Who Am I?

January 29, 2016


Design: RK Bellur / RwB

The Mahabharata has made me ask those questions and that is what the text means to me. There is an obvious counter- question. Have I found answers to those questions? No, I haven’t. I am not sure there are clear-cut answers, and the answers for me won’t be the same as the answers for you. It is a journey and not a terminal goal and the Mahabharata has been the trigger and my companion.


4 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. Kapinipathiah Gubbi Says:

    Only mail received. But no contents . Please post contents.

    Sent from my iPad. ; Kapinipathiah Gubbi.


  2. umasuresh Says:

    I still have to read The Mahabharatha and this will be my dream come true dear Bellur!All very very interesting questions and only he knows the answers.I personally have not asked those questions at all till today!
    As long as my being here makes myself and others happy ,I’m satisfied with this opportunity,thank you dear God.
    Have a great day.

  3. BeckyHelps Says:

    I think it is better: These are questions all of us COULD ask. Thankfully many spend a contented life without ever having to ask them. Contented to just be in the moment, not questioning who they are, why they are, where they are, where they are from and will go, or indeed the very purpose of their life. How peaceful that actually sounds too. 🙂

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