TN Seetharam’s ‘Muktha’ hypnotised us

September 21, 2006

Collage: RK

‘Muktha’ was not just a serial. It was the story of most homes in Kannada nadu. I read this beautifully written article in thatskannada. I wish to thank my friend Vani, who gave this link.

Also visit this page:
‘Muktha’ by TN Seetharam


6 Responses to “TN Seetharam’s ‘Muktha’ hypnotised us”

  1. NRI Says:

    I don’t know about the story..but when I visited India everyone at home used to watch this serial. I used to watch MayaMrugha by TN Seetharam when I was in India. There is definitely charm in TN directed serials. No doubt about it.

  2. rk Says:

    Yes, TNS’ serials certainly charms us, coz the storyline and the setting is very close to most sections of the society.
    Best wishes

    Thanks for providing link to yet another article on TNS!

  3. Ram Says:

    TNS’s serial has always something to think and brood over it. The beauty of his serials is people relate it to them without even their knowing. It is always a food for thought.

  4. Ammu Says:


    I’m very sorry, had not checked my mail for a long time, only got your mail today and as soon as i saw it I came here 🙂 🙂

    Sad that Muktha is over 😦 but otherwise it would have been very boring after a while 🙂

    ! 😛 KEEP SMILING!! 😛 !

  5. rk Says:

    all good things in life comes to an end. so did muktha.
    keep smiling! 🙂

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