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Thamashe Treats…Just for Fun! – Dec 09, 2011

December 9, 2011

Music Teacher switches on the shruthi pettige and adjusts it to aidane mane. “Ok, let us start with Sarale Varse.”

s   r   g   m   |   p   d   |   n   S   ||

S   n   d   p   |   m   g   |   r   s   ||

All kids sing to the shruthi except Gunda.

Music Teacher: Gunda, which shruthi are you singing to? Notations are wrong too.

Gunda: Teacher, singing to shruthi with correct notations is old fashioned. Haven’t you heard the Rage song?


Ganesh’s latest film ‘Shailu’ has a poster where he is seen holdiing a beedi and looking down. The poster doesn’t even have a statutory warning (not for the looking down part, but for the smoking part!)


Yet to hear the ‘rage song’.


They should have told ‘Speed limit for RING ROAD – 50 Kms… and so on’. Try breaking the speed limit on Goods Shed Road, Avenue Road, Cottonpet Road…  There are natural and eco friendly  speed breakers installed there – Cows and buffaloes, which will  not let you cross even 40!


After Viru cracked a double hundred y’day, Yuvi – the big hitter who smashed a world record six sixes in an over off England pace bowler Stuart Broad during the 2007 Twenty20 World Championship in South Africa) has praised the feat on his Twitter page: “I say it again! I never saw Sir Viv (Richards) bat but I’ve seen Sehwag bat! What a player, 219 in a one day game is next to impossible!”

I bet this is highly possible with so much of T20 games going on (and influencing the way players bat on ODIs and Tests). Who thought 400 was possible in a one day game? I still can’t forget that Aus vs SA match where the Aussies lost it after posting over 400!