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War begins afresh

April 18, 2022

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ನಗರದ ಮಧ್ಯೆ ಇರುವ ನಮ್ಮ ನೆಚ್ಚಿನ ಕಾಡು!

May 19, 2017

Malleswaram Bomb Blasts 2013

April 18, 2013

Collage: RK Bellur

Unrest in my mind.

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Dog behaviour

August 12, 2012

Stray dogs behave according to the locality they stay in.

A dog in Malleswaram, before crossing the road looks to the right, left, and then crosses. If suddenly a vehicles appears, the dog comes back….doesn’t go ahead. So much like the people here.

A dog in Okalipuram, unmindful of the traffic and people walks majestically across the road. Its friend in Tyagarajanagar, stands slightly on the road, and when an Innova drives past, it just pretends to leave way to the gigantic vehicle.

Now a dog in Sivajinagar stands in the middle of the road. Even if a BMTC bus comes, it doesn’t leave way. So much like the people there. A dog in Peenya, the industrial area, is sound deaf. Only if he sees a vehicle, will he react. Not to the honking sound.

At the bus stand, a group of dogs stand looking left and right,just like the people there. One of the dogs starts to go in a direction, and the others – black, brown, white,… all move behind it. This is also so much like how we react when a bus comes.

A dog in Jayanagar is usually dozing in front of a huge gate. Its cousin in Koramangala keeps chasing anyone and everyone. The spotted stray dog near Tilaknagar simply stands near the signal and scares you with the grrrrrr sound.

A dog near Ulsoor Police Station, stands erect, and even if an old lady walks across, looks at her in complete suspicion and follows her a few steps. Its relative near the Iyengar bakery in Indiranagar is so friendly that it licks everyone’s legs who comes there.

A dog on the city outskirts, not used to the vehicles, cannot gauge the speed at which one is coming and loses its leg, or sometimes its life.

As the locality, so the dog’s behaviour!

For many, it is just a walk in the park!

April 7, 2012

I was back home by 6 in the evening this Thursday. No sooner had I stepped in to my room, my wife suggested, “Why don’t we go to Sankey for a walk?” I was not too keen. She said, “I have been inside the house all day. Let’s go.” I said, “I’ve been out all day. Let’s sit in the balcony!” No response. I finally said, “OK let’s go. But no walking in Sankey Park…only sitting and chatting.” She agreed.

It’s not Sankey Park that I’m against (Not long ago, it was just Sankey Tank). It’s the roads leading to it. Horrible traffic on 17th cross and 18th cross roads, main roads included. But once inside, Sankey park is heaven, well almost!

Me and my wife love to walk. But our requirements are different. My wife loves to walk – as they walk inside any park. The serious types. She doesn’t like to walk in crowded areas.

But I can’t walk just for WALKING sake, least of all in a park. I can walk long distances (which I have done several times) – say from Malleswaram to Jayanagar or all around Majestic, looking at shops, hoardings, people fighting on roads, looking at the street dogs, crows sitting on the electric pole, the beggar, the cops hiding behind a tree to catch the erring drivers… you got my point right? I can walk when there are lots of distractions on my way. I suddenly stop near a Lassi or Gulkand store when I see one. Or stand staring at film posters for a few minutes. Some of you might not classify this as ‘walking’. For me, this is better than plain ‘walking’.

On the way to Sankey, I saw a teenager shouting at someone over the phone. I so much wanted to stand and listen to him, but my wife pulled me along.

Once inside Sankey, wife again asked me if I wanted to walk – like the hordes of people inside. I told I would rather sit on a bench and enjoy nature’s beauty, and observe people.

Now finding a vacant bench in Sankey park is as difficult as finding a sparrow in Bangalore. Fortunately, we found a lady getting up, and we sat immediately. Being summer, the bench was quite warm. The bench I found was just under the place where a portion of the title song of ‘Nodi Swamy Naavirodhu Heege’ was shot [between 0:51 to 0:57 seconds with the song duration being 4:28 minutes.]

Quite a few people looked serious walkers. They had no partners, and they were not looking left or right – just straight ahead. It is a pleasure to see some people walk or jog. They have that athletic gait, and look so elegant. They mean business.

Suddenly there comes three MRF ladies. All three are talking at the same time in Hindi. Looks like they are cursing someone.

There are several walkers who are constantly fiddling with the earphone or the mobile. Some elderly men are wearing formal wear that has faded so much that you cannot guess what colour it was originally, chanting and walking with their bodies bent in different angles.

Some young girls in bare minimal clothing are walking and jogging and also pulling the top near the waist as much down as possible. But that poor little top – how much can it come down, when it is stitched to cover only till the navel.

A couple are controlling the naughty fellow from almost touching the duck – which has had enough of ‘Kadlepuri’ for the past 15 minutes. It swims away in spite of lots of ‘puri’ floating around it.

There is suddenly a huge gang of people – grandpa, grandma, Appa, Amma, Uncle and aunty, kids plus cousins plus maids to look after the aged plus maids to look after the kids. In the gang, kids appear first fascinated by the ducks, followed by their parents – who have the ‘I have seen lots of ducks look’ on their faces, uncles and aunts adjusting their dresses, followed by the maids with deadpan expression and finally the grandpa and grandma who look so very happy to have come out of the house…

A few men and women are exaggeratedly walking with their outstretched hands as if there is no tomorrow. Maybe they want to make up  for the lost time over the years.

Amongst all these people, there are some who can be categorised as ‘show-off’ walkers. It seems they are not bothered to lose some weight or get fit, but their aim is to look in disdain at those who are SITTING! They take 8 steps between the benches, turn ‘Left’ and give a disgusting look at those who are sitting, look ahead, 8 steps, face turns ‘Left’ and disgusting look, 8 steps…. after 10 minutes they surface again! But this time they turn ‘Right’ to give the horrible look! Their main aim is to look down (literally) on those who are sitting. Or perhaps, the expression on their face is ‘like that only’ always!

On the way back home, we treated ourselves to a delicious tender coconut on the other side of the footpath. My wife doesn’t know that that was just an excuse to look at Dr.Rajkumar’s poster near the 18th cross Auto stand for a few minutes! 😉

Kunnakkudi Ramaswamy Vaidyanathan: A Photographer’s Delight!

September 18, 2008

Photos: RK

Kunnakkudi Ramaswamy Vaidyanathan, simply known as Kunnakkudi, was performing at Malleswaram Arya Vaishya Sangha, in May ’99. It was the celebration of Sri Vasavi Brahmotsava. I sat for most of the concert listening to the Keerthanans. Only when KV started Vaara Banthamma (famous number of Dr.Rajkumar), did I feel the absence of my camera. I rushed home and got it and clicked the above pictures. KV’s different expressions for each picture shows how he loved to be photographed!

About KV applying Vibhuti and Kumkuma (Courtesy: Saravanan):
One day a young ascetic with a luminous glow on his face accosted KV and asked him his name and if he was a violinist. Then seeing the sacred ash applied carelessly on KV’s forehead, he gave a KV a gentle slap and instructed him on how to apply the Vibhuti stripes and Kunkuma pottu on his forehead. When Ramaswamy Sastri (KV’s father) heard of this, he was eager to meet the savant, but their search was futile. KV believed that the elusive saint was Lord Muruga Himself, and till the day KV’s mortal remains were consigned to flames, the Vibhuti and Kunkuma were applied as prescribed by the ascetic.


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Life cycle

July 19, 2008

Pot belly. I used to always feel jealous of most of my uncles as they had such wonderful paunches. Until a couple of years after marriage, I had no Hotte (it was as flat as Rajkumar’s). But since last year, it resembles Ambareesh’s.

It’s been a decade since I started riding motor-driven vehicles. Until then, it used to be my favourite Atlas Rebel that I used to ride. My uncle in Poona presented it to me after I passed 10th. Bought it on a Sunday morning in 1992 from a shop on SP Road for Rs.1300. Friends admired the new fella saying “Super tyres, Chindhi look, maga!”

Drove from anywhere to anywhere on my Rebel until I finished college. A year later, bought a Third-hand TVS-50 XL moped. Enjoyed it for a couple of years, and then bought my first bike – Bajaj Boxer AT – days after ‘Shabdhavedhi’ was released. My girlfriend (now, my wife) used to love the long rides. Five years after I bought it, started getting a lot of back-ache. On the first day of 2007, went for one of those exchange offers and got Bajaj-Platina. Till date, I find it very comfortable and absolutely no back pain. Decent mileage.

Last fortnight, just to get out of the monotonous driving mode, came to office for a week by BMTC. The frequency of buses is very good. Buses are not too crowded, and conductors seemed very calm and patient. There is hardly anyone who buys tickets. Everyone says ‘Pass’. Remembered the bus scenes during my college days (I always travelled on footboard, of course to show-off) – people would get suffocated inside – and the conductor would keep yelling (at those inside) ‘Mundhe banni’ (come front), ‘Chillare kodi’ (give change) and stuff.  People never did both. Coming to the present, I hardly see guys on footboard, ‘coz there’s enough space for everyone inside. Also, the doors are closed once the bus starts moving. Anyway, footboard travel is bad.

After Bus-aata, now its Cycle-aata. Since last week, have started cycling to office (Malleswaram to Jayanagar). The drive is damn exciting, and I feel fresh throughout the day. I have started enjoying every bit of the ride on my favourite ‘Rebel’. Had acquired my paunch after many years with great difficulty. But offlate, used to hate when everyone started giving more attention to it, rather than its owner. And during these inflationary times, didn’t want my tummy to get inflated more.

Coming to office has become more exciting. What more, my boss is kicked up seeing my ‘Rebel’! And wants to start cycling again. Also, now my son prefers the ’rounds’ on the cycle, than the motor-bike. So after cycling home, have to take my son ‘doubles’ for a few minutes in and around Malleswaram. And he hates when I say – OK Boss, let’s go home!

Just for the record, the very first vehicle that I ever rode was a slim red-tricycle, in the year when Rajkumar’s ‘Operation Diamond Racket’ (remember ‘Eef  you come today’?) was released.

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Central Tiffin Room and Vidyarthi Bhavan trivia

July 15, 2008

• Early today morning, visited Vidyarthi Bhavan for the first time after it got renovated.

• Got to know from the cashier that it can hold 15 seats more than earlier.

• Looks more spacious, and lot more light

• Time taken for renovation – 25 days

• Cost: shhhhh!

• Kesaribhaath taste has gone down drastically (tasted like some Rave paste). And at Seven in the morning, Idly-Sambhar already had a somewhat sour feel to it.

• That was when I cancelled my Masale Dose order. I was sure it can NEVER EVER BEAT CTR.

• Not at all surprised that the Malleswaram joint stood first in a contest conducted by The Times of India as the ‘King of all Dose outlets in Bangalore’. (actually, it can compete with any Dose outlet in the Chaturdashabhuvanas).

• Last Sunday saw a great rush at CTR (after many got to know of its existence through TOI). The Hippies to the Heppies were all there from early in the morning till noon ordering BMDs (Benne/Butter Masale Dose).

• The toothless old man, a regular at CTR for years, wearing Panche, white shirt and having the traditional white-red-white lines on his forhead, was shocked to see half naked girls hogging “Butter Masala Dosa” seated behind him! And one of them was exclaiming – “Oh my….Thizzz heaven, isn’t it?” for which our good old man smiled to himself, sipping his cup of hot filter Coffee, and thought – Lady, CTR is the HQ of the heavenly abode called Malleswaram.

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