Newspaper Masthead Quiz

December 30, 2010

We see them everyday in different postures. Lazily lying on the sofa, uncomfortably waiting near the neighbour’s doorstep, or sometimes squeezed in to fit the door handle, scattered all over the table at the bank, spread across the government office compound by lucky souls to think about spiritual enlightenment, rolled into a cone by the lady selling groundnuts at the park…

If at all you met one and asked “Hi, who are you?”, may be it would introduce itself a la James bond style “My name is Paper. News-paper”.

When a regular newspaper reader picks up one anytime, s/he instantly is used to navigating through the pages. That is mainly because we know that this is so-and-so newspaper. Some years ago, Bangalore hardly had half a dozen newspapers. Today, I can hardly remember the names of the English dailies, let alone the Financial and the vernacular newspapers.

Hence this quiz – Being a newspaper addict myself, I thought why not test my own and all other newspaper freaks’ ‘NQ’ by compiling the Newspaper Masthead Quiz here on RwB!

It will be fun to see how many newspapers we can identify – believe me, although I have compiled this quiz, I am getting confused if  No.19 is “dash-dash” newspaper or No.16 is “dash-dash-dash” newspaper. So, here we go !

Time limit: 20 mins

Good luck & happy quizzing.

Wishing you a fantastic MMXI! May all your wishes come true in the new year.

[Btw, my first wish is to see food and vegetables at affordable prices!]


Compilation & Design: RK


Visit the Quiz Page on RwB.

6 Responses to “Newspaper Masthead Quiz”

  1. Ravi K S Says:

    1 – Asian age
    2 – Bangalore Mirror
    3- Business Standard
    4- Deccan Chronicle
    5- Deccan Herald
    6- DNA
    8- Economic Times
    9- Financial Express
    10- The Hindu
    11- Hindustan Times
    13- Mid-Day
    14- Live Mint
    15- The new Indian Express
    17- Sanje Vani
    18- The Times of India
    22-The times of india crest edition
    23-Financial Express

    Hmm…the kannada papers are a bit iffy for me ..but I guess this is good!!

  2. parijata Says:

    When do we get the answers?

    • rk Says:

      i thought no one noticed this quiz! good to know there are people waiting for the answers. 😉

      will put it up shortly… may be after i receive a few more entries!!

  3. praneshachar Says:

    nanu reply ge kayta idddini yah its surprising no one has noticed even though quite no of hits are there

  4. praneshachar Says:

    22 Hindu
    20 praja vani
    19 kannadaprabha
    18 times of india
    17 sanje vani
    16 udayavani
    15 deccaN CHRONICLE
    14 DNA
    12 prajavani
    10 the hindu

    hedarike illade barede i parikshe

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