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Difference between Bus and Metro!

November 16, 2019

Dog behaviour

August 12, 2012

Stray dogs behave according to the locality they stay in.

A dog in Malleswaram, before crossing the road looks to the right, left, and then crosses. If suddenly a vehicles appears, the dog comes back….doesn’t go ahead. So much like the people here.

A dog in Okalipuram, unmindful of the traffic and people walks majestically across the road. Its friend in Tyagarajanagar, stands slightly on the road, and when an Innova drives past, it just pretends to leave way to the gigantic vehicle.

Now a dog in Sivajinagar stands in the middle of the road. Even if a BMTC bus comes, it doesn’t leave way. So much like the people there. A dog in Peenya, the industrial area, is sound deaf. Only if he sees a vehicle, will he react. Not to the honking sound.

At the bus stand, a group of dogs stand looking left and right,just like the people there. One of the dogs starts to go in a direction, and the others – black, brown, white,… all move behind it. This is also so much like how we react when a bus comes.

A dog in Jayanagar is usually dozing in front of a huge gate. Its cousin in Koramangala keeps chasing anyone and everyone. The spotted stray dog near Tilaknagar simply stands near the signal and scares you with the grrrrrr sound.

A dog near Ulsoor Police Station, stands erect, and even if an old lady walks across, looks at her in complete suspicion and follows her a few steps. Its relative near the Iyengar bakery in Indiranagar is so friendly that it licks everyone’s legs who comes there.

A dog on the city outskirts, not used to the vehicles, cannot gauge the speed at which one is coming and loses its leg, or sometimes its life.

As the locality, so the dog’s behaviour!