Who said I am nostalgic?

June 13, 2006

A wistful or excessively sentimental, sometimes abnormal yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition is called as Nostalgia. Most of us have quite a few nostalgic memories of our childhood.

The memories of my childhood mainly centers around Radio, TV, Comics and Playing on the streets. Nothing unusual to most of those from my generation. But still, I felt I should pen down, rather key down my thoughts.

As a kid, I used to sit with my ears stuck to the stereo of the Radiogram. Listening to the radio was a favourite past time. I used to get excited when I heard a Rajkumar song in ‘Nandana’ having breakfast or having dinner and listening to SPB in ‘Brundavana’. Some of the gramophone plates we had were of Raghavendra Swamy songs by Rajkumar, Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall, Pt. Ravishankar, Siri Siri Muvva, Shankarabharanam, Bhadrachala Ramadas Keerthanam by M. Balamuralikrishna.

It was in the same year that I entered school and Television entered Bangalore. The first movie it telecast was the Rajkumar starrer in triple role ‘Shankarguru’. I watched it in my neighbour’s house, sitting on the floor, eating chips. I remember watching many movies, both Kannada and Hindi, Cricket matches, Serials, Chitrahaar/Chitramala and Chitramanjari in my neighbour’s house till we got a BPL TV only when Seoul ’88 Olympics happened.

I was too young to understand Buniyaad, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi or Nukkad, which my sisters used to follow. Moreover I didn’t know Hindi. But I used to watch these and the Hindi movies on Sunday evenings just not to be left out. Ashok Kumar’s style as the sutradhaar of ‘Humlog’ is still a legend and always will be. Buniyaad was Ramesh Sippy’s baby. It launched Alok Nath into the big league. My neighbours used to give me and others who used to sit through all the programmes, snacks and never cursed us. At least that’s what I thought! Actually, they treated us like one among their family, really.

I used to wait for programmes on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays, I used to wait for the 4 detectives to crack the mystery in Ek, Do, Teen Char. It used to be just after Didi’s Comedy Show which was really hilarious. Saturday evenings was when Giant Robot used to come into our homes… rather our neighbour’s. Giant Robot had a Japanese kid, who had an ultra cool watch, using which he could control the Robot. The Robot had rocket type propellers on his back so he could fly. What a relief it was for me and my friends when the Japanese kid activated the Robot! Those monsters were really frightening, to say the least.

A Kannada feature film was eagerly awaited by elders and youngsters alike. (Especially, if it was a Raj starrer). In between the movie, there would be ‘Vaarthegalu’ and a few ‘Adachanegaagi Kshamisi’. Actually, a few of us used to go into the neighbour’s house well before the telecast started. I distinctly remember that the TV screen would be filled with multicoloured bars (or shades of gray in a B/W TV) and a high pitch whining sound.

He-man used to be telecast on a Sunday morning at 9. He and his friends used to fight Skeletor and his gang every Sunday. An ordinary prince, He-man, used to point the sword towards the sky and shout, “I am He-man, I have the power” which made him the most powerful man in the universe. Mickey & Donald was another popular cartoon. ‘Sunil Gavaskar Presents’ was an interesting programme when Sunny would give tips on how to play cricket. At 11.30, national programme of music with a very catchy title music by some unknown fellow called A.R.Rehman would feature Yesudas or Bhimsen Joshi or some other musician. By noon, Rajani (Priya Tendulkar) and Charlie Chaplin would be there to entertain us. At One, a lady with chubby cheeks would come and make some gestures with her hand. That would be the news for the hearing impaired. At 1.30. an award winning feature film would be telecast. Would pray for a Kannada film. But it was usually Bengali, Assamese, Oriya or Marathi. So back to playing ‘Ice-pice’ or cricket.

So we would be playing cricket on the streets till ‘Vikram aur Bethal’ came in the evening. Bethal always used to tell Vikram a story, which would end in the form of a puzzle and ask Vikram to choose the correct alternative. The stories were rather interesting and this serial was probably inspired from the series in ‘Chandamama’. “Spiderman, Spiderman, friendly neighbourhood spiderman…” would come at 5. I remember my friend jumping from a parapet wall to another and breaking his leg trying to copy Spiderman.

A Hindi movie at 5.30 was not I would sit through fully. My father would call me out and tell me to come and study. I liked the ads preceding the film though. Washing Powder Nirma, Amul chocolates – a gift for someone you love, Thums up (Fun, Food, Friends and Thums Up), Laxman Sylavania with Asrani and Rakesh Bedi, Goldspot – the zing thing, Digjam, Vicco Vajradanti, Tata ka OK, Bombay Dyeing, Onida, Texla, Binatone, Binaca toothpaste that later became Cibaca, were some of the regular ads before the film.

I would be let to watch Siddharth Basu’s Quiz Time at 9 and “What’s the good word” by Sabina Merchant. Quiz Time was classy and involved the common man. It had the best combination of questions from every field and had generous rounds of audio and visual rounds that kept you riveted to your seat.

After Quiz Time, Great expectations, Discovery of India, Street Hawk, Nadia and ‘Bodyline’ serials became very popular. And I loved Mr. Spock in STAR TREK.

Later Kannada transmission on Sundays started between 8 and 9 in the morning. It had Munnota, Sutta Mutta and AS Moorthy’s ‘Jigi jigi jigi jigi jim bam bam bam bambeyaata’. Also, there was Chitravali (an actor would talk through with film clips of his/her choice) which I never missed.

By mid ‘80s, Ramayan and Mahabharath had become a national addiction. Cutting across all barriers, these serials made busy roads wear that deserted look. We lost many Jackfruits and mangoes, and clothes hung out for drying while watching these two serials. And it was not as if they did not deserve the attention they got. I had a strange habit when Ramayan was mid-way through. I used to write all the ads before Ramayan and then compare the earlier week’s number of ads. Seems silly now.

On week days, I remember watching UGC programme on holidays that would give some good basics of Chemistry and Physics. Our teachers told us this was a very good programme to watch. I feel now that for a channel which came to you free of cost, UGC indeed was a good attempt.

Lucy Show was funny. This was the first serial that taught us when to laugh by playing bits and pieces of laughter at regular intervals. Honi-Anhoni and Khile ka Rahasya were scary. The most scariest music I have heard till date is the title track of Khile Ka Rahasya. And the liveliest music is that of Malgudi Days. And I loved those cartoons by one RK Laxman. I was yet to read RK Narayan or see RK Laxman’s ‘You Said It’. (TOI came to Bangalore in the ’90s).The familiar faces in the serial and the fact that our own Master Manjunath was acting to the direction of Shankar Nag was what endeared us to this gem of a serial. And the locales (Agumbe and surrounding areas) were awesome. What fascinating stories. DD also had a motivating serial called “Udaan” based on the cop Kiran Bedi.

I used to love this message on the TV in both Hindi and English: “Rukhawat ke liye Khed Hai” and “Sorry for the Interruption” because DD used to show the German program “Telematch” during an interruption. Also this was common when there was rain during a cricket test or football match.

The most sacrosanct of them all, Samachar and The News was presented by Sunith Tandon, Tej Bahadur Singh, Minu, Geethanjali Iyer, Rini Simon (later became Rini Khanna), Usha Albuquerque, Komal GB Singh, all serious looking men and women who had to, well, deliver all the drab news. Among Kannada news readers, I remember Ramakrishna Upadhyaya, Krishna Galagali, Ishwara Dai Thota and Sabeeha Bhanu. ‘The World This Week’ with an unbeatable title track which made Prannoy Roy and NDTV achieve superstar status had terrific viewership. Remember seeing international ads of Cathay Pacific, Singapore and Malaysian Airlines for this programme. I have even recorded the jingles of some of these ads.

As for the ads, Pan Parag and Bajaj used to be popular then. Not to forget Kapil Dev’s “Palmolive Ka Jawaab Nahi”. The hottest ad in the early 80’s used to be of the LIRIL girl drenched under the falls wearing only bikini. The Rasna ad featuring a popular girl and Umpire Swarup Kishan was also unforgettable and so was “Gale mein kich kich” ad having a star-fish kind of germ in the throat. Lijjat pappad featured a couple of rabbits (puppets) munching pappads and saying it in the inimitable style, “LIJJAT PAPPAD, HA, HHA, HHAA”. Remember the ad where the school teacher asks pointing to a set of teeth drawn on the black board, “Bachho yeh hai hamare daanto ki banavat….” The Godrej shaving cream ad where Vivek Vasvani asks, “Sir which shaving cream do you use?” to a Clean Shaven Guy who tells “Great shave, cologne fragrance, Wife loves It!” Oh, by the way, does any of you remember a chocolate called “Double Decker”? It tasted like “Perk” (much better), and it came in an orange wrapper.

There were these two ads with Sunny and that baseball bat-wielding guy, another with Sunny and a young lady in a Egyptian museum, where she gets all dolled up as Cleopatra for Dinesh Suitings. And this ad is unforgettable for me because I had got one on my butt for asking “what is Nirodh?” (I must have been a 10 year old then) after seeing the ad saying “Sukhi aur vaivahik jeevan ke liye…Nirodh. Sirf 30 paise mein”.

Dada Dadi ki Kahaniya used to rock. Mungerilal ke haseen sapne, Byomkesh Bakshi, Mr. Yogi and Wagle ki Duniya were not to be missed. Later in my teens, when I became an avid fan of RK Laxman, got to know that Wagle was none other than Laxman’s Common Man. Byomkesh Bakshi was a take on Sherlock Holmes, done really well. The stories were brilliant and the acting superb. ‘Ajithana Sahasagalu’ in Kannada was also a detective serial I cannot forget. Other good Kannada serials were Sihi Kahi, Namma Nammalli, Crazy Colonel. Some very known faces were Vishwanatha Rao, Sihi Kahi Chandru and Geetha, Ramesh Bhatt, Girija Lokesh, Nagesh Yadav, Prakash Rai and Tennis Krishna as the conductor saying “AlKannanno” in his typical voice, among others.

I was a kid when TV in most homes was a B/W and chances were it was a EC TV/ Keltron/ Dyanora/ Texla/ Uptron or Solidaire. When Remote control was something James Bond used to activate a bomb through his watch. The heroes in Hindi were Amitabh, Jeetendra, Dharmendra and Mithun Chakraborthy. The heroines in Bollywood were Rekha, Hema Malini, Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman. Govinda, Chunky Pandey, Rati Agnihotri, Poonam Dhillon were considered newcomers. In Kannada, The top 1- 10 hero slot was Rajkumar. After that it was Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish and others. Top heroine was Arathi, Lakshmi, Manjula and Jayamala. Shivarajkumar and Sudharani were the new face of Kannada Cinema.

I was a kid when people earnestly watched TV commercials. When people wore a HMT, Seiko or Citizen watch.When the Indian cricket team had names like Yashpal Sharma, Madan Lal, Roger Binny, and newcomers like Azharuddin, Sadanand Vishwanath, Arshad Ayub, Sivaramakrishnan and Narendra Hirwani. The West Indians Gordon Greenidge & Desmond Haynes were the top opening pair in World Cricket.

I was a kid when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister and Narasimha Rao a Cabinet Minister. Gundu Rao was the CM. Then it was Hegde. (At one point of time, all the three Southern states: Karnataka, TN and Andhra had CMs whose name had ‘Rama’ in it. Ramakrishna Hegde, MG Ramachandran and NT Rama Rao). Rajiv Gandhi was on payroll of Indian Airlines and used to fly domestic flights. The word ‘Bollywood’ had still not stuck to the Hindi film Industry. Probably Margosa Road and Sampige Roads were the only ONE WAYs in Bangalore. If you had a telephone at home, it would in all probablity be a black one with a dial, which needed a finger to be inserted and rotated.(Mobile phone? Are you from Mars?)

I was a kid when Kishore Kumar was the top male playback singer in Hindi films. Lata Mangeshkar was the top female playback singer in Hindi films. The top news magazines in the country were: India Today, The Illustrated Weekly of India, Sunday, Probe and Onlooker. No english newspaper had color pages except a couple of supplementary pages on Sunday. All English newspapers had 8 columns except The Hindu which had 6. DD was the only channel that you could watch in the evening. Later in the morning (24 hours Channel? What’s that?). A Two wheeler meant an Atlas or Herculas. BSA SLR was a stylish bicycle and Enfield Bullet, TVS 50, Vespa, Lambretta and Bajaj were the in thing. A favourite past time for most boys used to be counting the number of Ambassadors or Premier Padminis passing by.

I was a kid when VCP-VCR, Akai and Dubai were all synonymous with each other. We used to hire one along from a near by shop. The shop fellow connected them for a day and charged 100 bucks. And we watched a wedding of a relative 3-4 times before returning it back. For many, going to an English movie was a status symbol. Bell bottom pants, step-cutting and large ‘cooling glasses’ were usually seen on a single person on MG Road. Air conditioners were for super rich, Cinema theatres or 5 star hotels.

There were numerous rumours of so called one-upmanship between Kapil Dev and Gavaskar. And of relation between Ravi Shastri and Amritha Singh. If you wanted to know how the Indian team was doing overseas, the only source was the DD news (besides the newspapers).

Some other images that I remember of the ’80s is Indira Gandhi’s funeral ‘LIVE’ on DD, a Sri Lankan military guy trying to hit Rajiv Gandhi, Maradona’s hand goal and Argentina’s victory in Mexico ’87. And the most memorable of them all: Kapil running behind to catch Viv Richards off Madan Lal! And I have preserved the SPORTSTAR issue of June 1983. And yes, Ravi Shastri and the Indian team riding the Audi at the MCG after winning Benson and Hedges Cup. After remembering this, I remembered Miandad’s SIX off Chetan Sharma at Sharjah.

Coming to other things apart from TV that got me hooked in the ’80s. I loved TINKLE with several short comic stories and where readers could also contribute their own. I especially used to like Suppandi, Anwar, Hodja, Tantri the Mantri, Kaalia the crow and TTT: i.e. Tinkle Tricks and Treats. Learnt to do lots of fun things from this page. On and off, I read Asterix and Tintin. Loved the glossy pages and the drawings by A.Uderzo and Herge.

Amar Chitra Katha, I suspect for millions of Indian children, including me, has been the biggest source of knowledge of Indian mythology and history. Between the time when we were not yet ready to read extensive treatises on these topics (not that we do now) but had started to read, this was an ideal tool to whet our imagination and quench the inquisitiveness that starts to permeate within us during those early years. Amar Chitra Katha is still the best way to educate oneself. Learnt all my classics from that.

Talking of comics, remembered this cartoon animated filler on DD. You can hardly find anyone of my generation who has not seen the “Ek Anek aur Ektha” animated movie. It was a short animation film targeted at National integration and was used as filler by DD at that time and, thanks to the fact that satellite TV wasn’t even there, was immensely popular. Other DD fillers that are popular to this day (not aired) are Mile sur mera tumhara, Baje Sargam (It featured both celebrity and the common man alike) and the one showing us not to spread Rumours. There were a couple of National integration songs made by Kannada DD like “Navellaru onde jaathi” and “Molagali Molagali” featuring most actors of serials and a few film stars like Vishnuvardhan, Bharathi, Sundara Krishna Urs and Shivaram.

Summer holidays meant that Carrom boards, Chowka-bhara, Pagade all saw the light of the day. Also, since we had a huge mango and jackfruit tree (as you might have got to know after reading here), myself and my cousins were up on the branches playing ‘Mara-Kothi’ (Monkey and the Tree) half of the time. Going for a movie meant a gang of nothing less than 15-20 of us. And we used to walk to the “Talkies” and munched groundnuts on our way back. Looking at the posters before the film was my hobby. It still is. One of the most memorable movies in my childhood days was the 3D film ‘Chota Chethan.’

How things have changed. Although now, we can watch the latest movies on our laptops and mini TV/DVD/Video combo units, that sense of joy of watching TV programs and movies on DD/ Theatres have gone forever.

I am feeling lighter after putting down my thoughts of my childhood and the days as it were in the ’80s. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I am not able to remember if I have forgotten anything from the ’80s. If I have, the readers are welcome to post it in the comments.

As life takes us through lots of ups and downs, memories are something we hold on to and cherish as we grow up. Even as the world around us changes, there are times when we love to sit back and think of the innocent kids that we once were. It sort of puts us in touch with the child in us.

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100 Responses to “Who said I am nostalgic?”

  1. Vidya Says:

    Hey Ramki,

    I just felt that I am reading about my own childhood days!!! U have narrated it absolutely fantastic. Every bit of it made me
    remember my good old days.

    We had a Dyanora B/W which had a shutter (I used to have fun opening and closing it over and over again) and ya! Sunday mornings
    were meant for Munnota & Mahabharata. Every evening 6 ‘o clock, DD used to kick off with that typical music and those rainbow colored columns spread across the TV screen, How funny it seems now! I never used to miss Chitrahaar, Chitramajari, Kannada & Hindi Movies…..
    My dad used to watch “World this week” by Prannoy Roy, but the funniest part was that he would fall asleep exactly by the time it started.
    ….Even, I used to read Tinkle, Muddhu Mani (Sunday Prajavaani)…
    … Power cuts were common in my town Mulbagal, So I used to run to the other part of the town where there was power,just to watch Giant Robot…
    … I can still remember word by word all those Nirma Ad, Vicco ads,
    that national integration song -Mile sur mera Tumhara…etc.

    Childhood days was fun!!! Do you remember the poem we had in Hindi
    “AA jaa bachhpan ek baar phir…?”

  2. Vani Says:


    Your post on those glorious 8 odd years between 1982 and 1990 is amazing. Yes, I too remembered Conductor Kariyappa, Sihi Kahi,Namma Nammalli. Also I dont know if you remember the signature tune of DD… the news tune…and yes, Radio meant Jayamala,Arpana, Nandana and Hawa Mahal. In the holidays, I used to wake up to the first song being played on Nandana.
    Evenings meant Ice-Pice, Lagori, Kunte-Bille and trips to the friendly Iyengar’s bakery.

    Well…Lucky we are, that we grew up in those times.

  3. RK Says:

    Vidya: Yes, I remember Muddumani, Raman, Putaani Putti in Prajavani and Sudha.

    And do you remember those 3D comics that we were crazy of reading, rather seeing?

    Vani: Thanks. Indeed we were lucky to grow up then. Oh yes, I remember DD’s signature tune(slow paced) and Varthegalu music(fast paced). Lagori, Kings and Choor-Channd was in vogue too.

  4. Sandhya Says:

    Just a wonderful piece that took us times behind.
    You have done a great job in bringing out those sub-conciously hidden memories which brings back the warmth of those experiences. Please continue to write more of such things.

  5. Gangadhar Says:

    you brought back my childhood memories,indeed!!
    As a kid..me used to listen to raio verymuch..and particularly some programmes..
    And during those times..only one video channel’s there..and that’s too DD..And I too was fond of programs like Nukkad,Fouji,yeh joh hai zindagi…And those ‘re the days to wait for the programs to come..

  6. RK Says:

    Sandhya, Thanks a lot.
    After writing the piece, I remembered a lot more things of the ’80s. Like collecting pictures from the BIG FUN bubble gum, making walkie-talkie from match boxes, and making a matchstick fly like a skud missile, buying bruce lee and phantom stickers for 10 paise from the guy selling them near the school gate, eating NIMBE HULI PEPPERMINT which cost just 5 paise, waiting for the power to go OFF during exams so that we could get a much deserved(?) break, visiting temple after temple to get paanaka-kosambri during Rama navami, and house after house during Ganesha habba…..oh the memories are never ending!!

  7. RK Says:

    Gangadhar, Really, Radio and TV were for us what Computer and Video games are for today’s children. But, for us, TV and Radio made us more creative and less of addicts.

  8. Shruthi Says:

    Fantastic post!!! You took me on a wild ride back to my childhood!! :)) OH mannn I can relate to everything that you say – it was wonderful.. Thanks 🙂

  9. RK Says:

    Shruthi: Happy you liked it and could relate to everything I mentioned.

  10. […] There was a time in the ’80s when owning Phantom, Tintin, Chandamama, Champak, Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha comics was the in thing. It was a craze among me and my friends to own these comics. I don’t know if kids today have this kind of a craze. I think they are more interested in collecting Pokemon, Power Puff Girls, Electronic gadgets and stuff. No worries. Let their breed prosper! […]

  11. usha Says:

    Fantastic Post RK,

    I felt as if someone was narrating my childhood… got to read this thru the link u sent .

    Oh serials like odd couple, alice in wonderland…GV iyer’s krishnaavataar, Bharath Ek khoj, chanakya, Movies like phaniyamma, kakana kote in award winning category, i cant forget that lady who used to gesture for hearing impaired.
    World of sports anchored by Narottam Puri, World this week of pranoy roy, unforgettable siddarth basu, Rasa prashne in kannada, World of Survval from NGC collection, Ajithana Sahasagalu of B Rajaram was my favourite, well Well Dr Watson.. Sherlock holmes dialogues.. I used to always dream if i married anyone with a bike like street hawk 😉 or captain of star trek.

    Oh nostalgia …

  12. Sanjay M Says:

    Wow Bellur what a memory man – its amazing we’ve been watching the same programs during those years without ever imagining that so many years later we’ll be meeting one more person who watched the same program! To a lot of people, memories just start once we start writing, but such a vivid detailed memory is rare – pretty soon you might start remembering things of your previous lives 😉

    Mr. Yogi and Wagle ki Duniya were not to be missed. Later in my teens, when I became an avid fan of RK Laxman, got to know that Wagle was none other than Laxman’s Common Man.

    Wow never knew this! Wagle was definitely one of our favorite characters, one of our school friends was named Wagle as well – I’m going to send this link to him.

    The only line I remember from Yogi was he introducing himself as “Y I Yogi” and someone replies “why you yogi? how should I know?!”

    Ah managed to find some that you’ve missed:
    Alfred Hitchcock’s series
    Kila ki ras (or something like that – secret fort – a REAL scary serial atleast at that time, and something that didn’t seem to have a proper ending at all, guess they wanted to keep it a secret aaaaargh!)

    My dad used to watch “World this week” by Prannoy Roy, but the funniest part was that he would fall asleep exactly by the time it started.

    LOL! Oh Vidya exactly same thing at home – my dad would almost threaten everybody to stay away from the TV at 10 … heh heh heh. But yeah that was a pretty amazing program even for today’s standards… in fact a lot of those listed above for that matter.

  13. Sanjay M Says:

    had written about comical nostalgia sometime ago, not quite as comprehensive as this one though. Your post here could be used as some kind of a reference encyclopedia or something :mrgreen:

  14. rk Says:

    Thanks. “Rasa prashne in kannada” was really good. The THATT ANTHA HELI now on DD reminds me of those days.
    “I used to always dream if i married anyone with a bike like street hawk”. lol 😀

    Thanks guru. ‘Khile ka rahasya’ bagge bardhidheenappa. The most haunting music I have heard.
    Read your post. Well-written. Liked the Quiz incident.

  15. Sri Says:

    Ah ! the glorious 80s ! Set out to accumulate info on DD Bangalore Kendra’s serials from the 80s era, googled for namma nammalli and me lands here.
    Ramakrishna: your nostalgic tour of the 80s is indeed the childhood of a majority of the kids of that time. Thanks a ton to you and also to all you fellow 80-nostalgians posting comments for this article.

    biTTare sikka pagaDe malla shree-saamaanya is ringing in the head (title song of Nagabharana and Master Manjunath’s shreeman shree saamaanya). This inspires me to trace my memories.

    Thanks again

  16. rk Says:

    I am happy this post reminded you of those lovely days that we spent in the ’80s.

  17. Anil Anand Says:

    The BEST article i have read on the internet. I almost had tears (of joy) reading this article!. Thanks mate.

    why do people grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anil Anand Says:

    ……..also renuka shahane(with her 100KW smile) and siddartha kak’s SURABHI was good and informative,then DD2 started and used to air Mtv for 2 hours in the evening!!!!…….times when we used to play on the roads with no fear of any vehicle…breaking neighbours windows. All the old games….chur chandu,lagori, gaali pata. Oh my god…where are those days!!!!

  19. rk Says:

    Anil Anand: Welcome to my blog. i am truely happy that you liked this article. yes, thinking of those innocent days brings tears in my eyes too.

    also renuka shahane(with her 100KW smile) and siddartha kak’s SURABHI was good and informative,then DD2 started and used to air Mtv for 2 hours in the evening!

    these were in the ’90s, and i remember the superhit muqabala for which i used to wait to record the latest hindi numbers!
    koi lauta de mere bheete huye din!

    keep visiting and good luck.

  20. Anil Anand Says:

    Thank you rk. I can make out that you are a kannadiga(?)(or atleast spent ur childhood in bangalore). What do u do? Where do you work?Tell us more about yourself.

    Also i dont know if many people like it but the serial silly lalli is fun….with its oneliners(karmakanda….arthavaithu bidi etc).What say?

  21. Anil Anand Says:


  22. rk Says:


    mailu maadidhini. noduvanthavaraguvira? 😉

  23. Gunashekar D Says:

    Hi Bellur,
    a beautiful article. It refreshed my childhood days which was coming back to my mind always. It’s a pleasure which we can’t put it in words. Those were the best days of my life ( as said by Bryan Adams ). It just feels like that we are reading our own childhood lines. Thanks a lot for this splendid thoughts.

  24. rk Says:

    Welcome to my blog. Yes, those memories keep coming again and again. This happens to all of us. We associate certain smells, songs, sights and sounds to our childhood days, isn’t it? This is because our mind has got conditioned to these and when given a chance, the memories keep coming back again and again. 🙂
    Thanks for your comments. Do visit again.

  25. Gopal Says:

    Your Nostalgia stuff from 1980-1992 was wonderful! Going back in time I am recording my Nostalgia from …you believe it..1962to 1972.Sure..it takes real power of recollection.

  26. Gopal Says:

    Your Nostalgia stuff from 1980-1992 was wonderful! Going back in time I am recording my Nostalgia from …you believe it..1962to 1972.Sure..it takes real power of recollection.But not many are there to share,I suppose

  27. rk Says:

    Yes, memory fails at a crucial time sometimes, alwa. After I wrote this article, rememered so many more things associated with our times. Added them in the comments.
    Wish you good luck and eager to read the article soon! 🙂

  28. Sonu Says:

    hi bellur,

    You are an awesome writer ….if you ever plan to write a novel . I will be the first 10 books guranteed. I liked this wonderful piece you wrote …

    thanks again


  29. Tony Says:

    Hi Bellur,

    You are an awesome writer ….if you ever plan to write a novel. I will be the first 10 books guaranteed. I liked this wonderful piece you wrote…

    Thanks again


  30. rk Says:

    Sonu aka Tony,
    I have asked the UNKNOWN PUBLISHER to book the first 10 copies of the UNWRITTEN NOVEL. It has been kept in an UNKNOWN PLACE for security reasons! 😉

    Jokes apart, welcome to this blog. Glad you liked this post. Do visit again. But one thing is intriguing: that why you commented with two names which has the same e-mail and same comment! 😮


  31. Anil Anand Says:

    RK ravare,

    Nimagu,nimma kutumba davirigu,haagu yella KANNADIGArigu…GOWRI GANESHA HABBAda SHUBASHAYAGALU!!!!

    PS: CTR nalli kadabu martharendri??;-)

  32. rk Says:

    Wish you the same.
    CTRnalli Kadubu illa saar.
    Wrote this post for Ganesha habba:

  33. […] The hottest ad in the early 80’s used to be of the LIRIL girl drenched under the falls wearing only bikini. […]

  34. Melvin Says:

    Good Memory you’ve got there… I was just looking up some datelines & forgotten defunct brand names for a project I am doing when I came across your article. I found what I wanted though (and had a good read!!) – a list of TV brands, I remembered ECTV, Murphy & Uptron, just needed a few more.


    – Melvin.

  35. rk Says:

    welcome to my blog. glad you found this article useful.
    ‘ECTV, Murphy & Uptron”…..yes, i remember these names.

    you can also read the story of LIRIL here:

    do visit again

  36. Anil Anand Says:


    Yen idhu page format change-u!! I personally liked the previous format. Traversing was easier.

  37. […] Nostalgia is more commonly referred to not as a medical condition or a field of study, but as a feeling that any normal person can have. Nostalgia can often be associated with a fond childhood memory, a certain game or a treasured personal object. In the above given link, I have spoken more about my childhood memories. In that post, I have mentioned a few of the ads I saw in the ’80s on television. I also wrote a couple of posts about the first LIRIL girl and the recent one was on the 1950s Johnson’s Baby ad. Continuing on ads, remembered a few more ads from the ’80s and penned some details, jingles and stories related to them. All the readers who have seen these ads might have instant recall, I feel. […]

  38. Well written, almost a memoir of those days.. I admire your eye for detail and the crisp narrative.. more power to you..!

  39. Vedavyas (Diwakar) Says:


    U just took me back to my childhood. Thanks a ton.
    U have summarized every thing in one sentence. 1st sentence of your second paragraph.

    “The memories of my childhood mainly centers around Radio, TV, Comics and Playing on the streets.”

    Not to forget “Yeh jo hai zindagi” on TV and Late night Fauji Bhaiyon ke liye on Radio.

    Pity we dont get summer holidays when we can fully utilize the sun and play cricket with the light pole as the stump.

    Thanks a lot.

  40. Sharmila Says:

    Nice article…. Thanks for remembering those days.
    Not to forget RANGOLI ( DD1 ) on every sunday morning at 7 AM(i think). i never missed that…

  41. madhu muthugadur Says:

    nice article.


    one more serial that i never missed “STONE BOYS” featuring master manjunath on sundays at 11.00AM

  42. TSSM Says:


    Hats off to your article. I felt as if it was a liveshow. I myself have done some of the things you mentioned ,though much earlier.

    We used to hang around the chepekayi mara in our ajji’s house in Basavanagudi, whenever we were there. We used to hang upside down many times. It was a real kothi cheshte.

    I was (and even now) fond of guavas – that too ‘kasakatte kayi”.

    Kite flying was one of the pastimes. cricket, Goli aata, gilli dandlu, eyes spies, jootata, lagori, soor chendu( a free for all ball hitting game ), cycling, viewing cinemas in tents (apart from cinema theatres), skc in the hotels with my father, carrom board, playing cards ( in summer holidays ,we have played non-stop for 9 hours on many days), gossiping with cousins on ajji’s house metlu were the favourite pastimes. There was always company.

    I had also a craze for matches(the labels on the matchboxes) I had a collection of nearly 700 matches.

    Radio held the sway. Telephones were extremely rare. Only the rich had them. For story books it was Chandamama, Balamitra, Kasturi, Uththana, Koravanji was another small booklet published. Harikathe was popular during Ramanavami celebrations. Going to Temples was as usual as visiting friends houses.

    Summer holidays were heaven, where it was just aata, oota and niddhe , with most of the time spent with cousins.
    visiting all relatives was a second habit.

    Deepavali would start a month earlier with bursting crackers and end a fortnight later.

    All these are childhood memories etched during the 60s. I donot remember much of the later decades because they were less intense for me.

    There were no traffic lights, all roads (except avenue road which was one way- perhaps the earliest) were two way roads. We could cycle, bike or drive through Lalbagh to double road, jayanagar, basavanagudi. Lalbagh even had a restaurant then. (we were very fond of the masala dosa there). Lalbagh had only a fence around it and not the present compound wall .

    I have even taken my cycle to the airport and stood next to the run way when an aircraft was taxing off .(this was in early 70s- where in I sneaked through the fence on the agaram side)

    This apart the innumerable festivals which were celebrated with gusto by the parents. Ganeshana habba and visiting all neighbour hood houses. We used to cover Basavanagudi, NR Colony, Thyagaraja nagar, Nagasandra areas in our circuit.

    My uncle’s favourite song was “meri pyari pyari soorat ho, kisee ki nazar na lage, chasme baddur’ .He was fond of Saigal . Later on it was Hemanth Kumar, Manna dey, Rafi,Mukesh. Of the females it was Suraiya, Noor Jehan, Geeta Dutt, Lata, Suman Kalyanpur ( Her songs are haunting- including the Kannada songs- ‘bellane belagaayithu’- i think from the film “Sangolli Rayanna”).

    Films in Kannada- Anna thangi, Naandi, Gaali Gopura etc.,etc., by Kumarathrayas (Raj, Udaykumar, Kalyankumar) were famous. Pandari bai, Harini, B.Saroja Devi, Jayanti, Narasimharaju, Balakrishna, Vadiraj were the rage of the day.

    Well let me stop. Otherwise it becomes another Nostalgic saga from my side (if it hasn’t become one already).

    In the end I would say…( to repeat the words of a famous song)

    ‘Those were the days, my friend
    we thought they’d , never end.

    ……….. for ever and ever’

  43. rk Says:

    I really loved reading your nostalgic memories. Thanks a ton for sharing it with us. Felt jealous of you coz you could cycle into the airport and see the flight take off! (Last week had been to the airport, and was shooed away from standing near the ‘Arrival’ door.)
    ‘kasakatte kayi’ was my parent’s fav. and my dad loved saigal’s numbers.
    and it is so lovely to imagine roads without traffic lights. lucky you!

  44. praneshachar Says:

    Thanks a million to both TSSM & Bellur

    what a great nostalgic memories. hats off to your description of the events so vividly enjoyed every bit of it.
    Thanks to TSSM for commenting now which made me to read through the post as I wan not a blog visitor when this was posted.

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  46. rk Says:

    few more additions:
    ** Khaitan ke pankhe – Rajendranath as customer(flies when fan is On at high speed) and Parikshit Sahni as salesman.

    ** Rajdoot motorcyle – Dharmendra telling “rajdoot savaari – ek jaandar savari ek shaandaar savari”.

    ** And those ads after the 9 pm news. They were a different world altogether.

    Yeh kya, matki phoot gayi?
    Vimla to ekdam toot gayi
    Matki kyon phooti?
    Vimla kyon tooti?
    Kyonki dono hi kachche the….

    Agli baar yeh galti mat karna.
    Dono bachchhon ke beech main kam se kam teen saal ka antar jaroor rakhna.

    Can’t think of the exact versions of more, but they were more on the lines of Tubectomy and Vasectomy. They were the real crude ads.

    ** I also liked the Mangola ad “From the orchard to the bottle is a long and colorful story. Here’s the happy ending, Mangola” – I wanted to be an ad man, just to able to write stuff like that.

  47. […] read: Who said I am nostalgic? Remember some of those […]

  48. Ganesh Rao Says:

    Hi ,
    Boss Hat’s off to ur memories which narrated everything so closely , I expect the same after 20 years from so that we can again go back 20 years and feel the excitment.

    God Bless


  49. Guruprasad Says:

    I, after reading this article, have just to say this:

    “jane kahan gaye woh din..”

  50. Ashok Kumar K Says:

    Amazing dude. I have cherished the nostalgia through your lovely tale. Many thanks for making me revisit my indelible childhood days.



  51. Sireesh Says:


    How are you… Me fine.. Ellenda bande magane

  52. Gowri Ravichandran Says:

    I am going thru the articles in Ramki’s blog – one by one and this one on childhood days impressed me.

    I want to share a funny incident here… I remember during mid 70’s – was in class 3 or 4, phones in residences were a rarity. I went to my neighbor’s house to pick up a call from some relative who had called. I was so excited that my let me go over and answer the call. I went to their house and held the mouth piece near my ear (ooops) … to which my neighbor said “illa mari, adhanna baayi hathra itko beaku…” gosh… i was so embarassed.. i wont forget that incident !! now whenever I think of it, I laugh it off 🙂

  53. onespeck Says:

    Bellur avare,

    First kannada movie telecast by Bengaluru DD was chakrateertha right??

  54. Ketan Joshi Says:

    Wow. What a great post. seems to me that u have narrated a significant part of my childhood.
    a few additional things i remember are :
    – the gold spot books which had to be flipped rapidly to see sunny straight driving or kapil taking a wicket
    – Udaan girl as lalitaji in the surf ad
    – cema bulbs and tubes ad featuring sridevi
    – amazing serials like tamas, khandaan and karamchand
    – the fat but very cute girl in Aisa bhi hotaa hain on Sundays

    Thanks for bring back the memories….

  55. Anilal KG Says:

    Really Amazing !!!!!!

    One thing is sure.. almost every one of this age group had come thru the same likes/dislikes…..

    Its a great loss to the new generation….i don’t believe they will get these days back !!!!!!

  56. Venkatesh Says:

    namoo namaha,


    Thanks for taking me back to my golden days of my childhood……



  57. P Naik Says:

    wow, what a river of memories!! I too lived in Bangalore up until 1982 when I moved to the States to study! Veteran of the Basavangudi, Hanumanthnagar areas, – I could call myself that and everything that TSSM did, I did too.

    Anyone remember the signature tune of the AIR Bangalore’s “Baala Jagath” makkala karyakrama that used to come on after morning class on Saturday? I’m trying to get a recording of that because I used to participate in those programs in small plays ,etc..

  58. Binoy Says:

    Good, enjoyed reading it

  59. Venu Says:

    Wow! very nostalgic posting. I left india in 1995 and it is nice to read an article that reminds me of my childhood days. Thanks for sharing. I was looking up google for ‘world this week’ as i forgot Prannoy Roy’s name. good ol’ days of mine and apparently yours too. I grew up in Madras ( whats up with the name Chennai these days?) and enjoyed reading ur post. Thanks for taking me back to the 80s on this saturday afternoon in 2008 🙂

  60. Lakshmi Says:

    hey,Mind blowing article.I cried literally;)…i think every desi will relate to the above article..My only wish is if we could see those dramas both kannada and hindi on the net.that would be heaven itself.those days were the best!what more can one say!

  61. Raj Says:

    great note.

    We took all those wonderful yeard for granted and also many times complained — now we long for it.

  62. shanu Says:

    Hi RK its very nice and neat article. Thanks for putting the memories together in writing, that many of us share.
    I quite often remeber the good old days and Guniraam, and other DD1 programs, I wonder why didn’t I take advantage of UGC program in the aftenooon. Man good old days as we are growing older and older these memories seems to visitng us quite often or rountinely I think.
    Malgudi days the most fascinating stories even now I keep watching them again and again in YOU TUBE . I cherish the fresh memories of Agumbe. Each time I watch this serial I remember I used to pass that road while each time I traveled from Shimoga to Mangalore,and used to stare at the cane furnitures and the tall statue that you see in Malgidi Days, those rainy days in Agumbe, man now I am here in Texas I defnitely want to spend good deal of rainy season there. Hey one more programm The Spectacular World of Guiness record you guys remember right?
    Hi Guy thanks again

  63. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    RK and all the members of this Nostaligia,

    You cant imagine how m i feeling today when i am reading this, i m coming down from sonipat (haryana) north, and after reading RKs post i went down the memory lane, i could help my tears falling down , this much touching it was for me, in this world you dont know many people but you really feel touched when come across ppl such as on this post of nostalgia. i could never imagined that children of south would also be going thourgh the same experiences.

    I m now in Bangalore and from my child i always had a desire to meet Swami Master Manjunath of Malgudi days and now i think that my wish will be coming true now…

    friends i propose one thing as to why should to we form a forum on our nostagia and meet up someday and share our innocence and open up our hearts which in this modern world and busy schedules is lost somewhere…

    i would be happy if we all can join hands and make a group called ” Nostalgia”.. RK i would be very happy if i could meet up with you some day…!!!

  64. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Dear All

    I would strongly recommend this url;- if you all are interested to see the latest pic of the Star of Malgudi days “Swami” Master Manjunath…

    check out this
    know more about him

  65. rk Says:

    thanks for your kind words, sudhir.
    good to know that you will be meeting ‘swami’ soon!
    most kids can relate to each other’s experience, where ever it may be! those are really THE innocent years, and sadly, the REALITY shows today are making kids lose, IN A SENSE, ‘that’ INNOCENCE.
    hope to meet you too, sudhir.

    take care and regards

  66. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Dear RK,

    Its was really a pleasure seeing your reply, i dont know how i came across this site and felt for nostalgia neatly knitted in your fine words, i believe somethings are just meant to be like that or may be God plays an important part in bringing the lose ends making people to similar thoughts meet in this world full of lost innocence,I am deeply touched by your beautiful creation perhaps its on the similar platform as i feel when i watch or read Mr. R.K Narayana’s serials and Books year after year, Mr. Narayana has touched my heart by his creation as no one else has done in my entire life, i rememember in my childhood reading stories of H G Wells and a great writer Mr. Anton Chekov a russian writer also gave me some understanding of this world the way it is.
    I would like to also share my days of pen pals during my teenage something which still makes me feel nostaligic, i remember one fine day i got myself tuned to radio to AM 666 Khz on Friday night at 10 pm and i came across a very popular radio program called ” A Date With You” , the program which was all about like minded people requesting for western songs and sharing thoughts and making friends forever….and i would like to add that i was mesmerised by the voice of the RJ Shreeja who had made totally love the show on AIR year after year… this program on radio gave me some beautiful people as my friends whom i also had an opportunity to meet after some time ….
    and i really wondered that there are so many faces on this earth who are so much like as our thoughts and nature but still we miss them or may be miss this innocence because of so many reasons unexplainable… we have only one life to live and this world is changing at a pace which just sometimes makes me dizzy..I still miss those of my pen friends in Mauritius and Russia, dont know how’d they be now and wonder after Russia’s split in so many pieces where they must be ? and i still wonder and crave to know as to if they are married and have kids or how do they look like now…. there are so many things which i see no answer coming…
    Internet and emails saw a death of penfriends though i see only this be a bane to my story and nostaligia , but the really video really killed the radio star, so much of tectonic changes and dynamic shifts that i could not even keep a track of my childhood and my teenage , and after all we all human are born with short memory and perhaps that is why we feel so much nostalgic that we would like to go back to those time where every thing was just right but we could not appreciate that fact and could not keep everything in our hands… for time kept on flying and we all entered into our professional world where hardly even we find time for ourselves…..
    Why this happens perhaps no one has the answer, we lose friends and we makes new ones and then the wheel keeps moving…afterall its the everlasting bridge of time with returning back, the more faster you are walking and running on this bridge the more fast its breaking itself behind your back so that you cant go back to undo your past mistakes….
    I dont know what i am writing but i guess i have missed my treasure trove of past somewhere in search of some sort of oblivion , God only knows why again the purpose of our lives in the earth and why do we have to come to the earth and die one day….. crippled with so many unexplainable emotions and feelings not as our last wish not granted….
    i do think sometimes after reading Osho that ”
    We always want to cling to the past, refusing to see how quickly it becomes dead,Life is change. And the changes here are happening around the unchanging essence. ”
    How true the words are and how true is the essence of the same and i also keep saying to my self “Take a deep breath, put the box down, tie it up in a pretty ribbon if you must, and bid it a fond and reverent farewell. Life is passing you by, and you’re in danger of becoming an old fossil before your time!”
    and then i go sleep in my bed and i remind my self of some thing…some thing and the same thing what u had mentioned RK….”As life takes us through lots of ups and downs, memories are something we hold on to and cherish as we grow up. Even as the world around us changes, there are times when we love to sit back and think of the innocent kids that we once were. It sort of puts us in touch with the child in us……..”

  67. Sudhir Thakur Says:


    I have something very good for you………
    I have…………………

    List of television programs currently or formerly broadcast by DD National.

    A Mouthful Of Sky
    Aa Bail Mujhe Maar
    Aakhri Daav
    Aamne Saamne
    Aap Beeti
    Ados Pados
    Agatha Christie’s Poirot
    Air Hostess
    Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
    Akbar The Great
    Alice In Wonderland
    Alif Laila
    All the Best
    Amir Khusro
    Amravati Ki Kahaniyan
    Ank Ajube
    Apna Apna Aasman

    Baaton Baaton Mein
    Babaji Ka Bioscope
    Bahadur Shah Zafar
    Baigan Raja
    Bante Bigadte
    Barrister Vinod
    Bharat Ek Khoj
    Bible Ki Kahaniyan
    Bodyline (miniseries)
    Boolbul Bagh
    Byomkesh Bakshi

    Captain Vyom
    Chamatkari Telephone
    Chapte Chapte
    Chekhov Ki Duniya
    Chhoti Badi Baatein
    Chhutti Chhutti
    Cricket with Mohinder Amarnath

    Daane Anaar Ke
    Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniyaan
    Danger Bay
    Dekh Bhai Dekh
    Didi’s Comedy Show
    Dil Dariya
    Disney Hour
    Doosra Kewal
    Duck Tales
    Duniya Gazab Ki
    Different Strokes

    Ek Aur Kahani
    Ek Do Teen Char
    Ek Ghar Aas Paas
    Ek Se Badhkar Ek
    Ekai Dahai Saikda

    Fairy Tale Theatre
    Faster Fene
    Fhir Wahi Talaash
    Flop Show
    Fraggle Rock

    Gayab Aaya
    Giant Robot
    Gopichand Jasoos
    Gul Gulshan Gulfaam

    Haddi Raja
    Hamari Bahu Tulsi
    Hakke Bakke
    Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi
    Heera Panna
    Hello Zindagi
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
    Himalay Darshan
    Himalaya Ki Goud Mein
    Honee Anhonee
    How’s That!
    Hum Hindustani
    Hum Log
    Hum Pancchi Ek Daal Ke
    Here comes Lucy

    Idhar Udhar
    Intezaar Aur Sahi
    Isi Bahaane

    Jaanki Jasoos
    Jantar Mantar
    Jhingur Pehalwan
    Ji Mantriji
    Jungle Book

    Kab Tak Pukaroon
    Kacchi Dhoop
    Kahan Gaye Woh Log
    Kala Paani
    Kakaji Kahin
    Karan the Detective
    Katha Sagar
    Khali Haath
    Khel Khel Mein
    Karwa Sach
    Kile Ka Rahasya
    Kissa Shanti Ka
    Knight Rider
    Krishi Darshan
    Kshitij Yeh Nahin
    Kya Banoge Munna

    Lahun ke phool
    Life Line
    Living on the Edge
    Lohit Kinare
    Lok lok ki baatein
    The Lucy Show

    Main Dilli Hoon
    Malgudi Days
    Manzil apni apni
    Meri Awaaz Suno
    Mirza Ghalib
    Mitti Ke Rang
    Morning Transmission (Deepak Vohra, the puppet ‘Jee Saheb’)
    Mr. & Mrs.
    Mr. Yogi
    Mujrim Haazir
    Mulla Naseeruddin
    Mummies Alive
    Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapne
    Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangi

    Naya Nukkad
    Nathkat Narad
    Neem Ka Ped

    Oshin (Its that Japanese serials right?)
    Om namah shivay

    Pachpan Khambe Lal Deewarein
    Palash ke Phool
    Panch tantra ki kathayen
    Param Vir Chakra
    Paying Guest
    PC 1008
    PC Aur Mausi
    Phir Wahi Talaash
    Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan
    Police File Se
    Potli Baba Ki
    Prashan Manch
    Professor Vasan
    Pumpkin Patch

    Quiz Time

    Raju Aur Udaantashtari
    Raag Darbari
    Raja Aur Rancho
    Rimba’s Island

    Saanjha Chulha
    Sab ka maalik ek hai
    School Days
    Sea Hawks
    Show Time
    Shriman Shrimati
    Shri Krishna
    Singhaaan Battisi
    Space City Sigma
    Star Trek
    Street Hawk
    Stone Boy
    Suno Re Kissa
    Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad
    Super Six
    Some guys just ‘ve ’em

    Taana Baana
    Tandoori Nights
    Tenali Rama
    The National Programme of Dance
    The Sword of Tipu Sultan
    The World This Week
    Thoda Sa Aasman
    Turning Point
    Terah panne

    Ulta Pulta
    Uttar Ramayan

    Vikram Aur Betaal
    Vilayti baaboo
    Vishwa Darshan

    Wagle Ki Duniya
    Wah Janaab
    World of Sports
    World This Week

    Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi

    Zamana Badal Gaya
    Zameen Aasmaan

  68. rk Says:

    that’s an amazing list!
    thanks for sharing it here.

  69. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Dear RK,

    I am thankful to you for this wonderful platform to share our past
    I an thankful to u for bringing back all those sweet memories

    Your nostalgia brings tears to my eyes everytime i read it and i cant help tears falling down my eyes…

    Your narration brings me the memories of that old serial on DD named “stone Boy” which just comes to the life of two kids and makes their life full of happiness but the sad part of the story when that stone boy had to return to its stone form and had to leave those kids…

    But Hope we keep sharing and keep in touch

    PS : Request your contact no. if possible..

    Thanks and Regards

  70. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Dear RK and the rest of my Nostalgic Buddies,

    I would like to know are there any DVD of VCD of DDs programs on sale?

    Can anyone help me by telling me a site where i can buy some of good DD sitcoms and enjoy?

    Pls reply

  71. praneshachar Says:

    Dear Sudhir
    If you get in touch with local doordarshan kendra you may get some links. you can explore phone no. are to be checked from directory and try
    wish you all the best in your search
    have a good day


  72. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    @ Pranesh, Thanks Buddy, I am trying my level best to find out all the archive DVD available with DD national, Infact i also gave a call to Mrs. Kamalini Dutt, Head for Archive to help me on my hobby, i wrote her a mail reccently though, yet no reply, trying my luck hard and finding resources for me to get the desired results,

    Lets see! But i am really thankful to to u for helping and your genuine concern….

    Have a Happy New Year and Good Day Buddy

    If anything comes across.. pls update me..

    Thanks and Regards

  73. gajee Says:

    so many of us belong to this age group isnt it ? quite obviously, it was a golden period for me. what thoughts sir, tumba chennagivey nimma ‘nostalgic’ thoughts……i share most of the thoughts with you

  74. Krishna Kumar Says:

    All I can say is “God Bless You” for putting all my thoughts into words …. we will never see those days again….. I think everybody here agrees. I am loads of stuff still stored carefully ….the Phantom / Mandrek / Bahadur/ Tinkle …. match box covers … my geometry box …. “scent rubber” …all of them.

    God Bless you Bellur !!

  75. Telfer Mathew Says:

    Hi All !

    I happen to read the above comments & believe me I miss all those serials especially Giant Robert/ Vikram Aur Bethal / Star trek & those old advertisements (Indeed I am lucky to be of X generation) unlike the “Y”s (Heheheheehehehe)
    I would love to watch Xena on Star Movies & ofcourse the Lost World.

    I really miss my childhood

  76. Sunitha G Says:


    I really feel very happy, that I recall my childhood memories. What was in my memories, you have refreshed by this artical.

    Happy Depawail,

    Thanks & regards,
    Sunitha G

  77. Sameer Says:

    amazing… how this brought back all my memories… never thought how I would miss that time! thank you.

  78. Pradeep Says:


    Great article! I remembered most of them and you helped recall some….Narration is amazing and felt I was transported back to the time when eating Masala Dosa & Rave Idli considered luxury! When we used to buy pocket full of Nimbe Huli, Rose Pepperment or ‘Boti’ for just Re.1.00! Days when were eagelry waiting for Sundays to play cricket with our friends and show who really is better bowler or batsman. Days when innocent forest characters in Jungle Book which told us in a very subtle ways to chose good over bad. It is Sunday when we wake up to loud music on Television at 7.00 AM when Rangoli starts. Many more thoughts in mind but lazy to time. Hats off to you! Thank you.

  79. Sam isaac Says:


    Too good no words to express… those days thanks a lot that you took back to me my childhood days which will never come again thank got for this internet at least we can see those tv adds progs or pics again to enjoy and get back on those memory lane mind blowing superb such a peaceful time and days will never ever come again

  80. Srividya Srinivasan Says:

    Loved this post !! Came through another link and was delighted to be led here 🙂

  81. Suhail Says:

    Awesome RK.
    … no words to express my emotions after reading your post. Thank you.

    Gosh! 4 years since u posted and am reading it now!! really was living under a rock 😉

  82. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Dear Friends
    It bring much pleasure for me to announce that the UDAAN serial is now available on DVD for many of you it will be treat to your eyes and satisfaction to your senses.
    Today within 12 hours of its release by Reliance Big Video, I had a copy of the same in my hands and was happy to say that this serial now adds to the list of Doordarshan serial that now I proudly own.
    Reliance BIG Home Video has just released 1990-’91 TV serial, Udaan on DVD
    For all of you who would like to bring back those nostalgic memories,
    Udaan (Flight) was the name of a popular Hindi TV serial that aired on the Indian Television channel DD National in 1990 – 91. The serial was written and directed by Kavita Choudhary who was also the main lead of the serial. It also starred Shekhar Kapur in a cameo. It was probably the first Indian television show on women empowerment. The serial is inspired by true story of Kavita Choudhary’s elder sister Kanchan Choudhary who after several hardships went to become the first female Director General of Police.
    Udaan is available as a 5-DVD set and is priced at Rs.499

    Yours Nostalgic Soul
    Sudhir Thakur

    • Jayatheertha K Kagalkar Says:

      Hi All,
      The blog takes our memoir back into 80 ‘s. Realy good write up. I remember serials Yeh jo hai zindagi which is a comedy and laughed at our heart’s content. THe actors especially Shafi inamdaar, Swaroop sampath, Rakesh bedi made us laugh like anything.
      Another serial, Udaan fauturing Kavitha chowdhary was inspiring one..

      Nukkad, Buniyaad, Humlog were also memorable..

      Japal Bhattis’ Flop show was equally ggod.

      On sunday afternoon, award winning films from all languages were telecasted.

      Amongst Kannada serials, Ajithana sahasagalu, Namma Nammalli, Crazy cournel, Guddada bhootha etc are still memorable. Programme like Sutta Mutta would give information about the happenings in and around bangalore.

      Kasa Musure Saroja serial was good..

      we can proudly say that watching those days serials were very good and cannot be compared to the presnt boring, meaningless megaserials.

  83. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Dear Friends..

    Govind Nihalani’s epic tele-film Tamas has been released on DVD by Reliance Home Video.

    Tamas is based on the classic Hindi novel of the same name written by Bhisham Sahni. The film was first shown on Doordarshan in 1987 as a series and later as a 4-hour-long feature film.

    Tamas is being released as a four-DVD (Rs. 799/-) and VCD (Rs.499/-) set. The DVD contains a collectible booklet and an audio-visual interview with Govind Nihalani on Tamas.

    The film won the Nargis Dutt Award for the Best Film on National Integration. In 1988, Tamas won two national awards: Surekha Sikri won the National Film Award for Best supporting Actress and Vanraj Bhatia won the National Film Award for Best Music Direction.

    The film features Om Puri, Deepa Sahi, Amrish Puri, Bhisham Sahni, A.K. Hangal, Manohar Singh,Dina Pathak, Saeed Jaffrey and Surekha Sikri.

    Yours Nostalgic Soul
    Sudhir Thakur

  84. Dear RK

    Please call me at 9986800123,we have spoken once , i request that you call again on doordarshan topic..

    Thanks and Regards

  85. Atul Says:

    Awesome post !

    I too regard myself as a nostalgia buff and I have written about my memories of my younger days (1970s) in my blog. I was in my college hostel during 1980s and I have watched all these TV programmes in the hostel. I would remain a constant fixture in the TV room of the hostel during those days.

    It is great to go through this post. In fact I am going through lots and lots of your other posts too. That will keep me busy for a long long time.

  86. […] Who said I am nostalgic? […]

  87. Hey!

    Can I use your post or some version of it on my website (work in progress) http://www.dd1nostalgia.in ?

    I would be happy to credit you as the post author on my website.

  88. T.N.Guruprasad Says:

    Hi Indeed a walk through the memory lane….felt why i grew up….Superb narration. Miss all those curious week by week waiting what happens next..miss those mom’s home made potato chips with tea watching those programs. I remember the program Stoneboy, Knight Rider, Kahaani, Nukkad one of my favourite, Etc Etc…Chandrakanta of course….Many more. Favorite kannada program on sunday Sutta Mutta….I love that tittle track. Infact i was searching that track & landed in this beautiful blog which took me to my childhood day. Please send me the tittle track of Sutta Mutta if anybody have…


  89. Aravind kaushik Says:

    Brilliant!feels as if i wrote it myself,especially that kile ka rahasya bit ….i still sing it ‘is main mat jaana

  90. prashant Says:

    I truly enjoyed reading about those nostalgic days.One most hilarious pro-gramme i still remember is Ulta Pulta produced, misdirected(!) and enacted by him. It was followed by another similar pro gramme later.I can not recall its name.But it was equally as hilarious .Those were the Golden days.Lovely Eighties when we were still young and had head full of hairs and eyes full with dreams .

  91. prashant Says:

    Yes now i have recalled name of that equally hilarious pro gramme that followed to ‘ulta pulta’It was The ‘flop show’! What the days those were!

  92. Anshuman Saxena Says:

    Awesome bro totally engulfed by emotions
    We had Nicky tasha tv then dyanora tv big antennas to be adjusted those 80s adds were Awesome seems like back in time machine
    If I could only turn back the time. …
    Thanks for memories

  93. Raghu Says:

    Excellent recollection. It matches so well.

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