Mehdi Hassan

June 13, 2012

Writing  this with a very heavy heart. And tears in my eyes. I feel really sad that we lost two great Ghazal singers in Jagjith Singh and Mehdi Hassan within a year.

When I got to know that the song ‘Sadaa Kannale’ from Kavirathna Kalidasa was based on a ghazal, I was curious to find out which one. During my stint in Music World, I stumbled upon the song one afternoon while arranging the newly arrived ‘The Finest Ghazals of Mehdi Hassan’ CDs and Cassettes! The song was ‘Nawazish Karam Shukariya Meherbani’.

I bought a cassette immediately. And I played it that night with all lights off. It was an out of the world exprience when I heard such a sublime voice. When I first heard the Ranjish He Sahi – I loved the line “pahale Se Maraasim Na Sahii Phir Bhii Kabhii To, rasm-o-rahe Duniyaa Hii Niibhaane Ke Liye Aa” … by which time there were tears in my eyes! The jal-tarang at the beginning of the song was so refreshing, along with the golden voice. Ghazal after ghazal, each nagme and Mehndi hassan’s voice would make me quiet and melancholic as the hours slowly passed.! I have heard the tape a few hundred times. And it is always in the night that I play Mehndi Hassan. I love ‘Nawazish Karam’ (my special favourite along with Ranjish He Sahi). My other Mehdi Hassan favourites are.

  • Patta Patta Boota Boota Hal Hamara Jane Hai
  • Kaise Kaise Log Hamare
  • Phool Hi Phool Khil Uthe
  • Zindagi Mein To Sabhi
  • Mujhe Tum Nazar Se Gira To Rahe Ho
  • Gulon Mein Rang Bhare

Hassan leaves behind a legacy, a treasure trough of beautiful melodies. As he himself sang:

Ab ke hum bichhade to shaayad kabhii khwabon mein milen jis tarah suukhe hue phool kitaabon mein milen 
Aaj ham daar pe kheenche gaye jin baaton par kyaa ajab kal vo zamaane ko nisaabon mein milen

Will surely miss the voice of god!


6 Responses to “Mehdi Hassan”

  1. Uma Suresh Says:

    I’m going to google that song which sounds like Sada kannale! I absolutely love this song.Will let you know my view soon!
    I’ll also try to hear the other songs that you have mentioned.Great loss for the Ghazal world.I have heard a few songs of Jagjit Singh & love his voice.
    Also love Pankaj Udhas & Anup Jhalota’s ghazals.
    Thanks Bellur.

    • rk Says:

      hi uma,
      the beauty of “sadaa kannale” is that even if you hear it after listening to ‘nawazish karam’, you will still like the way rajkumar and vani jayaram have sung, beautifully adapted to our mileu by music director m.ranga rao. he has improvised the tune by adding the alapane at the beginning to give a joyous mood to the song. i feel the original has a very slight tinge of sadness to it.
      let me know what you feel.
      good to know that your favs. are jagjith singh and pankaj udhas. surprisingly, i have only heard anup jalota’s bhajans…none of his ghazals! now i am googling to hear AJ’s ghazals! 🙂

  2. Uma Suresh Says:

    Hi Bellur,
    Just now listened to ‘nawazish karam shukriya’ song & liked it.Loved the begining as it starts like our ‘sada kannale’!

    For me Dr.Raj & Vani Jayaram’s ‘sada kannale’ is simply superb!As I already said I absolutely adore this song!
    I’m going to hear it right now!

  3. I did not know that ‘Sadaa Kannale’ was adapted…heard the Nawazish Karam song…still love the Kannada song better…blame it on me being a huge Rajkumar fan (more as a singer than as an actor)

    I have a couple of favorites of Mehdi Hassan –
    1) “Hamari Saanson Mein Aaj Tak Woh Hinaa Ki Khushboo Mehek Rahi Rai”
    2) Khuda Kare Ke Mohabbat Mein Yeh Makaam Aaye
    Kisi Ka Naam Loon Lab Pe Tumhaara Naam Aaye

    I like Ghulam Ali more than Mehdi (Ghulam Ali is God as far as ghazals are concerned!). Compared to the versatality of Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh’s ghazals sound too ‘sappe’. Dont like Pankaj Udhas at all, as he makes ‘sharab’ songs sound like ‘musambi juice’ 😀

    • rk Says:

      loved the last line! LOL! 🙂

      mehdi hassan and ghulam ali are pure magic! nowadays, i am trying to get over a ‘bad’ habit of mine of comparing legends. understanding urdu, shaayari and music, and then appreciating ghazal is one thing. we never understood any of these, and yet we got addicted in the ‘nasha’ of these two legends!

      we take Annavru’s singing so casually. rajkumar carried such a well honed voice and was very musically adept. everyday, he did ‘sangeetha saadhane’, just like how he did ‘Yoga’!

      no wonder there are fans like you for his singing!
      thanks for sharing your fav. ghazals!

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