Death By Chocolate Ice Cream at Polar Bear

May 3, 2012

Do you love food? Good food? I mean really tasty good food? Do you get a sense of tranquility when you have good food?

There is a guy whom I know for a long time. Ever since my childhood. I met him yesterday evening near Malleswaram 14th Cross. He looked so calm and in harmony with nature!

There was a small fight going on in front of him for a parking space. But this guy just stood still, which he doesn’t, usually.

I asked him, “Hey, how come you are so peaceful today?”

“I just treated myself a DBC at Polar Bear. How can I not be peaceful?”

“I have heard about BBC, KBC, even OBC. But sorry, what’s this DBC?” I asked.

“Death By Chocolate!”

“The name looks scary…I said.

“Oh no! DBC is non-violent. I will tell you how. From the time you place your order, the calming exercise begins, gradually. When the guy places the cute bowl with dark chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge and whipped cream with honey topping in front of you, you don’t dig in immediately. You pause for a moment, thank each layer of DBC for the peace it is bringing within you!

On top of the bowl, you see honey poured on the dark chocolate cake. It is sprinkled with almonds and underneath all of these a scoop of vanilla ice cream is sitting quietly, just like goddess earth. You need to dig in carefully, to get a bit of everything on your spoon. The moment the first spoon goes into your mouth – TRANQUILITY!

Pic courtesy: Polar Bear

The hot chocolate syrup makes it easy to scoop the ice cream out of the tub. Some ice creams stay frozen long after serving. However, Death by Chocolate Ice Cream by Polar Bear is deliciously rich, chocolaty and tasty. The quantity is just right. I love the richness of the chocolate as well as the chocolate cake, and almonds.

I can thoroughly enjoy a DBC only if I have skipped a meal. But today, I didn’t skip…and still I loved my DBC at Polar Bear. The moment you are done, you will not find any fault with the world!” he said.

After he ended, I thought, this guy must have had hundreds of DBCs. But he told today was just his 5th DBC!

“I cannot forget one of my colleagues in my previous ad agency as she was the one who made me drool over DBC. She would narrate about it so nicely. But she had cautioned me that it takes two to finish a rich DBC!

But it was long after I lost touch with her that I decided to have one at Polar Bear – Chandra Layout. That afternoon, I experienced PEACE for the first time! The next one I had at Malleswaram 14th Cross. My third and fourth DBCs were at Sadashivanagar parlor. The fifth time I am experiencing PEACE in this world is here again, this evening! Every time I have a DBC, I thank Anu!”

Hearing him, you could sense the passion he has for tasty food!

Thanks to him, he made me write this post this morning. He is the FOODIE in me!

Would love to hear your DBC stories! Do write about them in the comments please!

19 Responses to “Death By Chocolate Ice Cream at Polar Bear”

  1. Anu Says:

    very nice Ram.. missing DBC…:(

    • rk Says:

      hey anu! this post is dedicated to you!
      thanks for dropping by! 🙂
      you’ve made me into a DBCA – Death By Chocolate Addict!

  2. Our memories of Death by chocolate are mostly from Chennai where we lived four years ago – the one at ‘Tangerine’ at Alwarpet was quite deadly and the one at New Yorker at Nungambakkam was quite good too!

    • rk Says:

      Hello IB!
      Welcome to RwB.
      Thanks for sharing your memories of DBC!

      You’ve a really superb blog out there.
      Tk care and keep blogging

  3. samaganam Says:

    Yum!!Ice cream Nirvana!!

    • rk Says:

      which is your fav. flavour, sg? or do you have any DBC stories to share? we would love to read it!

      • samaganam Says:

        Sir,My favourite is Friendly’s Royal Banana Split.
        Essentially its the same as you mentioned about,but they put 3 scoops of ice cream which ever type you want,say butterscotch,vanilla,strawberry,they put whipped cream on the three scoops and top it with cherries,any kind of sprinkles you want like M&Ms(cadbury’s gems),nuts,hot fudge and then if you want caramel and the list goes on endlessly.Ofcourse we cannot eat for rest of the day after we eat it.pretty heavy food sir.

        Sir,only because of Ice cream lot of people gain weight.
        But Kwality Vanilla,Cornetto walls are my faves tooooo!!!
        I dont like dark chocolate,I feel like some one stole the flavor from my ice cream cup.

        • rk Says:

          hey…that’s a quick reply! thanks!
          your description sounds yummy!
          enjoy the Friendly’s Royal Banana Split today!
          you deserve it…and you know the reason! 🙂
          good luck and best wishes, SG!

  4. Uma Suresh Says:

    Sounds so yummy!
    I scream,You scream ,We all scream for Ice cream!
    I can never say no to ice cream.Will definitely have some tomorrow.
    Will you kindly get us the famous DBC when we visit you next time!Ta.
    As always love your posts Bellur.

    • rk Says:

      my pleasure to treat you DBC at Polar Bear!
      thanks for your comments. keep visiting.

      by the way, which is your fav. ice cream flavour?

  5. Uma Suresh Says:

    I love mango,cookies & cream,pista.I like banana slices in my ice cream.I have thoroughly enjoyed gud bud every single time!

    • rk Says:

      that’s great! cookies and cream is always tempting!
      any fav. ice cream brand where you always go or buy?

  6. Uma Suresh Says:

    We love Copenhagen ice cream.

  7. Parijata Says:

    I don’t have a DBC story (not a real foodie either), but really loved this post.

  8. Parijata Says:

    I don’t have a DBC story (not a real foodie either), but really loved this post.

    The banana split sounds very interesting. Should try that soon.

  9. waah raam waah. i find a very lovely narration in this post. after a long gap i went through mouth watering.

    ha ha and i really don’t know why suddenly i thought back YLG saloon’s new Chocolate Wax campaign. strange!

    you can be a good content writer. i just enjoyed like i’m in front of that parlour stewardess and she pouring stuffs layer by layer on scoop. what a state from your friend yaar ‘the moment you are done, you will not find any fault with the world!’

    tho tis too long, i consider THE BEST line on any dessert.

    be in tough brother



  10. rk Says:

    ambi, thanks for liking the narrative! do try the DBC at Polar Bear…am sure you’ll fall in love with it!

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