Yen Similarity ! Alva?

July 6, 2013

We’ve seen commoners resembling celebrities. But this series has one celebrity resembling another! Hope you enjoy this series! (Compilation & Design: Ramakrishna Bellur Shivaram)

1016822_267782760030395_1869932187_n947231_267782763363728_1620366047_n 1006161_267782833363721_1235714671_n1016157_267782836697054_888224608_n971483_267782840030387_40968159_n1044286_267782890030382_1323922758_n1001008_267782903363714_1681418376_n1000387_267782766697061_1225924367_n     yensimilarityalwa_040713A yensimilarityalwa_040713B yensimilarityalwa_040713C yensimilarityalwa_040713D  yensimilarityalwa_040713Eyensimilarityalwa_040713F yensimilarityalwa_040713G yensimilarityalwa_040713H yensimilarityalwa_040713Iyensimilarityalwa_040713J


1a 1b


1c yensimilarityalwa_22  14606370_782744015200931_140013493234412504_n14695364_783982248410441_5272652145841480501_n14680675_789627427845923_2349762243758175573_n14604844_789627424512590_2709268066057078395_n 14568201_790124247796241_8259683847190154363_n        


2 Responses to “Yen Similarity ! Alva?”

  1. UmaSuresh Says:

    That was great,liked it very much.
    Have a great day dear Bellur.

  2. They All Are Perfectly Matched,Not Closer Match.
    I am Amazed How You Find All this.

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