Mobile Phone as a guiding light!

May 8, 2012

A couple of days back, I got to know how useful a mobile can be! I did not use it to make / receive call, nor did I use the mobile:

as a Digital camera
as an Audio recorder
as a Video recorder
for Multimedia messaging
as an Email client
as a Web client
as a Gaming platform
as a Documents viewer
as a Computer
as a Music player
as a TV
as a Wallet
as a Bar-code reader…

…actually I did not use my mobile at all. I got help from a person who, like me, had come to watch the Kannada movie ‘Anna Bond’ at Santhosh.

As I entered the hall, it was pretty dark, and I was searching for, firstly the Row – ‘A’….that was slightly easy, as there was a very dim light on the bottom of every corner seat in the centre. But finding seat numbers 30 & 31 was a task. I imagined myself to be an archaeologist trying to first find and then decode cave drawings! I found it impossible to see anything written on any part of the seat or the wall! I thought I saw something like ’30’ there on the seat…but on a closer look, it was the sponge popping out from the torn part of the seat cover!

Then I just turned around and saw lots of lights from mobiles, using which everyone was finding R 24,25…S 11 & 12…B 3 and 4….OMG! What a genius that person must have been who fitted a torch into a mobile…or the person who made the mobile screen itself so bright! Am sure he / she was a movie buff, and had been in the same situation that I was currently in.

Just as a person without a watch asks a person wearing one ‘Please, can you tell me what’s the time?, similarly, I asked the guy next to me, “Please, can you tell me which is your seat number”. He immediately pointed his ‘as-big-as-a-palm’ mobile towards the wall, where I could see 28, 29, 30, 31 so very clearly – I could see them in Arial Black, size 100, White colour!

A few years ago, all those entering the cinema hall had to rely on the lone skinny fellow with the dim blue torch to know their seat numbers. And he would act so busy, so pricey…as if he was the film director. Although he would yell at us, I would be amazed how he knew all the seat numbers so perfectly – he would stand near the door and tell us exactly where C 18 to 25 was, or where F 27, 28 was, or where an empty seat was, all this while talking to the Popcorn guy outside but pointing the torch to the exact position! I think this guy’s lineage can be traced back to the Madhyama Pandava – Arjuna!

However useful the mobile is, I miss the torch bearer, who was our guiding light, everytime we entered the cinema hall! As I came out after the movie, I saw him standing in a corner and looking at the crowd outside. Dressed in whites, he still had the torch under his left sleeve!


11 Responses to “Mobile Phone as a guiding light!”

  1. TSSM Says:

    the fingers are always logged on,
    ears are always plugged in
    eyes are always locked on,
    mind is always hooked on,
    to the mobile screen,
    body mind are always benumbed.
    by the mesmerising gadget !
    Oh what a state the mobile has brought me to ?


  2. Hello Mr RK, I am a fan of your word press blogs and I love/enjoy reading your so simple and yet so truly amazing thoughts. I salute to the latest technology for making somehow far but similar minds come to one blog and share/read experiences. I can so much relate to the torch man I used to see in Gitanjali theatre when I used to go with my chikkamma/ajji/thatha in 80’s to watch Dr. Raj’s movie! Oh my god, I love that bangalore and I so miss it now. Thank you for the wonderful expressive thoughts.
    Anyways, how was Anna Bond movie 🙂 I just downloaded the songs yesterday into my iPhone! I like the songs, not bad..

    • rk Says:

      hi SH,
      firstly, how did you get to know of this blog?
      feels nice reading your encouraging words.
      thanks for dropping by, and leaving your comment.

      you have made me nostalgic by reminding me about ‘Gitanjali theatre’!

      Anna Bond is violent. Songs and choreography part is good. Didn’t like the movie as there is hardly any story or logic.

      keep visiting and sharing your thoughts / stories!

      regards and take care

      • Hi RK, I have been reading this blog since a year now. I must admit I have to yet read many more blogs yet, but I read it simply because it makes me smile, forget my mundane life elements which makes me ‘Sigh’, relax and be in a different world for minutes together and moreover enjoy reading and knowing blogs like this… 🙂

        I will surely share my blog soon.

        My own quotes of the day:

        It is all in the eyes and brain how we look at things and interpret 🙂

        I like to read books so that I can shut it whenever I want to and still not hurt it unlike asking a human to do the same 😉


        • rk Says:

          hi sushma,
          i agree with you – reading is a very good habit. there are some excellent blogs in the blogosphere. some bloggers express their thoughts so beautifully, isn’t it? i too love to read as much as i can – the length of my blogroll list is a testimony for this!

          glad that you have been visiting RwB for a year now.

          do let us know about your blog soon!

          keep visiting and regards

  3. Uma Suresh Says:

    For my son his mobile phone is the watch too!

    Always enjoy reading your posts & love going down the memory lane.
    Thank you.

    • rk Says:

      oh yes! that’s another advantage of a mobile phone.

      for me, once the mobile is inside the pocket, it is boring to take it out just to see the time. i prefer asking anybody nearby – saar, time yeshtu?…and they will be so eager to see the time from their huge costly mobile! i usually do this to kill time in a traffic signal. 😉

      feels nice to know that RwB has such ardent fans! 🙂 keep dropping by! feels great to read your comments!

  4. samaganam Says:

    what evaaaa..
    I subbed my mobile for an alarm clock.
    And its so tricky,it keeps on buzzing the alarm,atleast once in every 5 minutes.Wont stop until you hit the right button.
    Probably,its the only driving force that makes me get up everyday by 6 AM.

    Actually you know sir,some MIT guy invented an alarm clock that would sound the alarm and roll away,and it makes such unbearable noises that you will get up instantly.
    Added to that you have to search for it.

    So a Mobile is an Alarm Clock too!!!!!

    • rk Says:

      mobile as a watch, as a torch, as an alarm clock! maybe in a few years, some one might see this post and write a comment – I COOK RICE ON MY MOBILE. MY MOBILE IS A COOKER TOO!

      sg, interesting to know about that MIT guy’s invention. effective, huh!

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