Mandolin loses its strings

September 20, 2014


Mandolin loses its strings as Shrinivas passes away at 45
Design & Concept: RK Bellur / RwB


One Response to “Mandolin loses its strings”

  1. lakshman b.v. Says:

    A Tribute to the King of Mandolin. Broken are the instrument’s Magical Strings, Lost is the melody from the fingers wearing Rings; Has left us, The Master of Mandolin To the Kingdom of Gods, in a Palanquin. A child prodigy that he was Synonymous to his name mandolin was; He, aptly was called Mandolin Srinivas A Maestro of the Instrument that he was. On a precious Life has Fate laid its cruel hands upon, Ragas have been silenced but the world moves on; The Mandolin is orphaned, U S has left us, we have been saddened, The entire world of rich Carnatic music has been weakened. May His Noble Soul Rest in Peace. In Grief, All Music Lovers Lakshman BV

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