The Bhakti-filled renditions of MS can make even a bitter truth in Bhaja Govindam seem very sweet. Not only did she possess true devotion but she could make her listeners experience what true Bhakti was.

What did MS say about her music? She knew that Sangeetha was the Sanmarga to attain divine communion. “If i have done something in this respect, it is entirely due to the Grace of the Almighty who has chosen my humble self as a tool” she said receiving the Ramon Magsaysay award.

On a personal note, I still remember MS telling  me, “Atmartha Sangeetha is the supreme form of singing. First you should love your music, only then will others love it.”

It is a different experience to see a performer on stage and off stage. Most of them are inaccessible. But there are few exceptions like MS. I had seen her during Kacheris, read articles and heard elders in the house describe her as a very humble and down to earth person. But I was fortunate to have seen her off stage at such close distance. As we were driving back, the feeling was yet to sink in that I had spent priceless moments with a legend. Listening to the stereo which was playing MS’s Bhavayami Gopalabalam…. I realized that because MS conveyed the meaning of devotion that the audience came to her. And came in millions.

Forever MS!

Yours truly gets absorbed into MS’ Sankarabharanam, Khamboji and Todi renditions.


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4 Responses to “Forever MS”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    at last a treat from yours truly Bellur. sangeethada rasadoutha MS inda
    postgal authana bellur avarinda
    what way to put it short and sweet
    from a person who met MS in her house
    and spent good amount of time and
    also sang before her got blessings
    from great soul a great musician
    keep going bellur
    hip hip hurray

  2. I am glad to be a visitant of this everlasting web blog ! , thanks for this rare information! .

  3. samaganam Says:

    Hey Ramki,must confess that the only reason I visited your blog was that you wrote about MSS and that design(wanted to beg or borrow but not steal 🙂 ).I actually never saw her in person,actually did not even think abt listening to her,until recently and when I started listening to her,I cannot stop myself from writing something abt her.Ramki,it must have been a great experience for you,I was not so fortunate,but as I observe,I am meeting only those who like her,a weird coincidence may be.Just my 2 cents,hope I can share 🙂

    • rk Says:

      S, thanks for all your comments. i started this blog coz some of friends persuaded me. have put so much of anything and everything that, yes, i agree, it is difficult to navigate. it is because of people like you that this blog is still alive and kicking!
      it is a pleasure to meet MS fans. thanks for digging RwB from the heap!
      take care

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