Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 1

August 5, 2012

Starting today, Rambling with Bellur will feature some Kannada Film posters. These are not the regular posters you have seen. These can be classified as minimalist posters because they explain the film’s content using minimal graphic or text elements. Sometimes less is more — and hope this collection of minimalist posters encompasses that idea perfectly.

I would like to thank fellow blogger Vasuki Raghavan for igniting the spark in me. It is because of him that I have started this series.

To begin with, the series will feature some of Puttanna Kanagal’s movies.


4 Responses to “Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 1”

  1. Superb Bellur! May we see many more posts like this.

  2. Satya Says:

    Bellur – This is fantastic!!! Edakallu guddada mele poster is real deep! Have seen ur second part also …. Again, great work … Innu barli 🙂

  3. Satya Says:

    I meant the Love Won, Lust Lost poster with a heart and a bitten apple – Nice touch

  4. ajaykumar4g Says:

    Amazzzing… 🙂

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