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May 19, 2017

Dedicating my piece of art ‘Ganalola’ (crayons and sketch pen) to Sri Parashiva Murthy. Salute the incredible artist that he is! His paintings are so tender and full of emotions! Everytime I see his art, am reminded of my teacher Sri HL Bhat sir.

Day 1: Bhagavatha Pravachana Maalike [Ekadasha Skandha] by Sriyutha Dr.K.S.Narayanacharya

May 21, 2012

Photo & Design: RK / RwB

Have attempted to write what little I could remember of the first day’s discourse here. Mahaneeyulaara manninchandi!

It is truly a refreshing experience attending the Pravachana Maalike (lecture series) on ‘Bhagavatha’ by the eminent scholar Sri KS Narayanacharya.

Sri Narayanacharya’s mastery over the religious texts and his sharp memory even at the age of 80 is mind-blowing. It is a pleasure listening to the intricate details he gives about the Vedas, Puranas, Samhitas, Upanishads, Itihasa, Kavya, sacred scriptures, the mythological and historical characters between the lectures. The audience love it when he connects the historical/ mythological events/ characters to contemporary events/ characters.

In today’s pravachana, the acharya told: a scholar who doesn’t prepare well before giving a lecture, and a listener who doesn’t brush up on what he has heard after the lecture, both are useless.

He told – Srimad Bhagavatham says that there are nine types of BHAKTI (Devotion) :

  • Shravana = hearing the name and glory of the deity
  • Kirtana = singing the praise of Lord
  • Smarana = thinking about the deity
  • Padasevena = Serving (worshipping) the feet of the Lord
  • Archana = homage to the Lord
  • Vandana = showing reverential obeisance to God
  • Dasya = servitude to God
  • Sakhyam = friendship towards or with God
  • Atmanivedanam = self-gift or offering one’s self to God, dedication of one’s own self

shrI vishhNostu shravane parIxidabhavat.h |
vaiyAsakiH kIrtane prahlAdassmaraNe ||
tadanghribhajane laxmiH pR^ithuH pUjane |
akrUrastvabhivandane kapipatirdAsye cha ||
sakhye.arjunaH sarvasvAtmanivedane |
balirabhUt.h kaivalyameshhAm phalam.h ||

  • shravana – parIxit
  • kIrtana – Shuka maharshhi
  • smaraNa – Prahlada
  • pAdasevana – Laxmi
  • archana – pR^ithu (king)
  • vandana – akrUra
  • dAsya – Hanuman
  • sakhya – Arjuna
  • Atmanivedana – Bali

There are many songs sung by Sri Purandara dAsaru & other HaridAsa koota who have sung on this Navavidha Bhakthi. ‘dAsanA mAdiko enna’ comes to mind immediately.

The acharya, in his inimitable style, singing and quoting from various sources like sarvajna, divya prabhandam, dasa sahitya…giving perfect examples, filled with humour, where ever necessary, narrated the instances of all these Bhaghavathas serving the lord & how they worshiped Sri Hari. Practically, in Kaliyuga, the only way possible to be devoted to Sri Hari is only by becoming a dAsa.

The manner in which he quotes from various books, shaastras, vedas… is simply amazing. I enjoy when he sings a few shlokas at the beginning of each lecture. He chooses rare raagas for each shloka to go with the meaning.

I feel really fortunate and blessed to have been attending Sri Narayanacharya’s lectures for sometime now. It is impossible to express in words the feelings one gets while listening to his lectures and reading his books.

May god’s grace be upon us!


Discourse invite:

Bhagavatha Pravachana Maalike [Ekadasha Skandha] by Sriyutha Dr.K.S.Narayanacharya


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