March 7, 2013

There were some oft used words/ phrases while we played cricket:
• Pinda ball – The ball that rolls instead of rising off the pitch towards the bat
• 1D, 2D…some amongst us used to say DIKK… – Short for declared! It actually meant that there was no need to run when the ball went towards some mori or if it hit some garage shutter.
• Joker – Can play on both sides
• Current illa – This had nothing to do with Electricity. This meant that the guy bowling needed to touch the ball to the brick (i.e. the wicket) when the fielder threw [he couldn’t have a leg on the brick and be a lazy ‘um.
• Batting side fielding illa – When there were excess people playing in a small place. This happened during holidays when friend’s cousins joined us.
• Leg side runs illa – As opposed to the previous point, this happened when there was a shortage of guys in the team. i.e. when most friends went to their cousin’s houses for holidays.
• One Pitch Out – This was considered low class. Not challenging enough. Instead of a full toss catch, even a single pitch catch was considered out. Rule ok for 1st or 2nd std kids.
• Ajji mane Out / Compound olage full toss out – There were some elderly folks who were anti-children. If the ball went to the compounds of these houses, we could as well forget the ball. They would not give it back. Hence, this rule.
• Full toss on the ‘Atta’ Six – On the other hand, there were child-friendly houses who would give back the ball with a smile and also some chakkuli, kodubale…even if the ball went into the kitchen! For such houses, if the ball went on the Atta, it meant a SIX!
• Full toss on the Garage – Sometimes OUT, sometimes six…. depended on the whims and fancy of the guy owning the bat/ the Garage!
• Khamba ‘Four’ – This was one of the boundary points. If the ball crossed the far off KEB pole, it meant a 4.
• Khali ‘site’ out – ‘coz it was full of parthenium…and we were afraid there were some busss paamb!

I am sure I’ve left out quite a few… will be great if you can add.

5 Responses to “CRICKET LINGO – Our Days!”

  1. sam Says:

    Hi RK
    Nice ones. During our time in the 70’s we used to play for 10 pencils or groundnut burfis. Whoever loses used to give pencils or burfi. So before fixing the match, we used to agree with the captains – pencil ela burfi na? huthtu pencil adona and so it went. wickets used to be the lines on the govt school wall. Same rules as you had stated were the order of the day.

  2. Suresh Rao Says:

    Few more that we used to use ..

    – Tree catch alloweda? -> usually while playing in parks with trees around
    – Score dubba hakidare -> Batting side increasing runs without scoring
    – Kolte shot -> Loose shot
    – Kolte player -> Not so good player
    – Behind the wicket runs idiya? -> when not enough space or fielders
    – Attake untu lekakke illa -> when kids want to play with elders

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