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Difference between Bus and Metro!

November 16, 2019


January 1, 2012

Cartoon: RK

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Firsts waiting to happen on Namma Metro

October 23, 2011

Not yet been on a Metro! Was simply imagining some firsts waiting to happen in Namma Metro (in no particular order) :

1. First baby delivery (Herige) – (Chances – rare but possible)
2. First pickpocket (Chances – Possible)
3. First love proposal (Chances – Highly possible)
4. First slap for misbehaviour – girl to guy, need i say that? (Chances – Possible)
5. First lady asking a man to get up from a ladies’ seat (if at all there is one) (Chances – Quite possible)
6. First person to sell Groundnuts! (Chances – rare but possible)
7. First time a college guy (standing) gives his light bag to someone sitting (Chances – Surely possible)
8. First marriage to take place – (Chances – rare but possible)
9. Youngest and Oldest persons to travel in a Metro – (Chances – possible)
10. First brand to advertise in a Metro (Chances – Highly possible)
11. First bird / animal to be hit by a Metro (Chances – Highly possible)
12. First film / ad to show a running Metro OR to be shot in a Metro (Chances – Highly possible)
13. First mishap – (Chances – Possible)
14. First Paan stain inside a Metro (Chances – Highly possible)
15. First person to engrave his name and his lover’s name on a Metro seat (Chances – Totally possible)
16. First pet animal to travel in a Metro – (Chances – rare but possible)
17. Oh i forgot – First person to paste Shankarnag’s picture on Namma Metro! (Remember that Shankarnag was the first person to propose  the Metro project for Bangalore during Ramakrishna Hegde’s government in the mid-80s)

Am sure there are more! If you can think of any, do share it!