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Happy Doctor’s Day

July 1, 2017

Dr. andre Dr.Raj !


ಇದಕ್ಕೆ ಸಮ ಉಂಟೆ??! Can this be ever equalled?

May 2, 2017

Maja Bharatha: ‘Raj special series’

April 15, 2017

Felt nice to be invited by Colors Kannada in Maja Bharatha: ‘Raj special series’ as one among the ‘Fan’ guests.

ರಾಜ ಧ್ವಜ!

March 11, 2017

Karnataka will forever remain a ‘Princely’ state

March 10, 2017

IF YOU COME TODAY (Kannada version)

February 28, 2017

IF YOU COME TODAY (Kannada version)

Original Lyrics: Chi Udayshankar
Original Singer: Dr.Rajkumar
Music: GK Venkatesh
Kannada lyrics Composed and sung by Ramakrishna Bellur Shivaram

Lessons from Dr.Rajkumar and his movies

October 7, 2016



Kaveri Water dispute: Nameplate issue

October 3, 2016


Which Indian God are you?

October 3, 2016

If I play “Which Indian God are you?” game on Facebook, I am sure it will match me with my god:


Raaja Panchakshara Stotra

September 29, 2016