2011 Cricket World Cup Finals: Front pages of today’s newspapers (April, 03, 2011)

April 3, 2011

Design: RK
Click on the image for a larger view




May bevu and jaggery
bury life’s misery
And bring lots of
lovely things extraordinary

May bevu and jaggery
delete life’s erratic vagary
And ward off things fiery
only showing all things flowery

Enjoy a happy Ugadi
with sweet bevu and bitter jaggery
Eating a yummy holige on this day
is equal to winning a lottery


– ‘English Hanigavana’ by yours truly


Bevu-Bella significance: Jaggery increases haemoglobin in blood and provides additional energy for the body. Sugarcane, the raw material for producing jaggery, helps in having strong teeth and health gems. (More)


2 Responses to “2011 Cricket World Cup Finals: Front pages of today’s newspapers (April, 03, 2011)”

  1. PP Says:

    Can we please have a hi-res version of the collage above? Would love to get it framed 🙂 Thanks for your effort!

  2. Naran Says:

    Nice to see this collage of today’s newspaper front pages.

    What is really surprising is how so many business houses managed to get their display ads congratulating the Indian team on their World Cup victory in this morning’s newspapers, considering the fact that the final result came quite late last night. Of course, the companies must have booked their ads well in advance anticipating an Indian victory, but what if the Sri Lankans turned the tables on India? The ad departments in the newspapers concerned must have really worked very hard last night to see that the
    “well done, India’ ads appeared this morning as if on cue.

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