Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Dec 15, 2011

December 15, 2011

Deccan Herald has put up hoardings announcing its New Delhi edition. In each hoarding, we see a  historical landmark of Delhi along with Deccan Herald’s Bangalore edition masthead (yes, it’s that big!). It would have added more value if they had placed the Delhi edition masthead of the newspaper of the first day instead of March 26, 2011, Bangalore.


Finally heard the ‘Kolaveri’ number. I liked the usage of the nadaswara. Tune is ok…something that grows on you. Lyrics are below average. Singing hmmm…. nothing special. But people have liked it. What more do you want?


Security people at Malls act very haughty. They ought to be told to be polite and they should know they are security people, not school principals, nor are the public, school students. And WTH, they don’t even understand / talk Kannada. It’s really frustrating when you so very creatively scold someone and he can’t even appreciate the sarcastic humour!


9 Responses to “Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Dec 15, 2011”

  1. neela Says:

    Loved the last line !

  2. rk Says:

    🙂 neela, then can i assume you have been in that situation? 😉

  3. shyamala. Says:

    kapige manikya kottare antha gade ideyalla mattikothige arpatya kododo anthare. sariyagi trainmadirlla. swalpa power bandide anthddda abuse maduttare. namma styele adu bittukodokke agolla,

  4. samaganam Says:

    Hey ramki,all is fine,I like the open up a twitter account pls 🙂
    Ya,love the sarcastic humour part.Atleast to know that you are scolding them they need to understand you know 😦
    But there is so much originality in your work ramki,you are so creative,hmmm…. great to learn from you,as always.

  5. samaganam Says:

    sorry if I messed up with that silly sentence formation,but that is also creative,right 🙂

  6. samaganam Says:

    Reblogged this on samaganam and commented:
    Hmm,someone does not like it that much.I thought it was awesome,because dhanush is supposed to be an actor and his voice is so crisp clear.Ya,some one with knowledge in music will know the difference,not me 🙂

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