FB Toons by RK – 7

January 1, 2012

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.

10 Responses to “FB Toons by RK – 7”

  1. samaganam Says:

    Sir,you are so hell bent upon hating facebook 🙂
    one disadvantage is we do not get to choose,who your message goes to.And its not correct.
    family is on top of preference list,they are demanding cannot run away 😦
    friends come next we have to be cordial and caring 🙂
    And lastly acquaintances like you.I only must tell you that I am dumb 🙂 so I can learn from you.

    My take on FB is::::
    Friends,friends—>the list is infinite sir.So in this manner I am connected to some astronaut in the space station,who does not even care about me.So we are friends with those who do not even write back to us?So much wastage of network resources actually 😦 not correct.

    You are so correct rk sir.New year festivities went with a bang?

    • rk Says:

      this morning, read the news that you see in the cartoon, which is when i drew this cartoon.
      i feel people are living in a bubble coz of fb.
      today, whatever people do, is for fb, by fb and of fb! 😉
      anyway, let people enjoy this fad!

      2012 entered our home, just as students enter a principal’s room!

      how was your new year’s?


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  3. Homepage Says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] There you will find 64480 more Infos: bellurramki18.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/fb-toons-by-rk-7/ […]…

  4. bantlan Says:


    Nice Post Great job.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. samaganam Says:

    Long time no speak ramki sir,bz?But there is a wealth of info on your blog,still reading them.Your blog appears to be like a government office space,stack piles of lots of imp info 🙂

    • rk Says:

      dark rooms with cobwebs, dust on files, haphazardly kept files, one top of the other…this is what comes to mind when i hear the word govt. office spaces! don’t know if it is any different these days!

      sg, appreciate your interest in reading & commenting here! you’ve infused a new josh in me! thanks and hv a great sunday!

  6. deepas Says:

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  7. praneshachar Says:

    I feel opt its true fact some how lot of us get addicted attched to FB as long as it within limits and keeps yourself in touch with others its great. for those of you who use it on mobile too its difficult to contain and for those its not blocked in office its more tempting. smart work and smart replies as always and at the end you turnout to be ajatha shatru keep going Rama + Krishna +Bellu of RwB

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