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Pongalo Pongal! Rangano Rangan!

January 14, 2018

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Literary Harvest
by Ramki Bellur

With his Kwik Gun and Wrong ‘un
Literary farmer Baradwaj Rangan
is here with his new harvest
his Reviews are top draw, always the best.

To relish the word’s worth see no further than Baddy
His interviews are as green as paddy
Just as the earth waits for the clouds to drop down as rain
We await BR’s books, which is as sweet as sugarcane.

We are awaiting a bounty from this wordsmith
who busts several well known film’s myth
Ask BR for a Bitty Rumination
Who are his fans? We the nation.

Similar to Pongal, we wait for Brangan
to spread warmth and illuminationwith his writing
He adds passion of Rice with literary milk and humour jaggery
A visit to BR’s blog helps us forget life’s vagary

Pongalo Pongal!
Rangano Rangan!

Kabbu x Sakkare Acchu + Ellu + Bella x (Elchi Hannu) / Huggi = Sankranthi

January 14, 2011

Happy Sankranthi

January 13, 2009

Photos: Simplemonk, Oochappan, Priyam Dhar
Design: RK

Sankranthi is a time to celebrate “togethemess” and as in most folk festivals the season of harvest finds expression in celebrations. It is a day of goodwill and friendship.

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