Transit of Venus!

June 6, 2012

Design: RK / RwB

The above image was created by yours truly after seeing pictures of Venus in transit. By moving across the face of the sun, planet Venus produced a silhouette that no one alive today will likely see again.

Seeing the pictures, I couldn’t believe it was Venus. For me, it looked more like a low angle shot of a cricket ball hit by Gayle, with a portion of the stadium being seen. Or a moment later, I imagined it to be George Wilson’s (remember Dennis the Menace) potbelly…yeah, the navel is not proportionate, but still 😉

Or maybe, the bigger circle represents people on FB…and the smaller circle is made up of people like me, who are not on it!

What do you feel?


15 Responses to “Transit of Venus!”

  1. Sushma Rao Says:

    Amazing picture! Did you take it? I wish I had seen this too, did you?

    RK, I would just say universe is amazzzzing! It left me dumbstruck again yesterday when I watched this on TV, and saw the beautiful phenomenon of Venus creating a small black spot on sun’s surface! I am convinced that the nature is one of the most controlling factors of human or human existence, it proves it like million times.

    Planet transitions influence us a lot and do we need anything else to prove it now!? I would just like to wish all of us tons of good luck and that 2012 is going to be smooth for us unlike some horror movies made scaring us away to face the new future in this year.

    • rk Says:

      hi sushma, i think you missed the copy!
      it was totally cloudy y’day. i did not take any picture. i created a design similar to the transit of venus. 🙂

  2. samaganam Says:

    Sir,to be frank,I could be right or wrong but there are several such phenomenons that happen in the space on a daily basis.Few years ago,there was this huge ruckus about Mars being the closest in a thousand years!!or that the moon was the biggest in probably decades and then solar storms and then solar and lunar eclipses!!!
    Outer space is a mystery and as it unfolds through the scientists’ telescope,many facts are being revealed on a daily basis.I simply dont know when to say wow and when to say what eva!!

  3. The picture being a FB representation. That was a nice one!

  4. Parijata Says:

    Even I woke up early to watch the transit of Venus, but clouds played spoilsports.

    Nice linking the Sun with Facebook. True too!

    I was not on facebook for a long time. Finally I succumbed to pressure from my cousins and made a handful of friends. But to my credit, I assiduously avoid wishing people for birthdays on facebook. Loved ones deserve at least an email if not a phone call!

    • rk Says:

      Loved ones deserve at least an email if not a phone call!

      there was a time, not so long ago, when our aunts/ uncles used to tell: if you cannot come to wish your cousin, ATLEAST you can send a GREETING CARD or ATLEAST CALL and wish!
      now, ‘ATLEAST an EMAIL’-paristhithige bandide!
      in a few years, it may be – ‘ATLEAST LIKE your cousin’s b-day’, then it may be ‘ATLEAST an SMS’…..after that it may come down to ‘ATLEAST a MISSED CALL’ for your cousin! 😉
      …..amele yenu aagattho gottilla!

  5. samaganam Says:

    Hammm!!!on the flip side,I am thinking that when I wrote my last comment,I did not observe it so well or that I was too distracted to keep an eye on a black spot in the sky.
    But I think it was a wonderful thing to happen,actually,I now agree that scientists did not lie about planets 🙂
    So sir,only question for you,why is that woman so aimlessly strolling in the space??

    • rk Says:

      sg, i am no scientist, nor i know any science. i only know to make signs! but still, let me try answering your question in a different way –

      most of the times, two sisters are very close to each other. after marriage, they both hardly get to meet and talk. even if they do meet, it is for a really short time.

      since venus is sometimes called earth’s “sister planet” (owing to their similar size, gravity, and bulk composition), maybe that is the case here too – they meet very rarely.

      as for being lonely, maybe venus wants to get away from bandhanas, or attachements, and continue svadhyaya, which is the fourth of the five niyamas (observances towards ourselves). sva means “self” and adhyaya means “investigation, inquiry, or education.” svadhyaya is the “self-inquiry; any study that helps you understand yourself; the study of sacred texts.”

      • samaganam Says:

        well sir,Jawab Nahi!!What an explanation.So wondering who is earth married to now?Chanda mama?or chanda mama her brother?Whooaaa,I am so lost now 😀
        So venus is doing very hard penance then,wants to join that sun GOD!!!!But sir,i dont want the sisters to ever meet,I will be bounced into that “Bhagavad sannidhi” without even asking for it :D.For now,I think earth’s husband did not let venus to meet her,like you said they only exchanged glances!!!!!!

        • rk Says:

          earth, i.e. bhudevi is married to none other than srimannarayana!
          the supreme lord has four consorts in sridevi, bhudevi, neeladevi and dayadevi, all of whom plead the lord to take a tolerant view of His bhaktAs’ misdemeanours.

          there are thus several reasons for the lord’s short memory, as for as his bhaktas’ offences are concerned.

          1. by nature, the lord himself is infinitely merciful. he is a “karuna varunalayam”, a veritable ocean of mercy, and a “karuna kakutsttha:”. this makes him a lenient father tolerantly forgiving the lapses of his beloved children. if someone were to carry tales to him about us, he would just turn a deaf ear.

          2. the supreme lord has the ever-merciful mahalakshmi as his constant companion.
          being the universal mother, this lady knows not what anger or punishment is-“nityam agyata nigraham”. she is just incapable of being offended by anything we do, and would do all that is in her immense power to ensure that we come to no grief, interceding with her spouse on our behalf whenever necessary. “na kaschit na aparadhyati” is her oft-repeated averment, reminding the lord that he would find none except sinners in this world, however hard he might search, and hence he should take a tolerant view of his bhaktas’ misdemeanours.

          3. sri bhoodevi, the lord’s other consort, is the personification of tolerance-“sarvam saha”. searching for an apt simile for the lord’s “patience”, sri valmiki ends up comparing him with his own consort, unable to find a better
          repository of this virtue-“kshamaya prithivi sama:”. every day, she forgives us our innumerable transgressions, but for which our burden of misdeeds would become unbearably heavy.

          4. sri nila devi is known for the exercise of her feminine charms on the lord, to ensure that he forgives and forgets, and, better still, doesn’t look
          our way at all when we commit lapses-“bhavitam srinivasasya bhakta dosheshu adarsanam”.

          5. daya devi is another inseparable companion of the lord, keeping in strict check his other attributes like gnanam, shakti, balam etc., which apprise him of our offenses and recommend just retribution. the magnificence of this consort of the lord should be evident from the fact that swami desikan, who devoted mere thirty-odd slokas to sridevi, bhoodevi and kodai nachiar, composed
          108 brilliantly beautiful verses in praise of daya devi.

          6. if all else should fail, there are our merciful acharyas, who are of our own ilk and hence in a better position to appreciate our frailties and
          compulsions. they strongly intercede with the lord on our behalf and spare us from what would be one continuing saga of punishment.

          with all the aforesaid entities pleading to the lord on our behalf, is it any wonder that the lord remembers not?

          • samaganam Says:

            well,thank you for the mercy 🙂
            Ya,I do know that Lord srimannarayana has two consorts sridevi and Bhudevi but did not know about nila devi and daya devi.Cannot thank you enough for the wonderful information sir,truly bowled over.I meant “Now,OKAY!!who is Bhoodevi’s husband?” did not mean who is “Bhudevi’s husband NOW??”
            I was truly confused and did not think the other way around.And no intentions of Blasphemy or vilification at all.Hope through you,the Wonderful Acharyas and the Wonderful Mothers are apprised of my un-intended Aparaadham which happened due to my poor sentence formation!!!
            “kara charana kritam vaa,kaaryajam,karmajamvaa,sravana nayanajam vaa,manasamvaa aparadham,viditam aviditamvaa sarvameetat kshamasvam jaya jaya karubdhey sree prabho srimannarayana!!!”

            • rk Says:

              you have made me remember two beautiful shlokas today, sg! thank you!

              Karacharana Kritam Vaa, Kaayajam Karmajam Vaa
              Shravana Nayanajam Vaa, Maanasam Vaa Paraadham
              Vihitama Vihitam Vaa, Sarvame Tat Kshamasva
              Jaya Jaya Karunaabdhe, Shri Mahaadeva Shambho

              O Lord, kindly forgive all the wrong acts and omissions I have committed,
              whether I committed them knowingly or unknowingly,
              with my hands, feet, words, ears, eyes, or mind.
              Glory to you, Mahadeva, who is the ocean of kindness and compassion, and the cause of happiness.

              Before going to sleep, one ends the day with this prayer.
              One asks the Lord for forgiveness for wrong acts that one may have knowingly or unknowingly committed during the day.

          • samaganam Says:

            ohh!!!How stupid!!!
            “sumanasa vandita sundari madhavi chandra sahoodari hema mayee”,Sorry sir,I did not realize this,trust me I was too confused and did not realize what I said.Thats why we call him chandamaama,no wonder!!!And it was certainly an aparadham,How did I forget this basic fact???so sorry,it was unintended,hope I am forgiven!!!

            • rk Says:

              thanks for that bit from ashtalakshmi stotra, sg!

              Sumanasa vandita sundari mAdhavi
              chandra sahodari hema maye |
              muni gaNa maNDita mokSha pradAyini
              manjuLa bhAShiNi veda nute ||
              paNkaja vAsini deva supUjita
              sadguNa varShiNi shAnti yute |
              jaya jaya he madhu sUdana kAmini
              Adi lakShmi sadA pAlaya mAm

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