Dr.Raj and Dr.Vishnu: Similarities and Differences

December 30, 2009

  1. Rajkumar died in ‘06
    Vishnuvardhan in ’09 – both years are multiples of 3
  2. Rajkumar died 2 days before New year’s day (New year starts on April 14th as per Souramana Calendar)
    Vishnuvardhan also died 2 days before New year’s day (New year starts on January 01st as per Gregorian Calendar)
  3. Rajkumar was born on the 24th – 2+4 =6
    Vishnuvardhan was born on the 18th – 1+8 =9 – again multiples of 3
  4. Rajkumar died on the 12th – 1+2 =3
    Vishnuvardhan died on the 30th – 3+0 =3 – again 3
  5. Rajkumar died on the 12th
    Vishnuvardhan died in the 12th month
  6. Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan both died on Wednesday
  7. Mutturaju – 9 letters
    Sampath Kumar – 12 letters – again both multiples of 3
  8. Rajkumar’s birth and death was in the same month – April
    Vishnuvardhan’s birth and death was in the same city – Mysore
  9. Both Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan’s wife’s names ends with THI –
    Rajkumar’s wife is PARVATHI while Vishnuvardhan’s wife is BHARATHI
  10. Rajkumar was born on the 24th and died on the 12th – a difference of 12
    Vishnuvardhan was born on the 18th and died on the 30th – again a difference of 12
  11. Rajkumar died in Ramaiah hospital – Rajkumar and Ramaiah – R
    Vishnuvardhan died in Vikram Hospital – Vishnuvardhan and Vikram – V
  12. Both Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan died of massive heart attack
  13. Rajkumar received Honorary Doctorate from Mysore University in 1976 –
    22 years after his 1st film
    Vishnuvardhan received Honorary Doctorate from Bangalore University in 2005 –
    33 years after his 1st film
  14. Rajkumar was cremated in Kanteerava Studio – North Bangalore
    Vishnuvardhan was cremated in Abhimaan Studio – South Bangalore
  15. Rajkumar got married before starting his film career
    Vishnuvardhan married after entering the film field
  16. Rajkumar has 2 sisters, Sharadamma and Nagamma and a brother, Varadaraju
    Vishnuvardhan has 4 sisters, Indrani, Jayasri, Ramaa and Poornima, and a brother, Ravikumar
  17. Rajkumar – R and Varadaraju – V
    Vishnuvardhan – V and Ravikumar – R
  18. Rajkumar’s first song was in his 13th film ‘Mahishasura Mardhini’ – “Thumbithu Manava”
    Vishnuvardhan’s first song was in his 21st film ‘Nagarahole’ – “Ee Notake Mai Matake”
  19. Rajkumar’s 1st film – 1954, 100th film – 1968 and 200th film – 1988
    Vishnuvardhan’s 1st film – 1972, 100th film – 1986 and 200th film – 2010 (yet to be released)
  20. Rajkumar’s film career started in ‘54 – 5+4 = 9
    Vishnuvardhan’s film career started in ’72 – 7+2 = 9
  21. Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan both took 14 years to reach the 100 film mark
  22. Rajkumar’s 100th film was in ‘68
    Vishnuvardhan’s 100th film was in ‘86
  23. Rajkumar took 20 years to reach the 200 film mark while Vishnuvardhan’s film Aptharakshaka if released in 2010, would be 24 years after his 100th film

– compilation by BELLUR RK

Update 1: This post was published in Bangalore Mirror on January 1, 2010.

Update 2: Kannada version of this post available at Webdunia: ರಾಜ್ ಮತ್ತು ವಿಷ್ಣು ಇಬ್ಬರೂ ನಮ್ಮನ್ನಗಲಿದ್ದು ಬುಧವಾರ..!


23 Responses to “Dr.Raj and Dr.Vishnu: Similarities and Differences”

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  2. Vasuki Says:

    That was a superb list! You are truly a walking wikipedia!!!

  3. praneshachar Says:

    great compilation bellur hats off
    our tributes to Dr. Vishnuvardhan may his soul rest in peace (RIP)


  4. Prashanth M Says:

    Wonderful list…

    Saw this post in Churmuri & was wondering who would be the author… who else can come up with a post like this…

  5. rahul Says:

    Bellur – This is total bullsh!t. You have created this just for the sake of creating one.

  6. Arun Says:

    Hi Bellur,
    Superb thinking,…
    co-incidence @ its best.

  7. Mohan Says:

    Hi Ram

    ur research on Dr.RAJ and Dr.VISHNU Similarities and Differences is excellent boss. keep rocking.

    Naan yaru anta gotayta?
    naan nimma old Raster geleya… kannadiga “moni”

  8. praneshachar Says:

    what is bullshit? do you find any thing created here dont comment just like that there is no shit in it all are just facts someone like bellur will compile for people. This has been published in Bangalore Mirror too
    PLease desist from making such comments.

  9. Huh? Says:

    Impeccable list!! But, in the hurry, I think your creative genius missed out that they both WERE born and (hold your breath) actually even died!!! What are the odds of that?!!

    Just to add to your list, I compiled my own for you.

    24. Dr. Vishnu had two lungs. Dr. Raj also had 2 lungs. Dr. Vishnu’s 2 lungs divided by 0 = Infinity. Dr. Raj’s 2/0 is ALSO Infinity.

    25. Dr.Raj and Dr.Vishnu both worked in the film industry. They both also spoke Kannada.

    26. Dr.Raj was 76 years old when he died. Dr.Vishnu was 59 years old when they died. They were both above 58 years when they died.

    27.There’s no information on Dr.Raj’s wife, Parvathamma on Wikipedia. There’s no information on Gayatri Nag, Ananth Nag’s wife on Wikipedia, either. Ananth Nag and Vishnuvardhan were dear friends. Hence, it is similar. Really.

    28. When Dr.Rajkumar died, they broke buildings and buses. When Dr. Vishnuvardhan died, they pelted ambulances. Both were shameful activities. But the plus side was that they both happened on a weekday, which was good for people who didn’t want to go to office.

    I hope this list enriches yours. As and when I come up with more, I will share them with you, sir. If you can share your research with me, it will make life easier, but if you can’t its ok, i’ll just make up some.

    You genius, you!

  10. mpkm Says:


    Dialogues Y Y
    Social Roles Y Y
    Historical Roles Y ?
    Mythological Roles Y ?
    Remakes NA Y
    Singing Y ?

  11. good one bellur.. your thoughts are unique

  12. rahul Says:

    this is the most useless compilation i hv ever seen……total crap.i need not learn any lesson from u mr.pranesha(btw, u dont know wat is bullshit??)….mind u own business.

  13. suresh Says:

    ya..add some more no

    1)both had 2 legs,2 hands,2eyes
    2+2+2 = 6 ….wow,again multiple of 3
    2)both of them stood on the ground

    …such nonsensical compilations must be thrown into the dustbin…maybe bangalore mirror is running out of stock for even decent articles

    • rk Says:

      you don’t have to change names and criticise, ya you are free to do that as well, and i strongly believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, but still feel free… you can still comment in the name of rahul. 🙂
      tk care
      compiler of this post

  14. Pratap Says:

    Good list! Must have taken quite some time to compile it. Well done.

  15. kiran Says:

    hi…….naan kiran totaly helbeku andhre sahasa
    simha.abhinaya bhargava. Mysore rathna. Karnata suputhra.kaliyugadha karna. Kotigobba. Karunaada aaptharakshaka .dhevaru kotta vara dr.vishnuvardhan boss na naavella mis maadkondidhivi aadhru kaliyugadhalli god edhane annodhe nija aadhe matthe namma simha boss ge e namma karunaadnalle marujanma kodbeku jai vishnuji

  16. kiran Says:

    sahasasimhana yella abhimaanigalige anna na abhimaaniyaadha nanna hiiiiii…..simha evath namma jothe ella antha yaaru feel maadkolbedi b’coz anna ne helidharalla “CHAMUNDI THAAYI YAANE NAANENDHU NIMMONE ENNELLA JANMADHALLU HUTTHODHU ELLENE PREETHSODHU YENDHU NIMMANE” antha simha heldhage matthe avara janana namma karunadhalle but yavaaga annodhanna a bramha secreate tagi ettidhane aste naavella kaadhu nodbeku aste … Sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sa sahasasimha dr. Vishnu maharaaj ki .jaiiiiiii….jai vishnuji we mis u lot

  17. kiran Says:

    hi vishnu anna we mis u lot

  18. naga Says:

    dada we miss you…..

  19. ravikiran kikki Says:

    dr.rajkumar ge jai

  20. vinay Says:

    Hrudayavanth Namma Vishnuji, Namma hrudayadalli yavagalu shaswatha

  21. vara nata, natasarvabhowma dr, rajkumar

  22. Vishnu fan Manjunatha Says:

    ASIA dalli nooraru simhagalu erbahudu but Karunaadige one and only ne namma SAHASA SIMHA Dr Vishnuvardhan

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