Thank You for Commenting!

June 4, 2012

Design: RK / RwB

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Dear Friends,

On the occasion of  Rambling with Bellur’s 6th birthday, I take this opportunity to dedicate this post to You!

Sincere and humble thanks to all readers for taking time out to visit and comment here, and guest writers for contributing high quality articles covering some of the best topics around with all of us. I also thank my friends who have shared lovely photographs and cartoons published in RwB.

This blog is nothing without your active participation, encouragement and support.

With much gratitude and appreciation

Best wishes
Bellur Ramakrishna


22 Responses to “Thank You for Commenting!”

  1. How wonderful! Thanks so much- it’s mutually beneficial for us!

  2. NareN Says:

    aaah! gud to see u bck after long long time!! congrats 6th birthday celebrations!

  3. The only complaint about your blog (from quite some time) is the frequency of posts. Apart from that, your blog is thoroughly entertaining and enriching at the same time – be it cartoons, childhood reminiscene, day to day life etc. Continue the good work. May we get to see the “RwB turns 60” post 🙂

  4. टिप्पणियां अक्सर हमें दूसरा पहलू भी दिखाती हैं जिसे हम सोच नहीं पाते हैं।

  5. samaganam Says:

    oh!you are most welcome sir 🙂

  6. Thank you. Hearty congratulations to Rambling with Bellur on your 6th Anniversary. Looking forward to many more years of RwB! It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. Many of my friends were able to make contact with me through RwB. Once again I wish you all the very best always.

    Bridget White-Kumar

  7. adbhutam Says:

    The very wide range of topics you cover in your blogs make it a fine source of, mostly authentic, knowledge. Keep up the good work. Knowledge-sharing is the greatest dAnam.


  8. Srividhya Bellur Says:

    Superb Ramki! its a SIX 🙂 Hope u hit many more sixers 🙂 🙂 Happy for u!

  9. On the occasion of 6th birthday of your blog,I offer my thanks for your efforts in bringing out topics on various subjects,like food,music,literature etc.I enjoyed reading them.Thanks
    May you continue to actively develop this great blog site

  10. Bellur, Congrats man. May you hit more sixes!!! cheers mohan

  11. vnarayan kesavan Says:

    good job. can make it more broad based. Thanks

  12. Lakshmi Says:

    Thank you RK. It is so kind of you to thank all of us 🙂

  13. Kristo Francis Says:

    Thats a good news, will be following u and all the best wishes..

  14. Anand Balaji Says:

    A stupendous achievement by a highly talented and humble individual… I doff my hat to you RB!
    Many of us entered the blogosphere roughly around the time you launched your educative and entertaining RWB blog. But you hold a unique distinction, in that, you rank among the passionate few who have continued to pen their thoughts (and draw caricatures!) on everyday issues with great zeal.
    Congratulations once again for enriching our lives in myriad ways… and here’s wishing you much success in the days and years ahead!
    – Anand Balaji

    [Hi RB, I tried to post a comment on your blog several times, but I couldn’t do so as my wordpress ID doesn’t exist. And for some odd reason I cannot post my comment using my gmail ID either.
    I’m pasting my comment here and request you to put it up on your blog, explaining that I encountered problems in doing so. Thank you.]

  15. Raghunandan S Says:

    RWB has been a great place to share our thoughts on various topics. My needs for knowing more about HJKP days were met by your great posting that has since gathered many comments. I thank you for continuing to take the time to put all of this together. Best wishes on your continued success.

  16. mouna Says:

    congrats rk! 🙂

  17. Nanjundachary Says:

    Sincere blessing from lord Hari the owner of the universe & my best wishes. I take this oppurtunity to offer my best wishhes on 6th birthday.
    Thanks &regards.
    Chary from Dubai.
    Civil Engineer.

  18. Keerthi Says:

    I came to this blog (I think about 3 yrs ago) looking for info about Ahobila. I read RK’s post about his trip there and I had an instant liking to the blog. I kept visiting it (though infrequently) and have also wriiten my comments on a few topics of my interest. The variety is simply awesome. The information is detailed just enough. I’m quite impressed with the quality of discussions that happen on this blog and will continue to visit (as well as recommend it to others).

    I’m sure it has been 6 fulfilling years but this is just the beginning…….I am quite confident that this blog will live on for many more years to come….

    All the very best.

  19. kvm Says:

    Have common sense while commenting your own teachers.

  20. Uma Suresh Says:

    You are very welcome Bellur! I’m so happy to be a part of RWB.Keep em coming mate.
    Best wishes

  21. sidramsk Says:

    good job and i really proud of that thanks to all of u

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