Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 19

June 30, 2013

bhaktaprahlada1 bhaktaprahlada2 bhaktaprahlada3 bhaktaprahlada4 bhaktaprahlada5 bhaktaprahlada6 bhaktaprahlada7 bhaktaprahlada8 bhaktaprahlada9 bhaktaprahlada10 bhaktaprahlada11 bhaktaprahlada12 bhaktaprahlada13 bhaktaprahlada14 bhaktaprahlada15 bhaktaprahlada16 bhaktaprahlada17 bhaktaprahlada18

bhaktaprahlada19 bhaktaprahlada20


18 Responses to “Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 19”

  1. Shikha Says:

    Why Hindu scriptures fall prey to such a silly work? Shameful.

    • rk Says:

      hi shikha,
      these are designs from the series: minimal kannada movie posters.
      this set has the designs from the movie ‘bhakta prahlada’.
      if you’ve seen the kannada movie, you’ll be able to relate these designs to the movie.
      no offence to anybody. these are harmless works.
      tk care

      • Shikha Says:

        This could have been done with any other movie of no religious/spiritual interest. It is disgusting to see our people reduce those high values set by Bhakta Prahlada to such designs. The story and the principles of the story are worth depicted in a better way. Why waste talent of the design artist in making a mockery of the Puranic tale?

        • rk Says:

          hi shikha,
          having read your posts, i feel you are a very serious follower of our scriptures. i feel you are on a higher plane.
          i myself being a follower of sri narayanacharya, cannot belittle anyone, anything. i see humour in everything, as i also see the deeper meaning of our scriptures.
          these are designs done in a lighter vein. you are free to feel what you want.
          best wishes

    • Shikha, I am not sure why you are getting so offended by this. The main purpose of this is a “minimalist poster” and not insulting any religion. A minimalist poster basically looks at a concept from a different angle. So, “Prahlada went to gurukula” could become “Prahlada gets admission to his nursery school”. And I have no clue why you call his work “silly” (would you call the posters for other films silly too?)

      • Shikha Says:

        Hi Vasuki,
        It is not about an individual getting offended. These stories from our scriptures certainly convey a higher meaning for life and they have to be accepted and experienced as they are. It is time that we realize the rich heritage of our country and give due respect to our ancient heritage by carrying out research in the vision blessed by the Rshis instead of looking at them from a lower angle (‘different angle’- as mentioned by you)

        Imagine the kind of picture this poster is projecting to a layman completely unaware the story- “Bhakta Prahlada”. Hundreds of such people coming up with such works are conveying a wrong message to the world that Hinduism is full of such cock and bull stories. Let us not give people of other faith like Md. Hussain an advantage to make fun of us.

        You said- ‘Prahlada went to gurukula could become Prahlada gets admission to his nursery school’. Take pride in the gurukula system instead of comparing with modern education system coined by the British. The two are comparable in no way.

        You said, “The main purpose of this is minimalist poster and not insulting any religion”. It is not insulting ‘directly’ but it does convey such a message only.

        You said- ‘would you call the posters for other films silly too?’ I think you have got my answer by now.

        • Hi Shikha,

          I am obviously not as religious as you. I dont accept anything literally and any religion that does not encourage questioning and disagreement (and humor too!) is stagnant according to me. I stand by Kalidasa’s famous verse:

          Puraanamityeva Na Saadhu Sarvam
          Na Chaapi Kaavyam Navamityavadhyam
          Santaha Pareekshyaanyatarad Bhajanthe
          Moodhaha Parapratyayaneya Buddhihi

          Our ancestors have told many good things, let us admire them for that. But let us be realistic and not elevate them to divinity and that they could never be wrong. Our ancestors did not know “everything”, and you really believe in the story that some rishi realized some gnyaan, that means the gnyaan was not present in his father’s generation, which reduces the entire humankind before that to idiocy. See the paradox? 🙂

          Regarding gurukula, I personally feel its a terrible system – where a kid is sent to a residential school at 8, is cut off from his parents for God knows how many years, develops no bonding with parents whatsoever, and comes back after education and looks after his parents (who are almost strangers to him) like he is a robot!

          • Shikha Says:

            May the ignorant realize their ignorance before it’s too late. Good luck. 🙂

            • Shikha, its this very attitude of “religious” people that I have a problem with 🙂

              I accept that I might be wrong, and I am ready to be proven wrong at a later point in time. If and when I realize that you were right, I would want that to be a result of my reasoning and my struggle in figuring out the ‘answers’, rather than the readymade dish served from generations 😀

              Isn’t your confidence (of calling someone ignorant!) that you can never be wrong shows how closed you are! I dont need to wish you good luck, as you already seem to have all the answers 😉

  2. Bellur, you can add a new tag “Rajkumar Minimalist Posters”…we can access Raj’s posters in one click 🙂

  3. Sheshadri Says:

    Dear rk,

    I am building a new house and was thinking of some annavru posters around the TV. Can i download and print these?? This looks far more fun than plain movie posters!!

    • rk Says:

      honoured! sure, you can print it! let me know when i can come and have a look at them … and don’t forget to treat me with some tasty food and filter coffee! 🙂
      best wishes to you sheshadri!
      thanks for dropping your comment and for your request.

  4. Sheshadri Says:

    dear rk,

    thanks for your reply. coffee and snacks is a given.

    On the job, will send you a pic once done. Can you please share your email id??

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