Thamashe from Airport names (Humourous airport names)

June 27, 2017

When a stranger like me sees it, Airport names look so funny!

New series! Hope you enjoy it, as always!
Thamashe from Airport names: 1

By Ramakrishna Bellur Shivaram

Lord Krishna’s fav. airport – Tulsa Intl. airport

Who’ve lot of time – Cayana Airstrip

Who’re crying – Atkamba Airport

If you’re writing – Albury Airport

Worried about tickets – Nantucket Memorial Airport

Bidding goodbye to father – Ciudad Acuña International Airport

Always criticising airports – Aden International Airport

Using fowl lang. – Amman Civil Airport

When you share the bill – Ardabil Airport

When you buy a new shirt for the flight – Anggi Airport

When you sleep most of the time – Málaga Airport

When you’re back to the airport – Aiambak Airport

Expert in air travel – Punta Abreojos Airstrip

Struck in the airport – Atka Airport

Nagarjuna’s fav. air port – Akieni Airport

When you tell someone to come to airport – Albany Airport

When you don’t find water or rest room – Waterloo Regional Airport

When you are fooled in the airport – Am Timan Airport

When you shout at your mom – Mao Airport

Harikrishna’s fav airport – Amata Airport

Very bad airport – Anniston Regional Airport

When you get the seat – Andulo Airport

When you think something about the airport – Ancona Falconara Airport

Harmless airport -Apataki Airport

TN’s fav – Arapongas Airport

When you feel unwelcome – Talagi Airport

When you sit cross legged and have lunch – Chacalluta International Airport

When you want to switch off – Arso Airport

Cry and then come to the airport – Atbara Airport

When Mira is still crying – Altamira Airport

When you finally wave & say goodbye – Aitape Airstrip

Too much – Ati Airport

When you feel it is yours – Awar Airport

When you scold someone -Ahvaz International Airport

When you feel this airport is better – Ayawasi Airport

Ambi’s fav. – Ambriz Airport

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