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Difference between Bus and Metro!

November 16, 2019

Baradwaj Rangan, a writer par excellence

March 13, 2016


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I don’t know how I landed on his blog. Maybe, as is my wont, I was searching for articles on Sir MV, Mathematics, Food, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Kamal Hassan….Ilayaraja…. and that might have taken me to an article in The Hindu. And from there, I might have found my way to his blog. Ever since, I have frequented the place and enjoyed every piece written by Baradwaj Rangan who likes to be called a Film Analyst. But I can say he is much more than that, having read his articles for over 4 years now.

His writings are intelligent, witty and thought provoking. Everytime I visit his blog, it has enriched my knowledge about movies and writing.

Apart from his writings, not-to-be missed on his blog is the Comments section! His readers are widely-read and passionate about many things, especially films.

I drew the above cartoon on the spur of the moment yesterday and mailed it to him. He was generous enough to post it on his blog (Looney toons). Thank you Mr. Rangan for feeding us excellent food for thought!

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[Baradwaj Rangan is currently the Senior Deputy Editor at The Hindu. He has won the National Award (Swarna Kamal) for Best Film Critic in 2005. His writings on cinema, music, art, books, travel and humour have been published in various magazines like Open, Tehelka, Biblio, Outlook and The Caravan. He has co-written the screenplay for the Tamil rom-com, Kadhal 2 Kalyanam. He teaches a course on cinema at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.]

40 Songs that make me cry – Part 1

November 13, 2011

1. Kannada Naadina Veeraramaniya (Nagarahaavu) – The scene where Obavva is killed…

2. Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon – Every line…

3. Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye (Jurm) – The line where Meenakshi Sheshadri sings “Wafadaari ki vo rasmein nibhayenge hum tum kasmein, Ek bhi saans zindagi ki jab tak ho apne bas mein“…

4. Thaaye Sharade Loka Pujithe (Bettada Hoo) – PB Shrinivas’s voice suits best to that of the teacher’s expression. And the line when he sings “Olle maathugalaadisu, Olle kelasava maadisu, Olle daariyalemma nadesu, vidyeya kalisu“.

5. Eesha Ninna Charana Bhajane (Kanakadaasaru) – My mom used to chant this everyday. I get very emotional when I hear this song sung by Sri Vidyabhushana.

6. Mere Naina Saawan Bhando (Mehbooba) – Raga Shivranjani in its purest form. One of dad’s favourites. Love the way Kishore Kumar starts the only semi classical number in his entire career. When he stretches the haunting line “Bheete Samay ki rekha“, Kishore takes you far far away…

7. Naada Vinodamu (Saagara Sangamam) – Seeing Kamal and Jayaprada emote and dance in this song, and hearing the song composed by the genius Ilayaraja…

8. Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva (Shankarabharanam) – Just the words make me cry.

9. Theme song of Enter the Dragon – Most people remember him for composing the Mission Impossible theme. For me, Lalo Schifrin’s greatest theme composition is for “Enter the Dragon” – a favourite of both myself and my son. The other day, my son told me that this song makes him sad too as he wanted to learn Kung Fu from Bruce Lee!

10. Maanikya Veenam (Kaviratna Kalidasa) – Got to see Annavru’s expression in this song. The ragamalika and the shots are simply perfect!

11. Kanneera Dhaare (Hosa Belaku) – Superb rendition of Raga Lalit by the only actor – singer of our era, Dr.Rajkumar again.

12. Teredide Mane (Hosa Belaku) – Lovely composition by M Ranga Rao. Beautifully rendered by two melodious singers – S.Janaki and Vani Jayaram.

13. Ikshvaku Kula Tilaka – One of the earliest songs I heard as a kid. My father’s favourite album of Bhadrachala Ramadasu songs rendered soulfully by the legendary singer, Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna. Some how, this one song makes me cry. Reason might be the tune + raga + meaning + the fact that my father heard this album a day before he passed away.

14. Chupke Chupke Raat Din – The way maestro Ghulam Ali starts is enough to bring tears! My favourite among Ghulam Ali’s ghazals.

15. Chadariya Jhini Re Jhini – When Anup Jalota sings the line “Dhruv Prahlad Sudhama ne Odhi Chadariya” in various ragas…

16, Aisi Laagi Lagan – The point where Jalota asks the questions – Jal se patla kaun hai…..and when he gives out the answers…

17. Unna nenachen paattu padichen (Apoorva Sahodharargal) – When Kamal puts on the clown’s mask and cries holding the pole.

18. Munbe Vaa (Sillunu Oru Kadhal) – The tune, Chorus and Shreya Ghoshal’s lilting voice that won her a Filmfare award!

19. Ranjish hi Sahi – A memorable ghazal by Mehdi Hassan Sahab. Love to hear the line where he sings “pahale Se Maraasim Na Sahii Phir Bhii Kabhii To, rasm-o-rahe Duniyaa Hii Niibhaane Ke Liye Aa” again and again…

20. Thenpandi Seemayile (Nayagan) – The sad version (sung by Ilayaraja), when Kamal is shot at the end, and the montage that follows.


40 Songs that make me cry – Part 2