Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 11

August 23, 2012


11 Responses to “Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 11”

  1. parijata Says:

    The second best set of posters so far 🙂 My favorite was ‘nA ninna biDalAre”.
    Wonderful imagination 🙂

  2. First one was EPIC! 🙂 Your blog was not opening from last 2 days, but your post was visible in my Google Reader, not sure about the reason. So 200 more movies of Raj still pending 😉

  3. daya Says:

    totally awesome

  4. Uma Suresh Says:

    OMG! I simply loved your version of Bhakta Kumbara.
    You bring in very interesting points.I was touched by Children Not Allowed beyond this Point.How appropriate!Also Unbreakable Pots in Gora’s shop.Very very nice.
    You should start a segment called Through RWB”S Eyes!
    Once again Bellur thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I felt so happy reading your blog early Saturday morning.
    Hari Namave Chanda,Ada Nambiko Kanda.
    Have a wonderful day & a good weekend.

    • rk Says:

      dear uma, i know how much you love ‘bhakta kumbara’. glad you liked the designs.
      this complete blog is “Through RWB’S Eyes!” – nice of you for coming up with a segment’s name though!
      enjoy the weekend!

  5. Super. Can u please tell abut the software you use?

    • rk Says:

      keshav, that reminds me: next time i go to eat masale dose at CTR, i should ask the waiter: what all goes into making the dose and the two kinds of chutney! 😉

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