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Fargo craze!

May 15, 2017


Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Dec 22, 2011

December 22, 2011

Another couple of Kannada films with similar titles – ‘Vishnuvardhana’ and ‘Vishnu’. Hope ‘Vardhana’ and ‘Dhana’ are not in line next! 😉


For a few years now, there is a board near the signal hung to the Police Chowki before Shantala Silk House (near Bangalore Railway Station). In English is written – Do not Drink and Drive. That is ok. The Thamashe part is where the same is written in Kannada. There are two lines (in two different colours), telling  us:

Madhyapaana Maadi
Vaahana Chalisabedi

When read together, it means Do not Drink and Drive.

When read separately (‘coz as I said, they both are in different colours and looks as if they are both unrelated), it means:

Have a Drink
Do not Drive a Vehicle

[If you can read Kannada, and get stuck in that signal near Shantala Silk House, don’t miss that board].


Another signal trivia. Just down KIMS, there is a signal (to the right there is DG petrol Bunk).  When you invariably get stuck here, there is a wall to the left (BESCOM compound) on which are painted a few pictures related to medical sciences – someone looking into a microscope, a palm with a few tablets, syringes, a painting with a skeleton saying not to smoke…. amidst these, there are a couple of paintings of Michael Jackson – one with his arms spread and the other, an older MJ, waving at us . Don’t know if this was done intentionally or not…but in a way, MJ was also very closely associated to Medical Sciences… so not a bad choice in the end!


Just like we say of a few artistes / singers, that even after their death, they are alive in the films they have acted, songs they have sung… in the same way we can say that there are a few names of theatres which are alive even today, even after the theatres are long gone. I still hear the conductor shout Swastik when the bus reaches Sheshadripuram Police Station or Central when the bus nears Nataraj theatre. The other day, I heard someone telling : After the Malleswaram Underpass, take left near Geetanjali and walk further. And most of us still refer to the junction near the other end of JC road as Minerva!