Minimal Kannada Movie Poster (Gowri Ganesha)

July 22, 2014








Design: Bellur RK / Rambling with Bellur


4 Responses to “Minimal Kannada Movie Poster (Gowri Ganesha)”

  1. UmaSuresh Says:

    Very much looking forward to watching Gowri Ganesha again soon.Really enjoyed the movie on the big screen long time ago but don’t remember very much!
    Another great work from Bellur.You took me DTML!
    Have a great day.

    • rk Says:

      thanks uma!
      this is one of the few movies which makes you laugh EVERY time you watch it.
      N simply loves this movie, as much as me and you!
      hope to see this with u this time!

  2. ambi Says:

    Cool RamaNNa.

    another here

    AN: Ond Horliks boTlu
    Shettlu: Chinnada? Peddada?
    AN: Peddude kodi

    this one made me laugh like anything those days


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