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February 1, 2018


40 more Songs that make me cry – Part 2

October 8, 2016

9. Kannillaveno (Margadarshi): M.Ranga Rao’s captivating music in this song moves me to tears when Manna Dey sings “Ee andhakaaranige Margadarshi yaaro?”…

10. Manzilen Apni Jagah Hain Raaste Apni Jagah (Sharaabi): Kishore Kumar was 55 when he sang this song set to the tune by Bappi Lahiri which bears testimony of his singing prowess and his complete command inspite of health problems, fading age and coarse vocals. Right from the humming in the beginning, Kishore mesmerizes me and tears flow when I hear “Doobne Waale Ko Tinke Kaa Sahaaraa Hi Bahot”…

11. Oh Paapa Laali (Geethanjali): This song shows just how beautifully one can compose and elevate a song to the mood of the scene using simple instruments like Violin, Flute, Tabla and with brilliant chorus singers in between… they all seem real Gandharvas straight out of heaven! One among the many melodious renditions by SPB, music composed by the legend … Ilayaraaja. Period.

12. Nagu endide manjina bindu (Pallavi Anupallavi): Another Ilayaraaraja number that mesmerizes me! Impossible to recreate the magic of S Janaki’s voice. The lyrics, acting and the music together touches the heart, not to mention the picturization. The relationship between a mother and son is captured beautifully in this song, which makes my eyes moist.

13. Bharatha Bhooshira mandira sundari (Upaasane): The lyrics by Vijaya Narasimha and music by Vijaya Bhaskar is heavy duty stuff. Excellent acting by Arati, classic S Janaki at her soulful best!!! Blessed are we to have heard such numbers! Eyes gets wet when S Janaki sings “SAmagana priya sAmbarupini pAlagaDala swara panchama dhariNi”.

14. Bhuvaneshwariya (Mareyada Haadu): Very popular composition of Sri Harikeshanallur Muttaiah Bhaagavatar in Mohana Kalyani Raga. Impeccable rendition by S Janaki. Unforgettable music by the prominent Gurajada Krishnadas Venkatesh (GK Venkatesh). Brings tears when I hear the aalaapane after whe sings “bhavadali baridE navEyadE nOyadE”…

15. Raat Chup Chap Hai (non film: Dil Padosi Hai): Dil Padosi Hai’ is among my all-time favourite albums. The mood in these songs, and the fact that my favourites – RDB, Asha-Gulzar are all here, is what makes this collection so unique. Right at the beginning, I am moved when Asha sings the first line and waits for the Sitar bit to play. I especially like the line “aur sannaaTon kii ik dhuul uDii jaatii hai”…

16. Rathiriyil Poothirukkum (Thanga Magan – 1984): Another msterly prelude by the maestro Ilayaraaja. Another very common aspect with Ilayaraaja’s work is that mostly, the chorus singers sing swaras. The key highlight of this Raja mode is how he exploits the raga of the main composition. This song is set to Hamsanandhi. Raja uses the female chorus in both the interludes and to back some lines in the charanam sticking to the raga, thus bringing out various aspects of the main raga. When Janaki sings the line “Vaanulaga bomiyile vanthathu pol kaattum” in the first stanza and when SPB sings “Vaazhaiyile neer theliththu podadi en kanne” in the second, tears!


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