Valentine’s Day ‘ಡೌ’!

February 13, 2014

ಡ ಗುಣಿತ ಹೀಗಿದೆ:
ಡ ಡಾ ಡಿ ಡೀ ಡು ಡೂ ಡೃ ಡೄ ಡೆ ಡೇ ಡೈ ಡೊ ಡೋ ಡೌ ಡಂ ಡಃ
ಗಮನಿಸಿ: ಡೌ comes at #14!

ಇನ್ನೊಂದು coincidence:
‘ಡೌ’ ಆದ್ಮೇಲೆ ‘ಡಂ’ ಅಂತ ಬೇರೆ ಹೇಳಬೇಕೆ?!

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3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day ‘ಡೌ’!”

  1. Nagendra Says:

    very funny! good observation. That’s why they also say “fall in love”! everyone falls and find it hard to get-up 🙂

  2. UmaSuresh Says:

    Very interesting observation Bellur.I liked it too.

    I also read your Haste not wasted post and absolutely loved it!What a romantic story with a very happy result.You know what your dear mother made it all happen as you met this girl soon after the passing of your Amma.She made sure that you were in very good hands and that was the divine intervention I must say.She knew that it would work out no matter what!I’m glad it did.
    Have a wonderful life together and wish you and your family only the best.
    The real love story of yours was very refreshing and very happy for you,
    I love this song Preethi madabaradu madidare jagake hedarabaradu!
    Happy Valentine’s day month for all!

    • rk Says:

      thanks a million, uma!
      i agree with all that you have said.
      need ‘i request you’ to keep blessing us?!
      thanks for your wishes
      wish you a great feb too! 🙂

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