Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram Alumni Meet – Jan 26, 2013

January 26, 2013


Photo & Design: RK
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Having met a few teachers, friends and seniors last year, I was looking forward to meetin many more today. And the meet did not disappoint today! I could meet ever cheerful B.Vijayalakshmi ma’m, ever humourous Keshavamurthy sir, large at heart Manjunath sir, ever smiling Syeda ma’m, ever thoughtful Leelavathy ma’m. It was a real bonus to see my classmate A.Ramesh and his sister Prathibha. The regulars were there too: Satyanand sir, Kusum Talwani ma’m, Suryanarayan sir, Padma miss and many others.

The meet started with te Prayer. There was a minute’s silence to pay respects to  late Shivanna sir. Also got to know that my classmate Royal is also no more. Sad.

Teachers were felicitated. There was some cultural events. The programme ended with the national anthem. Lunch was arranged for everyone. All in all, it was fulfilling to see teachers and friends with whom we share such lovely memories.


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10 Responses to “Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram Alumni Meet – Jan 26, 2013”

  1. Uma Suresh Says:

    Good on ya Bellur,Felt nice reading about your meeting with your school mates & teachers.KVM being so close to your place was also handy for you I thought!

    • rk Says:

      thanks uma. adhikke naan ee jaaga bittu kadhlalla! 😉
      many of my friends are J that i still stay in the same place! they wish they could also do that!
      a school, however far it is geographically, is very near to the heart emotionally! 🙂

      • prathibha Says:

        Thanks kano, n even thanks to vidya who captured these moments!! it was so wonderful meeting so many awesome teachers n friends that it just made me relive my school days again for a day!!

        • Sam Says:

          Hi RK
          Thanks for posting the wonderful memories once again. We are so fortunate we can literally see through your updates. Sorry to hear the irreplaceable loss of Shivanna Sir. May his soul rest in peace. This time, if you have some clips, do share with us. Do you have any updates on Rama Rao Sir, Narayan Sir, Sanskrit teacher who was with Sri Mathur Krishnamurthy – he was a classic – we truly enjoyed the golden moments both at the old school almost touching sankey tank, and at the new school next to the bus stand. Glad to hear Satyanand Sir is staying young! Luckily for so many of us, you get to stay near our wonderful wonderful school. Did you get a chance to see your seniors – Spiker Raman, Srinivasa Rao, pace bowler Sathyasheelan, our senior was Dinesh Prabhu, A V Jagadeesh, and if you remember Ravi Menon. Nice to hear your reunion with your own batch mates. Looking back now and then, we should be proud of our times and the way we were taught by a very very capable and excellent faculty of beloved teachers. It is the small beautiful moments that count and make your days so full of life. Thanks for the wonderful memories. So much joy from the heart. Take care.

          • rk Says:

            hi sam, glad you liked the updates. many of my seniors were missing this time. just met a handful of them. some dropped in to my home too. met librarian padma miss, sanskrit teacher suryanarayan sir, english teachers BVL and leelavathy mam, ever affectionate kusum talwani mam, science teacher keshavamurthy sir, maths teacher ravikumaran nair…. just seing them brought back many nostalgic memories!

            tk care sam!

            • Sam Says:

              Hi RK, yes Padma Miss was our beloved librarian, sanskrit during our times 66-77 was krishnamurthy sir at the old school, english for us was rama rao sir with such excellent pronounciation those days; we also had badri sir for physics, iyer sir for chemistry, kusum talwani miss for social?, maths was shetty sir very strict with his drawl cos theeta squareeeh but man did he groom his students so well; also had narayan sir for a little bit for maths. Next time in Blr will catch up with you. Kamalam Sethuraman was our principal until Prabhakar Sir took over. We were the last batch of 10+1 scheme. Used to play cricket for Shivaji House. Raman, my class mate was an excellent spiker.

              Kiran – if you get a chance to read this, if you remember UN Srinath, your senior he is in TN with Fedex I believe. Caught up with him and we still recollect a lot of our school times.
              RK – Glad to see so many of our school mates sharing the same beautiful memories of our great great school. Keep posting more pics if possible. thanks for letting us see through your eyes. You have described it so well and seeing your write up on cycle tires, match box, cigarette pack collections etc – the whole family could relate to it and they were really wow for us. Nothing could beat those jolly good times. Thanks so much rk…

              • rk Says:

                hey sam, feels nice that you enjoyed reading those posts! thanks a lot! i am encouraged reading your comments which are mini-posts in itself! do let me know when you’re here! it will be one long trip down memory lane when we meet!

                take care

  2. Savitha Rao Says:

    Hi..I am Mahim’s Friend..Can anybody let me know about his contact details at In Advance..
    Savitha Rao

  3. Sam Says:

    Hi RK, regret to inform the sad demise of our beloved English teacher Sri H.G.Rama Rao. He was an excellent teacher, always dressed in kacche-panche, superb command of English. Taught so many of us at KVM. May the departed soul rest in peace.

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