Statuettes and Awards Quiz

April 15, 2012

Design: RK
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8 Responses to “Statuettes and Awards Quiz”

  1. deep Says:

    Brilliant stuff!

  2. TSSM Says:

    6. Dronacharya Award
    7.Arjuna Award.
    16.World cup football.
    18.Nobel Prize.
    28- Soccer Golden Boot

  3. TSSM Says:

    2.Ashes- cricket
    8.iifa award
    9. The Man Booker Prize
    11.Emmy Award
    13.Golden Peacock Award
    14.Grammy Award
    15.ICC Worldcup
    21.bharat ratna award
    24. Gyan Pith Award

  4. Veena Says:

    Brilliant quiz this time. I could only figure out few(of course some with help of google)

    2. The Ashes award
    3. BAFTA awards
    5. Cannes Lions award
    8. IIFA Award
    9. Booker prize trophy
    11. Internation Emmy awards
    12. Filmfare awards
    13. Golden Peacock award
    14. Grammy Award
    15. ICC Cricket World cup trophy
    16. FIFA Soccer World cup trophy
    18. Nobel prize trophy
    19. Oscar award
    21. Bharat Ratna award
    26. Magsaysay Award
    28. Golden Boot Award

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  6. samaganam Says:

    Sir,Namaste!Long time no speak Bellur sir!
    Ok,I can only identify the guy in that 19 number box,and he is the oscar guy 😀

    • rk Says:

      nice to have you back, sg! ya…the oscar guy is so famous, isn’t he?!
      no.23 is sangita kalanidhi, that was confereed on MS in 1968!

  7. samaganam Says:

    Oh no!the guy in 26 is magasasay!!
    21 is Bharat Ratna!!
    Thanks to MS amma 🙂
    and 16 is world cup trophy!!

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