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40 more Songs that make me cry – Part 3

October 10, 2016

17. Antaryami Alasiti Solasiti (Annamayya): The deep meaning words makes me cry throughout the song. SP Balasubrahmanyam and SP Sailaja have sung this soulful Annamacharya composition set to tune (Shivaranjini) by MM Keeravani with complete divinity.

18. Elu Narayane (Udayaraga album by Sri Vidyabhushana): This album was played everyday for years in my childhood. The flute bit at the beginning sets the mood of the song. When Sri Vidyabhushana starts ‘Elu Narayanane’… it simply means one has to wake up from slumber!

19. Ranganaayaka (Udayaraga album by Sri Vidyabhushana): The slow paced stotra at the beginning “kuNdala-maNdita-gaNda kambugreevam” gives us a hint of what is to follow. “Ranganaayaka” is sung in vilamba kala. It gives immense pleasure and mental peace to hear this devaranama, wonderfully sung by Sri Vidyabhushana. When he sings the line “Ghana shuka Shaunaka Vyasa Valmikaru nenedu nenedu kondaduvaro hariye” tears swell!

A word about the music director. H.K. Narayana was a well known singer and music composer from Karnataka, India. He was an icon of Light music and played an important role in popularizing the genre of Sugama Sangeetha in Kannada.

20. Shiva Shiva Ennada Naalige (Hemavathi): This song is out-of-the-world! It’s one of the most complex classical songs (half in abhogi and other half in todi – carnatic todi is different from Hindustani todi) sung by S Janaki whose rendition is energetic, vibrant and her felicity all through the very long and daunting song is remarkable. The composition is by L Vaidyanathan. Except for the last 1 minute or so you will enjoy the rest of the song and it’s sublime singing. Not that the last one minute is disappointing. It is just extremely hard to sing and Janaki has done a commendable job at it.

Janaki has managed the level of difficulty involved in singing the swaras really well. Singing the same swaras as a taan with akaaras (which is what the violin is doing) is quite different from actually saying the swaras as you sing it. That’s why you don’t hear too many carnatic singers attempting to render kalpana swaras (actual swaras not akaaras) at the 4th kaala (8 swaras per beat). But this song would have been better without the last few swaras at 4th speed when you sing two ragas.

The swarasthanam do go out of synch at super high speed to an extent. Though it is not bad. It is impossible to go back and forth between two ragas at that speed with human voice, with two different set of notes and assent and descent pattern.

21. Jag Mein Sundar Hai Do Naam (Anup Jalota): The comparisons are so perfect between lord Ram and Shyam… when Anup Jalota sings “Chaahe seetha-ram kaho ya bolo raadhe shyam” there are tears in my eyes.

22. Rang de chunariya (Anup Jalota): This bhajan takes you to another world…Anup jalota was born only to sing bhajans! When he gives answers to those set of questions “Jal se patla kaun hai…” I cry.

23. Patta Patta Boota Boota (Mehdi Hassan): One of the most fascinating yet intricate renditions by Shahensha-e gazal. I would never get enough by listening to this masterpiece of one and only Khan sahib Mehdi Hassan. When he begins this ghazal “Patta patta, boota boota, haal hamaaraa jaane hai” (Every leaf and every shrub here knows of my state), tears in my eyes!

24. Giripai (M.D Ramanathan): If you want to hear Raga Sahana, you must listen to MD Ramanathan which is medicine when you are in distress. MDR firmly believed that Carnatic music should give emotional satisfaction, instead of being merely an intellectual exercise.

When I was a three-year old, the great musician MD Ramanathan treated me with a ‘Masale Dose’. The story goes like this. I was taken by my uncle to MDR’s concert that was in Bangalore and I waited for the kruthi ‘Giripai’ and he didn’t sing it in this concert. My uncle, who knew the singer personally, took me the next day to the hotel where MDR was staying. The singer asked me what ‘M.D.’ stood for in his name and it seems I said ‘Masale Dose’. And not only did he treat me with my favourite number, he treated me with my favourite dish as well!


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40 more Songs that make me cry – Part 2

October 8, 2016

9. Kannillaveno (Margadarshi): M.Ranga Rao’s captivating music in this song moves me to tears when Manna Dey sings “Ee andhakaaranige Margadarshi yaaro?”…

10. Manzilen Apni Jagah Hain Raaste Apni Jagah (Sharaabi): Kishore Kumar was 55 when he sang this song set to the tune by Bappi Lahiri which bears testimony of his singing prowess and his complete command inspite of health problems, fading age and coarse vocals. Right from the humming in the beginning, Kishore mesmerizes me and tears flow when I hear “Doobne Waale Ko Tinke Kaa Sahaaraa Hi Bahot”…

11. Oh Paapa Laali (Geethanjali): This song shows just how beautifully one can compose and elevate a song to the mood of the scene using simple instruments like Violin, Flute, Tabla and with brilliant chorus singers in between… they all seem real Gandharvas straight out of heaven! One among the many melodious renditions by SPB, music composed by the legend … Ilayaraaja. Period.

12. Nagu endide manjina bindu (Pallavi Anupallavi): Another Ilayaraaraja number that mesmerizes me! Impossible to recreate the magic of S Janaki’s voice. The lyrics, acting and the music together touches the heart, not to mention the picturization. The relationship between a mother and son is captured beautifully in this song, which makes my eyes moist.

13. Bharatha Bhooshira mandira sundari (Upaasane): The lyrics by Vijaya Narasimha and music by Vijaya Bhaskar is heavy duty stuff. Excellent acting by Arati, classic S Janaki at her soulful best!!! Blessed are we to have heard such numbers! Eyes gets wet when S Janaki sings “SAmagana priya sAmbarupini pAlagaDala swara panchama dhariNi”.

14. Bhuvaneshwariya (Mareyada Haadu): Very popular composition of Sri Harikeshanallur Muttaiah Bhaagavatar in Mohana Kalyani Raga. Impeccable rendition by S Janaki. Unforgettable music by the prominent Gurajada Krishnadas Venkatesh (GK Venkatesh). Brings tears when I hear the aalaapane after whe sings “bhavadali baridE navEyadE nOyadE”…

15. Raat Chup Chap Hai (non film: Dil Padosi Hai): Dil Padosi Hai’ is among my all-time favourite albums. The mood in these songs, and the fact that my favourites – RDB, Asha-Gulzar are all here, is what makes this collection so unique. Right at the beginning, I am moved when Asha sings the first line and waits for the Sitar bit to play. I especially like the line “aur sannaaTon kii ik dhuul uDii jaatii hai”…

16. Rathiriyil Poothirukkum (Thanga Magan – 1984): Another msterly prelude by the maestro Ilayaraaja. Another very common aspect with Ilayaraaja’s work is that mostly, the chorus singers sing swaras. The key highlight of this Raja mode is how he exploits the raga of the main composition. This song is set to Hamsanandhi. Raja uses the female chorus in both the interludes and to back some lines in the charanam sticking to the raga, thus bringing out various aspects of the main raga. When Janaki sings the line “Vaanulaga bomiyile vanthathu pol kaattum” in the first stanza and when SPB sings “Vaazhaiyile neer theliththu podadi en kanne” in the second, tears!


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Minimal Kannada Movie Poster – 15

October 25, 2012

40 Songs that make me cry – Part 2

December 17, 2011

21. Hoton se chulo tum [Prem Geet]  Not one line or a stanza, this is one song which makes me cry from beginning till the end. The starting, the way it picks up and the legend Jagjith Singh’s voice, wah! Indeewar’s lyrics are top class,… I specially love these lines:
Jag ne Chhinaa Mujhse
Mujhe Jo Bhi Lagaa Pyaaraa
Sab Jitaa Kiye Mujhse
Main Har Dam Hi Haaraa
Tum Haar Ke Dil Apnaa
Meri Jit Amar Kar Do

22. Matilda – I consider the best thing my uncle in the US ever did was to bring this ‘Belafonte At Carnegie Hall’ full-length gramophone LP and play it to us on the Grundig Record Player. I remember hearing this song when I probably was a two year old. I used to keep my ears next to the speakers (one song left speaker, the other right speaker) and used to think there are people sitting inside the record player and playing the songs.

Belafonte, in between the Matilda number, says these lines (which is what makes the song special):

All the big spenders… Matilda
People in the tears there… Matilda
Those people on Scholarship… Matilda
Women over Forty (I know they’re out there)… Matilda
Evvvrybawdy Hu One Two Three Four… Matilda

Even today, when I hear Belafonte sing these lines in between the song, it brings tears in my eyes.

23. Yeh Zindagi usi ki hai [Anarkali]– Associate this and the next song with Doordarshan. I saw these songs at my neighbour’s house on a Black and White Dyanora (with shutter doors). Haunting tune, simple beats, lovely voice.

24. Aapki Nazron ne samjha [Anpadh]– The tune is so mesmerizing. The minimal orchestration is such a pleasure to hear.

25. Aa Karnananthe [Karna]– This is a song from the movie ‘Karna’, where Vishnuvardhan’s family is short of money and he is on his way to donate his kidney. Being criticized throughout the film, it is he who helps the family at the critical hour. Very touching lyrics and tune.

26. Vidhi Vipareetha [Satya Harishchandra]– Admire Ghantasaala for the variety he has brought in this song! From the sounds of ghosts and grandeur of the palace (using sitar), to the raagamalike to match Hunsur Krishnamurthy’s superb lyrics. These are the lines (describing Harishchandra’s plight) which brings tears:

Chathurambhodhipareetha sarvabhuviyam taam staapisal
Rathnaraajita saddhandadharaadharesha
Karadol taanaantha kolondadim chiteyam talluta
Rudrabhumilihanaiyyo entha vaichitryavo

27. O Saathi Re [Muqaddar Ka Sikandar]–Pyaar ye toote na, Tu mujhse roote na, saans ye choote kabhi na” and the seriousness that Kishore brings to the song at the beginning with the humming makes this song dear to me.

28. Olume Poojegende [Anupama]– One of the best SPB-S Janaki numbers. An unforgettable Ashwath-Vaidy compositions. The slow pace and the Hindustani touch in the tune takes you to a different time zone.

29. Neene Sakida Gini [Maanasa Sarovara]– A middle aged psychiatrist finds a young insane woman wandering aimlessly along the streets. He takes her to his abode for treatment. Slowly the woman recovers from her trauma. The doctor promptly falls in love with her and decides to marry her. In the meantime, the doctor’s nephew arrives and falls head over heels to her. The doctor cannot tolerate this intimacy and goes insane.

It is at this juncture this song is shown. Puttanna Kanagal, Vijayanarasimha, Vijayabhaskar – what a trio!

[Also, can’t stop putting Puttanna and Arathi in place of Srinath and Padmavasanthi when I hear this song.]

30. Kannada nadina Rasikara manava [Ranganayaki]– SPB has rendered this number in a very sober way, that too for Ambareesh, coz Ambi was not yet a rebel star. Different moods are conveyed effortlessly. When SPB sings “Hogi baa”, tears appear!

31. Devasabhathalam [His Highness Abdullah]– Love this beautiful jugalbandhi song by Yesudas, Raveendran and Sujith. The trio sing “anuthathamudhatha swaritha prajayam thandava mukharalaya prabhavam pranavakaaram sangeetham aa nomtha nomtha nomtha aanandam ananthaanandham jagathaanandam sangeetham” in perfect harmony!

32. Hindanagali [Malaya Maarutha]–  Such meaningful words from the saint Akkamahadevi! And what a raaga to sing it in – Sahana. The notes in ascending and descending scale do not follow a strict progression, but are zig-zag. Hence the note phrases contain such vakra phrases, lending a unique beauty to this raga. When Sahana is playing, she makes the whole world stop and listen!

hinDanagali hiDivaDeda kunjara tanna vindhyava nenevante nenevenayyabandhanakke
banda giLi tanna bandhuva nenevante nenevenayya
kandA nInitta bArendu nimmandava tOrayya chenna mallikArjuna

33. Shiva Shiva Endare [Bhakta Siriyala]– Another sober SPB number I love to hear anytime for its unhurried and calm pace. When Siriyala (played to perfection by Lokesh) tells “Kayaka madutha endendu, Aatmanandava saviyutiru”, tears swell!

34. Ganesha Ninna Mahime [Ganesha Mahime] – Yet another SPB number sung in such earnest manner (composed by MSV). When we hear the flute bit in between the lines “Kangalalli swami ninna divya murthy tumbali” and “kivigalalli dinavu ninna keerthi thumbi kareyali”, it makes me emotional.

35. Aadisidaata Besara moodi [Kasturi Nivasa]– A rare time when we get to hear the maestro GK Venkatesh’s voice (before this, we had heard him singing Kannadada makkalella). I remember hearing this song a thousand times when Chi.Udayshanker passed away. The meaning of the song, and Rajkumar’s gait in this song are simply unforgettable! Raj has shown how to convey sadness in just the way he walks!

36. Poojisalende Hoogala Tande [Eradu Kanasu]– Rajan-Nagendra’s signature touch is evident right from the beginning when S Janaki starts the humming. The different ways in which she has rendered ‘Raama’, the line where she hums after ‘maanikyadarathi’ , and the line where she sings for the second time ‘Olidaru channa munidaru channa’ makes me emotional.

37. Shakthi vadivelidum shakthi mayileridum Shanmuga [Thiruvilayadal]– KB Sundarambal’s rendition of the piece [before she starts ‘Pazham Neeyappa’] and the effortless ease with which she shifts to different ragas and octaves, and the alapane, makes my eyes moist thinking what a gifted singer KB was. A favourite of mine.

38. Anbaale Azhagagum Veedu [Pasanga]- James Vasanthan’s  idea of choosing legend Balamurali Krishna is a masterstorke. The lovely chorus of kids and the salient prelude played on violins weaves magic.

39. Kaliveedurangiyallo [Desadanam]– A memorable number from Yesudas. The scene from the film is also what adds to the emotions. The song revolves around the personal turmoil faced by the parents of a child who is to be inducted into priesthood by a monastery. The pain of imminent separation from their only child has been beautifully portrayed by the characters played by Vijayaraghavan and Mini Nair.

40. Jo Achyutananda Jo Jo Mukunda A lullaby to lord sri krishna composed by saint Tallapaka Annamacharya in the melodious and divine voice of MSS.


40 Songs that make me cry – Part 1

40 Songs that make me cry – Part 1

November 13, 2011

1. Kannada Naadina Veeraramaniya (Nagarahaavu) – The scene where Obavva is killed…

2. Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon – Every line…

3. Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye (Jurm) – The line where Meenakshi Sheshadri sings “Wafadaari ki vo rasmein nibhayenge hum tum kasmein, Ek bhi saans zindagi ki jab tak ho apne bas mein“…

4. Thaaye Sharade Loka Pujithe (Bettada Hoo) – PB Shrinivas’s voice suits best to that of the teacher’s expression. And the line when he sings “Olle maathugalaadisu, Olle kelasava maadisu, Olle daariyalemma nadesu, vidyeya kalisu“.

5. Eesha Ninna Charana Bhajane (Kanakadaasaru) – My mom used to chant this everyday. I get very emotional when I hear this song sung by Sri Vidyabhushana.

6. Mere Naina Saawan Bhando (Mehbooba) – Raga Shivranjani in its purest form. One of dad’s favourites. Love the way Kishore Kumar starts the only semi classical number in his entire career. When he stretches the haunting line “Bheete Samay ki rekha“, Kishore takes you far far away…

7. Naada Vinodamu (Saagara Sangamam) – Seeing Kamal and Jayaprada emote and dance in this song, and hearing the song composed by the genius Ilayaraja…

8. Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva (Shankarabharanam) – Just the words make me cry.

9. Theme song of Enter the Dragon – Most people remember him for composing the Mission Impossible theme. For me, Lalo Schifrin’s greatest theme composition is for “Enter the Dragon” – a favourite of both myself and my son. The other day, my son told me that this song makes him sad too as he wanted to learn Kung Fu from Bruce Lee!

10. Maanikya Veenam (Kaviratna Kalidasa) – Got to see Annavru’s expression in this song. The ragamalika and the shots are simply perfect!

11. Kanneera Dhaare (Hosa Belaku) – Superb rendition of Raga Lalit by the only actor – singer of our era, Dr.Rajkumar again.

12. Teredide Mane (Hosa Belaku) – Lovely composition by M Ranga Rao. Beautifully rendered by two melodious singers – S.Janaki and Vani Jayaram.

13. Ikshvaku Kula Tilaka – One of the earliest songs I heard as a kid. My father’s favourite album of Bhadrachala Ramadasu songs rendered soulfully by the legendary singer, Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna. Some how, this one song makes me cry. Reason might be the tune + raga + meaning + the fact that my father heard this album a day before he passed away.

14. Chupke Chupke Raat Din – The way maestro Ghulam Ali starts is enough to bring tears! My favourite among Ghulam Ali’s ghazals.

15. Chadariya Jhini Re Jhini – When Anup Jalota sings the line “Dhruv Prahlad Sudhama ne Odhi Chadariya” in various ragas…

16, Aisi Laagi Lagan – The point where Jalota asks the questions – Jal se patla kaun hai…..and when he gives out the answers…

17. Unna nenachen paattu padichen (Apoorva Sahodharargal) – When Kamal puts on the clown’s mask and cries holding the pole.

18. Munbe Vaa (Sillunu Oru Kadhal) – The tune, Chorus and Shreya Ghoshal’s lilting voice that won her a Filmfare award!

19. Ranjish hi Sahi – A memorable ghazal by Mehdi Hassan Sahab. Love to hear the line where he sings “pahale Se Maraasim Na Sahii Phir Bhii Kabhii To, rasm-o-rahe Duniyaa Hii Niibhaane Ke Liye Aa” again and again…

20. Thenpandi Seemayile (Nayagan) – The sad version (sung by Ilayaraja), when Kamal is shot at the end, and the montage that follows.


40 Songs that make me cry – Part 2