March 21, 2012

Cartoon: RK

Also visit the Cartoon page on RwB.



  1. samaganam Says:

    So true sir!perfect set of teeth 😀
    And that CM’s chair is so perfect!
    So many thorns in it?or is it a chair made of thorns??

    • rk Says:

      ..and yet they fight for that THORNY CHAIR!

      • samaganam Says:

        kursee is equivalent to dollar dreams!!!that dream never wanes and kursee promises a soft spot somewhere for these netas to sit.But sir,their lives are so difficult.They struggle so much.I dont know why.
        Another analogy is latinos who take so much trouble to cross the US border,u might be knowing their pain sir.
        They cross the arizona desert,some fall prey to weather,only few survive.And they do all this to work as janitors or cheap labor.I cannot comment on politcal correctness on this,but sir like you mentioned on all your posts,those were the days and my heart goes out for all those who are literally sliding down a hill of wild cactuses just to surive!!!

  2. samaganam Says:

    And you may not post the previous and this comment too!
    I think there are some things that cannot be discussed openly!!

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