Old School vs New School

February 3, 2014



5 Responses to “Old School vs New School”

  1. UmaSuresh Says:

    very cute!Also remembered the big black board beautifully decorated with colourful chalks on the edges,borders with nice writing inside.As always you took us DTML!Ta.
    Have a great day.

    • rk Says:

      yes uma, the blackboard decoration was specially during teacher’s day and children’s day, not to forget during inspections. in the mornings, the blackboards would be spic and span, black and shining. at the end of the day, it would be a dusty white board, with one corner having the names of talkative boys and girls! the bottom of the board, with a slight platform, would have enough chalk powder dust, which the boys, whose names were written on the board, would take to smear it on the shirts/ shorts of the class leaders. 😉

  2. Srik Says:

    Which one better? I guess both!

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