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May 19, 2017

Dedicating my piece of art ‘Ganalola’ (crayons and sketch pen) to Sri Parashiva Murthy. Salute the incredible artist that he is! His paintings are so tender and full of emotions! Everytime I see his art, am reminded of my teacher Sri HL Bhat sir.

Dodmane huduga: Cut Out

October 3, 2016


Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram: Nostalgia 3

May 21, 2011

Design: RK
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People who drain our energy

November 2, 2007

by Latha Vidyaranya 

We often come across people after speaking to whom we feel so drained of our energy! Perhaps we can call them ‘energy-vampires’! They keep talking to us endlessly about themselves and their woes and constantly complaining on somebody or something that they seldom allow us to talk in between and make a contribution to the talk. It becomes a monologue rather than a dialogue. In spite of getting bored and irritated with such people, we continue to give them our precious time thinking that we are in some way obliged to listen to them. S/he may be our friend, our sibling or our own parent, especially mothers, who go on talking about their past difficulties or their present poor relationship with another child or in-law or about anything else that least interests us. But we simply surrender to them and continue to give them our time.
STOP! We are in no way obliged to listen to them always! It is fine to give our ear to somebody who may badly want to share his/her difficulty to lighten their emotional burden. We are doing a good job by helping them to relieve themselves of some life problem that they had been suppressing all these days. In fact at the end of the session they feel so grateful to us that we were patient enough to listen to their woes and perhaps even gave a few valuable suggestions to overcome those troubles. It is perfectly laudable.

But not so laudable is lending our time to listen to the same old stories of our own kith and kin day in and day out! We have every right to withdraw ourselves from such people because we are ending up as victims ourselves! This surely is an abuse on our time! Please understand that as adults we all have our own priorities set and we need time and energy to reach these goals. We can not let someone eat up all our time and constantly weep on our shoulders. We have an obligation to help them realize that it can not go on and on and that we will not be available to them henceforth to discuss things that may not have any solutions and that we are all obliged to cope with certain of these difficulties that have no visible end. In fact we are doing a disservice to them by developing a kind of dependency in them upon us.

Once this is stated matter-of-factly the ‘energy-vampire’ realizes that each one of us adults is responsible for our own upliftment or digging our own graves! We all have to draw energy from our own inner resources and help ourselves out of difficulties or learn some coping strategies. They need to very clearly see that their continuous outpours everyday with us is creating distances in our own relationship with other family members. Others (our spouse, our kids) have an equal right to demand our time, all of which is currently being drained by this particular person. You can not let other relationships get damaged because of your misplaced priorities on this person’s woes. Please wake up now and keep people at right distances and allow yourself the precious time and space that is very much required for your own growth.

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(Latha Vidyaranya is a Special Educator and Counsellor and has founded ‘Empower Counselling Centre’ in Malleswaram, Bangalore.)

Sir MV: A Visionary Engineer par Excellence

September 14, 2007


Which is why even to this day.. the brightest kid in class is usually referred to having “Vishveswarayanna thale”…

Truely a remarkable man! Salutes to him!
We had gone to “Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum” during one of our school educational trips. I was moved beyond words after seeing the acheivements of the man… he was really a treasure.


…I pass KR Circle almost everyday on my way to work. Whenever I look at his statue near the SKSJT clock tower, I remember the ideals he stood for. I always am in awe of him. It amazes me that such a person had actually walked amongst us in flesh and blood.

One other note which my grandfather keeps mentioning abour Sir MV (BTW, my grandfather is 104 and quite active for his age). Apparently Sir MV was extremely punctual and had avery good sense of time. A friend of my grandfather was supposed to meet Sir MV at 6 in the evening. Apparently he was “1 minute” late. Sir MV was walking out of his office at 6:01 and pointed it out to my grandfather’s friend that he was late by a minute. Obviously, he had to take another appointment to meet Sir MV.

Absolutely, Sir MV is perhaps one of the greatest men born in India !!! We salute you sir.
December Stud

(A few comments from the article
Sir M. Visvesvaraya published in RwB last year.)

Roots & Ripples

July 5, 2007


‘Roots & Ripples’ by Satish G
Tools used: Pencil and Add Gel Pen
Concept: Formation of ripples in a water body
Time taken for completion: 5 days
Description: The illustration uses lines of different intensities to show the ripples in water caused by movement of roots.

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May 25, 2007


‘Corridor’ by Satish G
Tools used: Pencil and Add Gel Pen
Concept: Imaginative sketch roughly based on ancient European architecture.
Time taken for completion: 10 days
Description: The illustration is a series of horizontal lines of different intensities.

Pencil Sketches & Cartoons by Varun Kadle

May 21, 2007


Infinite Lizards

April 25, 2007


‘Infinite Lizards’ by Satish G

Tools used: Pencil and Add Gel Pen

Concept: Infinity
Original concept: MC Escher

Time taken for completion: 10 days

Description: All lizards are inter-connected. Absolutely no wastage of space.