Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Nov 29, 2011

November 29, 2011

Right from childhood, Bengluru born Shaiju Kutty is very fond of his mother and the Tea she prepares, so much so that he becomes an expert Tea maker. Seeing her son’s interest in Tea making, she helps Shaju to set up a Tea shop in a layout where Mallu kutties are in majority.

Q: What name does Shaiju keep for the tea shop?

A: ‘Mathru Chaaya”


During the rule of Sri Krishnadevaraya, Santa’s great great grandfather Fanta Singh visits Hampi to see the Vaibhava (after hearing about it from many visitors). He sees many posh looking locals siting near the Arali katte playing Chouka-bhaara using gold covered Kavades!

When he sits next to them, one person, seeing that Fanta is a Punjabi, asks what do they dance to during their Marriage, while another asks whether Fanta can understand Halegannada.

Q: To both questions, Fanta Singh’s answer is the same. What is his answer?

A: Balle, Balle!


A recent Kannada picture, with the title bearing the name of a legendary king of Magadha, has the hero standing so close to the wall… but good for him, he has both hands on top, otherwise, it would seem he was doing what lakhs of males in this part of the world  shamelessly do near a vacant plot or near the gutter everyday! For some poor souls, the mobile rings exactly when they are midway through the job, but they attend to that call also, and tell over the phone: I’m in a traffic jam!


The ‘Ooh La La’ song from ‘The Dirty Picture’ captures the ’80s aura perfectly – the orchestration and the ‘Ah, Aaah’s from Shreya Ghoshal (a la S Janaki, LR Eshwari, Asha Bhonsle…) deserves special accolades! Also, the way Bappi Lahiri sings “..badi Bombaat” (and the usage of the word Bombaat itself) deserves special mention!

So long for now!


3 Responses to “Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Nov 29, 2011”

  1. neela Says:

    The Ooh la la song reminds me of a song from our very own Mylari.

  2. neela Says:

    The credit goes to my son !I think it is the title song of Mylari.

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