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Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Dec 09, 2011

December 9, 2011

Music Teacher switches on the shruthi pettige and adjusts it to aidane mane. “Ok, let us start with Sarale Varse.”

s   r   g   m   |   p   d   |   n   S   ||

S   n   d   p   |   m   g   |   r   s   ||

All kids sing to the shruthi except Gunda.

Music Teacher: Gunda, which shruthi are you singing to? Notations are wrong too.

Gunda: Teacher, singing to shruthi with correct notations is old fashioned. Haven’t you heard the Rage song?


Ganesh’s latest film ‘Shailu’ has a poster where he is seen holdiing a beedi and looking down. The poster doesn’t even have a statutory warning (not for the looking down part, but for the smoking part!)


Yet to hear the ‘rage song’.


They should have told ‘Speed limit for RING ROAD – 50 Kms… and so on’. Try breaking the speed limit on Goods Shed Road, Avenue Road, Cottonpet Road…  There are natural and eco friendly  speed breakers installed there – Cows and buffaloes, which will  not let you cross even 40!


After Viru cracked a double hundred y’day, Yuvi – the big hitter who smashed a world record six sixes in an over off England pace bowler Stuart Broad during the 2007 Twenty20 World Championship in South Africa) has praised the feat on his Twitter page: “I say it again! I never saw Sir Viv (Richards) bat but I’ve seen Sehwag bat! What a player, 219 in a one day game is next to impossible!”

I bet this is highly possible with so much of T20 games going on (and influencing the way players bat on ODIs and Tests). Who thought 400 was possible in a one day game? I still can’t forget that Aus vs SA match where the Aussies lost it after posting over 400!


Long and Short of it: Size matters in Cricket

April 13, 2007

This World Cup, some famous tall cricketers (Inzy, McGrath, Kumble) have announced their retirement from the shorter version of the game. And this post is all about a few short cricketers who made it big.

Short is great?
It is not clear whether being short in stature is a passport to greatness as a batsman. But great players who have many a batting record in their name like Don Bradman, Hanif Mohammad, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar are short in stature. Surely, great things come in small packs.

Taller than thou
Sunil Gavaskar always claimed that he is tall enough especially in comparison with his brother-in-law, Gundappa Vishwanath.

Taller but not stronger
During the series between Rest of the World and Australia, Tony Greig borrowed a bright coloured turban from Bishan Singh Bedi and wore it while fielding. “The thing was so heavy and I thought my neck was breaking,” he later complained to Bedi. “You may be a big man Greigy, but only the strongest can wear the turban,” said the genial Sardar.

Baby Vishy
When Gundappa Vishwanath scored a hundred in the 1973 Bombay Test, Tony Greig lifted and cradled him in his arms much to the delight of the spectators.

Unseen calamity
Being short in stature can sometimes land you in trouble. When Md. Azharuddin got his third hundred in the Kanpur Test to become the first batsman to score three consecutive 100s in his first three Tests, the entire Indian team stood up to applaud him from the player’s gallery. But there was one person, who it is said, was conspicuous by his absence. It was none other than the then captain of the team, Sunil Gavaskar. “Is Gavaskar jealous of Azhar?” asked the headline of a magazine. However, in what can be termed as a hidden fact, Sunny was very much there but was ‘over shadowed’ literally, by some taller players who stood in front of him. Poor Sunny!

Little Master
“I always thought the batsman who broke my record would be 6 foot 2 inches tall. But you are shorter than me.” Don Bradman on meeting Hanif Mohammad of Pakistan who had broken his record of the highest First Class score of 452 by scoring 499 runs.

Where Short is Sweet
“Being short was a real big blus as far as playing the West Indian quickies was concerned.” – Sunil Gavaskar

Same size
‘Little master’ Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar are of the same height. That is why, Gavaskar could present his pupil a pair of ‘special & lucky’ extra light pads of his made specially for shorter men. Tendulkar played his first international matches wearing those leg guards. Watching Tendulkar bat, Gavaskar commented: I gave him those pads thinking he would, like me, have to do a lot of running between the wickets, but he hits only 4s and 6s.

Little footwork
When Sunil Gavaskar toured Australia with the Rest of the World team, Sir Don Bradman came to the Adelaide airport to meet the team. He came around asking: Where is the little fellow from India? While he and Gavaskar were chatting, Gary Sobers said, “Hey you little blokes must gang up together, huh?” Bradman turned to Gavaskar and said, “These blokes have the power, but we little ones have the footwork, huh?”

Incredible India…

March 22, 2007

Design: RK

India will have to overcome huge odds to qualify for the Super 8 stage of the World Cup, but a defiant Team India captain Rahul Dravid insists his side can still make things happen.

Stunned by Bangladesh in the first match, India pummelled Bermuda in their second group B match on Monday to stay in the hunt for a place in the Super 8 and they face Sri Lanka in a do-or-die match on March 23.

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Port of Spain…Port of Pain…Port of Champagne

Port of Spain…Port of Pain…Port of Champagne

March 20, 2007

As everyone knows
India lost to Bangladesha
But it was terrifying to see
Indian Cricket fan’s Roshavesha

Effigies were burnt
Foundations were broken
Sentiments were hurt
Pride was shaken

Ads showed our players as Huli
In the first match, they were just Ili
India lost to the real Bangla tiger
For a diehard fan, this was a big stagger

Now, India has won against Bermuda
Still Indian fans are shivering Gada-gada
‘coz our entry to Super-8
will be decided by time and fate

India thrashed Bermuda convincingly
Sehwag clicked surprisingly
Ganguly got out appallingly
And Bermuda lost humiliatingly

Against Bangladesh, it was Port of Pain
Against Bermuda, it was Port of Champagne
As we know, Cricket is a funny game
one day it brings accolades, one day shame

India won on Ugadi-Gudipadwa
If we had lost it each player’s effigy 
would have been burnt
labelled: “Katthe Badwa”

Never expect consistency from Team India
A loss means post mortems by the media
A win gives a fan funny and crazy idea
Finally remember, every fan is a walking encyclopaedia.

– RK

West Indies: Start Calypso, Stop Collapso

March 13, 2007


Two of the most inconsistent sides, both equally blessed with the same explosive potential in international cricket open what should be an unpredictable World Cup when hosts West Indies face Pakistan at Sabina Park today.

The two sides have fought some epic battles in the past, including twice being involved in one-wicket victories, in 1975 when West Indies won, and in 1987 when Pakistan triumphed.

Brian Lara’s men had been showing signs of improvement in recent months but Friday’s nine-wicket warm-up defeat to India was a reminder that they are a team that can easily press the self-destruct button.

Lara was one of only three batsmen to make double figures as his team were skittled out for just 85 and the skipper conceded his team had a “chronic” tendency towards batting collapses.

(Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music which originated in Trinidad at about the start of the 20th century.)

Cricket World Cup 2007

February 22, 2007


The cricket world cup is the prestigious world championship of One Day International cricket which is held every four years between the test-playing nations and a few qualifiers. West Indies is the host of 2007 edition. The quantity of the participant teams will be sixteen this time round. Along with the usual test-playing nations (Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, England, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh), there will also be teams like Netherlands, Scotland, Bermuda, Canada, Kenya and Ireland. Among them, Ireland and Bermuda are playing in the cricket world cup for the very first time! The team grouping for the World Cup 2007 has been done based on the world rankings as of April 2005 meaning that the top 4 teams play in 4 different groups and so on.

The first warm-up match of the Cricket World Cup 2007 will be held on March 5th between the home team West Indies and Kenya. The grand opening ceremony is set to take place on 11th March. The group stage matches will begin on the 13th of March and end on 25th (the next day being the reserve day). The second  round robin stage, called ‘Super Eight Series’ starts from 27th March and the best 4 teams there will be competing with each other on the 24th and 25th of April. There will be altogether 51 One-Day-International matches and the most anticipated of them all, the Finals, will take place in Barbados on 28th April bringing an end to the 47-day cricket-fest.

With just over a fortnight to go, the Cricket World Cup 2007 has created immense excitement among the viewers and supporters of the game.

So who do you think will win this edition of the world cup?

The official website for the 2007 cricket world cup is