Remember some of those ’80s ads?

October 27, 2006

Memory is a very tricky thing. We may remember some things and not other, less pleasant experiences. On the one hand, I know that what I remember is not exactly how life was in the past. On the other hand, I cannot doubt the truth of this memory. When we remember nostalgically the past memories, we wish we could relive or return to those good days once again. Compared to our present time, the time in the past seems to us so much freer, more energetic, more affectionate and more perfect. We yearn for those moments but we know they are irrevocable. Nostalgia can only confirm that the separation with something that we value and long for cannot be bridged in our present. It is an unfulfilling longing. We sense the lack. We sense the impossibility of retrieving the lost time. We feel regret.

Nostalgia is more commonly referred to not as a medical condition or a field of study, but as a feeling that any normal person can have. Nostalgia can often be associated with a fond childhood memory, a certain game or a treasured personal object. In the above given link, I have spoken more about my childhood memories. Amongst other things, I have mentioned a few of the ads I saw in the ’80s on television. Recently, I also wrote a couple of posts about the LIRIL girl and the 1950s Johnson’s Baby ad. A few comments in the previous post asked me to write more about the old ads that we had seen in our childhood. Hence continuing on ads, I remembered (thanks to Sundar) a few more ads from the ’80s and penned some details, jingles, punchlines and stories related to them. All the readers who have seen these ads might have instant recall, I feel.

FROOTI: To this day, you can hear it on board any train: “Ey, thanda Frooti, cold draaaaaannnnk”. Mango Frooti had an original ad with a jingle that ended, “Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy” Later in the early 90s, this ad was set to the tune of the then-famous “Ice Ice Baby”. 

GLUCON- D: “Glucon-D, yeh jaan mein jaan daal de – peete hi!” variations include: “iske saath ek foot-patti, muft muft muft!” and “Mmm! Santre jaisa mazedaar!”, says the kid who turns into a superhero. One of the ads featureed this superhero stuck in a traffic jam inside a bus. The driver is really tired and they are moving real slow and in jerks. Suddenly, our hero clicks his fingers – Ah, I have an idea! He exits the bus running, and changes into Super Glucon-D boy and gives the driver some Glucon-D. For some reason, this not only refreshes the driver, it also eases traffic flow! Was that a metaphor to say that this drink also has a lot of fiber in it? I used to love Glucon-D. The orange taste was great. Almost as good as Orange Rasna.

TATA NAMAK: “Namak ho Tata ka, Tata namak!” went the jingle.

GAGAN GHEE: “Khao Gagan, raho magan!” went the ad phrase.

WOODWARDS GRIPE WATER: Kid crying. Mom taking care of kid. Grandma walks in. “Kya hua?” “Bachchi ro rahi thi” “Woodwards Gripe Water dede. Tu jab choti thi, tab tujhe yehi diya tha maine”. Gramma’s Mama walks in. “Kya hua?”… and like those Russian stories where the elephant, the chicken, the donkey, the walrus, the hare, the bear, the cossack, the chipmunk and the squirrel slowly add onto the rest of the story just to make it longer, this ad goes from mother to great-great-grandmother. All this to show that WGW has been around since 1919 or something. I remember seeing the Kannada version of this ad too. (“Yenaythu” “magu altha ide” “Woodwards kodu”)

COLGATE TOOTH POWDER: Village setting. Macho fellow is out in the yard, with his weights, in front of a couple of buffaloes.
Macho: Arrey Bhabhi, zara mera doodh-badaam aur koyla dena to!
Bhabhi: Arrey wah, devarji, badan ke liye doodh-badaam, aur daaton ke liye koyla?!
[Scene change, shows graphic of gums and teeth up close]
Voice-over: Khurdare padaarth daaton ki parakh kharaab kar sakte hain…. Isthemal kijiye Colgate Tooth Powder!

PRESTIGE COOKER: The ad featured a wife slaving away in the kitchen while her mother-in-law relaxed in the living room and the hubby was at work (I thought). The wife is really overworked and understandably loses patience and starts throwing kitchenware into the living room, and the other people in the house watch each utensil go over their heads (imagine the spectators watching a game of tennis).

Voice over: Phenk do yeh kadhaai, bekchi, yeh frying pan…Inse nata todo.
(The last sentence is accompanied by a huge vessel landing in the postman’s hands)
(Heaven slowly lowers a Prestige Pressure Cooker into the wife’s hands)
Prestige Pressure Cooker. Fry kare, deep fry kare, chun chun sikaai kare.
Jhat ubaale, pat pressure de [Cue to loud whistle]
Prestige Pressure Cooker. Jo biwi se karein pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise karein inkaar!

A second, very similar (albeit shortened) version of this ad plugged Prestige Pressure Pans instead of Cookers. Replace the word Cooker in the above with Pan, and that’s what it was.

GODREJ SHAVING CREAM: An early-mid 80s ad for Godrej Shaving Cream featured Vivek Vaswani as some sort of nervous reporter who is interviewing random men. The scene begins with VV approaching some clean-shaven CONFIDENT guy in a neat suit.

VV: Uh.. Ss-Sir, which shaving cream do you use?
Guy1, confidently smiling: Godrej!
VV: Why?
Guy1: Great shave, cologne fragrance! Wife loves it!
The guy is talking fast because he is in an elevator and has already reached his floor and is getting off. VV has to now pursue other guys, and he sees another guy enter the elevator..
VV: Sir, which shaving cream do you –
Guy2 turns around and displays his beard, smiles and says, in a deep voice: ME?

DABUR CHYAWANPRASH: Featuring the Marathi character actor Shriram Lagoo.
Kid: Dadaji! Badminton!
SL: uh-huh, pehle Dabur Chyawanprash
(voice over): Anwla aur chalees se bhi adhik gunon se bharpoor, Dabur Chyawanprash!

PAN PARAG: Featuring the suppressed histrionic mights of a fat Shammi Kapoor and Ashok Kumar and their wives (one of them was Asha Lata, maybe? They were the typical maa-wife roleplayer women of the early and mid-80s.
Scene: Shehnai playing in the background, it is the house where the wedding is supposed to take place, which is the bride’s house, and it happens to be Ashok Kumar’s house.

AK’s W: Suniye, ladki ke maa-baap aaye hain
AK: Arrey, aaiye, aaiye (ha ha ha ha ha, mandatory laughter from all four members)
SK: Baarat… thik 8 baje pahunch jaayegi. Par hum aapse ek baat to kehne bhool hi gaye!
(Shehnai stops, and sudden jarring music is played on keyboard while AK and his wife share a worried look… thinking… DOWRY!)
SK: Ghabraiye nahin, hume kuch nahin chahiye! Hum to sirf itna chahte hain ki aap baraatiyon ka swagat… Pan Parag se kijiye!
AK (relieved): Oh-ho, Pan Parag! Humein kya maloom tha aap bhi Pan Parag ke shaukeen hain… (he pulls out a tin can from under his shawl) Yeh lijiye Pan Parag
(closeup of SK’s face which brightens up): PAN PARAG!
(singer, probably Priti Sagar): Pan Parag, pan masala Pan Parag
Khatir-daari mein zaroori, iske bina mehfil adhoori
Pan parag, pan masala, Pan Parag!

Featuring Jalal Agha.
Scene: JA enters a party, and guests notice him and start talking to him.
Guest 1 (played by middle aged lady): Arrey lo, aagaye? Aaj kal to bade chaaye hue ho TV par, Pan Parag aur kya kya!
JA (smiles humbly): Shukriya.
Guest 2 (played by Vipin Handa, who went on to have a short-lived talk show called Aamne-Saamne): TV mein to hamesha tayaar rehte ho, aaj kahan hai tumhara dibba?
JA (smartly pulls out a pillow pouch!): To YEH kya hai?!
Guest 3: Ek se… mera kya hoga!!! (laughs)
JA: To aap DO lijiye!
Guest 4’s voice: Aur mere liye?
(JA turns towards the voice, sees its a really tall dude, and pulls out the whole strip and smiles at camera, while Priti Sagar sings the jingle).

VICCO TURMERIC AYURVEDIC CREAM: Featuring a very young Sangeeta Bijlani. This version is historic because it was always featured before one of the very first sitcoms that I ever saw on Doordarshan, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi. starring Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, Rakesh Bedi and Satish Shah in different roles – who doesn’t remember that one episode where he keeps saying, “What a relieeeeef!”

Scene: A wedding, the bride’s house, the females who are dressing up and decorating the bride (Sangeeta Bijlani) are supposed to be singing, while the parents are looking at each other sad yet happy… the chorus sings:
Bade naazon se paali hamaari banno, tujhe dulhan banaaye ree pyaari banno (shehnai) (lead female voice) tujhko haldi ka ubhtan lagaayein sakhiyaan (at this point there is cackling laughter from all the girls, as they apply turmeric paste to her legs and her cheeks) teri kaaya ko kanchan banaayein sakhiyaan (chorus) roop kundan sa chamke hamaari banno, tujhe dulhan banaaye ree pyaari banno… (at this point, she is going around the holy fire seven times with her hubby, and the wedding is done. The music changes, and they show the couple on their honeymoon, in what is probably Observation Post, but is supposed to be Kashmir, then her hubby jumps into a swimming pool, comes out, and drips all the water in his hair onto Sangeeta. (voiceover says something about Vicco Vajradanti Ayurvedic Cream, which you probably don’t notice because they are showing a young Sangeeta on the screen, smiling)
(chorus) Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream!
(female) Tvacha ki raksha karey, antiseptic cream
Roop ko sanvarey, nikharey har dam!
Haldi aur chandan ka anokha sangam!
(chorus) Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream,
Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream!
(at this point all the music stops, and in my mind I always hear the theme song of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi start up!)

Scene: A classroom in some Hindi medium school in a village. There’s a diagram of the front view of human teeth. Teacher has really really bad teeth.
Teacher: Bacchon, yeh hai hamaare daaton ki banavat! (looks around) Raju! Tumhare daat to motiyon jaise chamak rahey hain!
Raju: (played by Master Bittu, I think): Kyon na ho, masterji, main Dabur ka Lal Dantmanjan jo istimaal karta hoon!
(a few more dialogues by the teacher, extolling Raju’s good habits, which unfortunately I don’t remember because the short version of this ad received more airtime)
Another student: Lekin masterji, AAPKE DAANT?!

MAGGI 2-MINUTE NOODLES: Two kids, a brother and a sister, get down from their school bus and open the house gates and enter the kitchen immediately. And they scream in unison, “Mummy bhookh lagi hai!” The mom smiles and says, “Do minute!” The jingle: unfortunately only the first and last line remain fresh in memory, the rest of it disappeared because they played the short version of this ad for a lot longer than the original version.
“School se aate dhoom machaate
(second line)
(third line)
Ek hi baat pe (something) manaate, Maggi Maggi Maggi!”
Mom: Pal bhar mein tayyar….
kids in chorus: Khaane mein mazedaar!

DETTOL SOAP: Not a jingle, really. Just a short ad showing this woman in the marketplace, at work, in the bus on the way back home, and dust settling on her all through. She comes back home and voila! There’s a bar of Dettol Soap in the bathroom. Harish Bhimani provides the voice-over for this ad: “Dettol Saabun. Mail mein chupe keetaanuon ko dho daalta hai.” Simple and short.

SYLVANIA LAXMAN: The early ad didn’t have the singing bit. It was just Asrani who was a servant. And the lamps in the house all go phut at the same time, so his mistress sends him over to the store to buy Sylvania Laxman bulbs. He tries to remember, but by the time he reaches the store (owned by Viju Khote), he has forgotten what it was called…
Asrani: Ey bhai, Raam Laxman bulb dena!
Asrani: Aji kaise dukaandaar hain aap! Duniya bhar mein mashoor (and even at this point, VK starts to understand what A wants and starts to pick it out), uttam quality ka bana….
VK: To Sylvania Laxman bulb chahiye tumhein
Asrani: Haan haan wohi, lekin ek nahin chhar.
VK: Chhar?

[Aside: The reason I capitalized those lines was to show how they came into regular use later on. For example, my cousin went to BMS College and he was telling me that at one of the Cultural fests, at a Sales Appeal contest, one of the teams had to bring out an ad for underwear, and this guy goes…
Arrey haan wohi, lekin ek nahin, do hazaar!
Do hazaar?!?
(looks at the audience) Poore College ko badal daaloonga!!

ECE BULBS: This ad starred the artist better known as Ghanshu Bhikari (from Nukkad). On the way out of the house, Ravi Baswani’s wife says:
(singing) Bhool na jaana! ECE bulb laana! and then there’s a whole lot of people talking in different languages asking him not to forget…
Parsi: Dikra, bhool to nai, ECE bulb lavjo!
Bangaali aurat: Bhoolbe naa nee sho bulb ECE bulb
and the Bangaali aurat is the last one to tell him about the bulb, when he reaches the bulb shop owned by Ghanshu and says: Bulbbulbbulbbulbbulb….
Ghanshu sings: Jyaada de ujaala (and the bulb/tube lights up in his hand) din-o-din chalne waala ECE bulb aur ECE tube!

CASPER MOSQUITO REPELLANT: Scene shows a family of mom-dad-bro and sis.
Male voice: Maccharon ko jisse lagta hai dar
kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!
Male voice: Woh chemical jismein dugna asar!
kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!
Male voice: Shaam se lekar subah tak jale!
kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!
Male voice: Jismein ek nahin, DO conductor!
kids chorus: Woh hai Casper!
(voice over): Bhaarat mein pehli baar! Electronic mosquito repellent, Casper! (Only, he sounded like he said Kesper)

GOOD NIGHT MOSQUITO REPELLANT: I only remember the last line in this jingle: Sweet dreams, and Good Knight folks!

NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee): A very famous ad, because the jingle was catchy. Calendar (Again, I am using the famous character played by Satish kaushik in Mr. India): Meri jaan, meri jaan, murgi ke ande!
Dilip Dhawan: Khaana meri jaan, meri jaan, murgi ke ande!
Female: Omlet khilaoon, fried khilaoon, boiled khilaoon!
Priti Sagar’s voice: Khilaoon murgi ke, murgi ke, ande hi ande!
(voice over, probably Harish Bhimani): Sunday ho ya Monday, roj khaayein ande
Calendar (with an egg held between thumb and first two fingers): Fantash-tick!

NATIONAL INTEGRATION ADS: There were about three of these ads… they were long and I used to remember each and every line.

The first ad was the one with popular sportspersons (Kapil, Gavaskar, Milka Singh, PT Usha, Prasanna, Padukone, to name a few) carrying the torch through different regions of India. The background music was inspiring and ended with the national anthem tune.

Second was the famous “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”:
(Bhimsen Joshi): Mile sur mera tumhara tooooo soooor bane hamaara… sur ki dariya har disha se behke saagar mein mile… baadalon ka roop-a lekar… barse halke halke…. oooooh mile sur mera tumhara tooo soor bane hamara….
(Rajasthan, featuring then-famous bowler Narendra Hirwani sitting on aqueduct) (your) tarang (and) (my) tarang… ek vat baniye (our) tarang! 
Tena sur mele mera sur dena milke bane ek nava sur da
(Shabana Azmi right outside the Taj Mahal): Mile sur mera tumhara to sur bane hamaara
(cast of Tamas, supposed to be the Punjab element)
Female chorus: Sur ka dariya behke saagar mein miley
Male chorus: Baadlaan-da roop lehke
Deepa Sahi: Barsanei hole hole….

(we move deep south, and musician Balamurlikrishna is on the beach with Cricketer turned umpire Venkataraghavan and some others… including Kamal Hassan who doesn’t sing but just gives a Digjam pose) Isayindaal… nam iruvarin… suramum namadaahum (Veena music, while Kamal shows off his Digjam pose.)
isaimel raagaahum aadise aarugal mugilai mazhaiaai pozhivadum pol isai! nam isaaaaaaaaiiii!
(woman singing dhik tak dhik ta jhoom… etc etc)
Shift to Karnataka. (man dressed in Coorg attire) Nanna dhwanige ninna dhwaniya (woman) seridante namma dhwaniya (you can also see prakash padukone here)
Shift to Andhra. (man and woman together) naa swaramoo nee swaramoo sangamamai mana swaranga avatarinche
Shift to Kerala. (mallu dude on elephant) ende swaramum ningalude swaramum ottucheru namm-ode swaramai!
(cut from one Communist state to another: Bong boatman slowly rowing boat on the Hooghly)…. Tomar shoor modir shoor… sristi hoouu… hoiko shoor… (repeat thrice)
fourth time: sristi hoouu hoi ko taal (change music to manipuri/nagaland type with people walking past with their arms interlocked around their hips)
(male) Tomar moro shoorono milano (female joins in) shrishti hoo chalo chapano
(music while Goa is shown and they show Mario Miranda’s cartoon styled paintings…)
(Mallika Sarabhai in Gujju) Maley soor jo taro maro, bane aapdo soor niralo..
(Tanuja representing Maharashtra): Majhya tumchya jultya taara madhur suranchya barasti dhaara
(Shrillest voice of ALL, Lata, first singing for Waheeda Rehman) Sur ki nadiya har disha se behke saagar mein mile
(now for Hema Malini) Baadalon ka rooooop leke barse halke halke
(Sharmila Tagore) hooo mile sur mera tumhara
(now they make no pretense and show Lata) Mile sur mera tumhara… toooooo soor bane…. hamaara….
(music increases in volume and speed again and they show the TRIO – Ganga Jamuna and Saraswati, Amitabh, Jeetendra and Mithun, with their arms around each other) Mile sur mera tumhara, to sur bane hamara
(everyone singing together) to sur bane hamara! to sur bane hamara!
(song turns into end of national anthem, Jaya he, jaya he… just the music, while each beat forms the Indian flag and the silhouette of Gandhi)
end title: Har Dil Mein Jagaayein Rashtrajyoti…

The next one was on the same lines, and was different people singing “Baje sargam, har taraf se goonje bankar Deshraag”. Among others, popular musicians like Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Allah Rakha, Balamuralikrishna, Zakir Hussain were seen in this song.

GOLD SPOT: (Guy): She’s crazy about (something)
(Girl):As crazy as he’s about (something else) and hits the tennis ball into the guy’s mouth, who manages to remove it just before they sing: (together): As crazy as crazy as we’re about… Gold Spot! The Zing Thing! Gold Spot (two bolts of thunder courtesy synthesizer) Gold Spot!

AMUL CHOCOLATE (voice over at the end by Harish Bhimani)
(Girl): I am too old for dolls, too young for the Disco
(Guy, I think this was a very young Aftab Shivdasani): But I think you’re just right for Amul Chocolate!
(Voice over): Amul chocolate! A gift for someone you love!

Male: Daad, khaaj khujli ka dushman?!
Chorus: B-Tex Malam, B-Tex Lotion
Male: Eczema ka jaani dushman!
Chorus: B-Tex Malam B-Tex Lotion, B-Tex!

Another, more recent B-Tex ad Ravi Baswani is scratching his shoulder and back, when Archana Joglekar steps up and sings a parody of Tirchi Topiwale:

RB (irritated with the itch): Oye Oye!
AJ: Khujli karne waale! B-Tex lagaa le!
B-Tex lagaake tu apni (aa aa aa)
Daad, khaaj khujli mitale
RB (happily displaying a tube of B-Tex): Oye Oye!

KINETIC HONDA: (scooter, featured a very young Javed Jaffrey out of a job and suddenly getting a scooter) .
song: Honda! Kinetic Honda! It gets to you, you’ll never be the same again! Honda! Kinetic Honda!
voice over: Kinetic Honda! What a scooter OUGHT to be!

CINKARA: This is vintage Javed Jaffery. JJ is overloaded with work. And just as he is about to think the pile on his desk can’t get any bigger, the secretary hands him some more papers…
voice over: Yeh bechaara, kaam ke bojh ka maara!! (he faints)
voice over: Inhein chaahiye Hamdard Ka Cinkara
(JJ drinks it, and in the next scene, breaks through glass and hands in his reports with a flourish)
voice over: Hamdard ka tonic, Cinkara!

MAGGI HOT AND SWEET TOMATO CHILLY SAUCE: It’s Different: Had a bunch of ads starring ‘Karamchand’ Pankaj Kapoor and Javed Jaffrey. One of them featured them as spectators on a tennis court… and at the end,
JJ screams, “Koi mujhe bataayega, ki Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce mein aisi kya baat hai!” and Pankaj Kapoor nonchalantly motions to the crowd without taking his eyes away from his sandwich, and the crowd yells, “IT’S DIFFERENT!”, and the tennis ball lands in his lap.

The other, more famous ad, also brought back the imitations of Ajit, the awesomest gangster of 70s films. JJ is dressed as Ajit, and is talking to his henchmen while Pankaj Kapoor is busy opening up a bottle of Maggi Hot and Sweet, and Lily the mistress is at JJ’s side…
JJ: Thodi hi der mein hamaara helikaapter Hindustaan se door Birmingham pahunch jaayega. Michael, tum cycle par jaao… (at this point, Pankaj Kapoor takes out a Maggi bottle and thumps it on the table, and everyone fears gunshots and hides)
JJ: Saara shehar mujhe LOIN ke naam se jaanta hai, aur tum yeh kambakhat tamatar ka saaas!…
PK (interrupting): BOSS! Yeh tamatar ka saas nahin, Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato CHILLI sauce hai, It’s Different!
JJ: Saaf saaf kaho tum kehna kya chahte ho!
PK (imitating JJ): This saas, is different, Baas!
(Lily giggles)
JJ: Lily, don’t be silly!

COLDARIN: Man at work screws something up (maybe breaks some glass or drops a sheaf of papers) because he has cold and related headache, and senior goes:
Senior: Yeh kya haal bana rakhkha hai? Kuch lete kyon nahin?
Man: Bahut si dawaiyan lee, sir, but kuch farq hi nahin pada.
Senior: Coldarin lee?
Man: uh-huh
Senior: Tumhein maloom nahin? Coldarin sardi ki khaas dawa hai.
Voice over: Sardi se aaram, chusti se chale kaam! Coldarin!

VICKS ACTION 500: Featuring Dheeraj Kumar as a fighter pilot with headache and cold. And of course, as soon as he pops a Vicks Action 500, he gives his smile and is back in the cockpit!

STREPSILS: Featuring Vijayendra Ghatge. He is enacting a scene in a movie where he plays the lead role!!!!! And the last dialogue is something like… “Good BYE, MADAM!” and then he starts to cough… so someone pops him a Strepsils… and then he starts charming whatever female is around him.

Another Strepsils ad featured a cartoon where a lion walks onto stage and decides to roar into the microphone, but only manages to meow. There is general laughter from the audience. Then, of course, it pops a Strepsils and ROAARRRRSSSSS.

BROOKE BOND RED LABEL CHAI: The typical young mom (also featured in the Maggi noodles ad) is at the market, and she asks the shopkeeper (who in reality provided the voice for many ads and voice-overs):
Woman: Aji Brooke Bond Red Label Chai to deejiye
Shopkeeper: Aji chai to chai hi hai, paani ubalo, patti daalo, doodh shakkar milao, aur pee jaao. Ismein kya khaas hai??!
Woman: Peeyo, to jaano!
(song, probably Preeti Sagar again):

Baagon ki taazgi laaye, packet bhar shuddhta aaye
Brooke Bond Red Label Chai! Har baar tasalli dilaaye!
Brooke Bond Red Label Chai! sachmuch hai bejod chai
(music stops, and woman continues): Aur daam bhi kifaayti!

NIRMA WASHING POWDER/SOAP BAR: Featured some good looking young girls including Sangeeta Bijlani… female lead and chorus singing the song, while the four gals wash their clothes and carry on with their daily housewife life, which includes travelling in autos and buying lightweight vegetables and dealing with goody-goody kids, maybe. There are clips of other members of the family (decided younger members) pirouetting in bright clothes supposedly washed by Nirma)….
Washing powder Nirma! Washing powder Nirma!
Dhoodh si safedi, Nirma se aayi,
Rangeen Kapda bhi dhul dhul jaye,

Paani mein rehke bhi yeh kam gale (at which point, my neighbour aunty would always say, “Bari sullu helthare”)
Dheron kapde dhoye aur jyaada chale
Washing powder Nirma! Washing powder Nirma!
Thoda sa powder, aur jhaag dher saara! (music)
Rangeele kapdon ko pal mein ujaala!
Rekha… Geeta…. Jaya aur Sushma (they show the four different girls, including Sangeeta Bijlani getting into an auto.
Sabki pasand Nirma!
Washing powder Nirma! Washing powder Nirma!
(with harmony): NIRMA!
(at this point in the ad, a girl wearing a polka-dot skirt is spinning around, and she turns into the Nirma girl on the packet)

Future modification of the jingle had the line “Nirma detergent tikiya iske jhaag ne jadoo kar diya”…

RASNA: This ad became a huge hit when it was played right before and during the fifteen-minute cartoon, shown on Sunday evenings, Spider-Man. It just consisted of a lot of kids drinking Rasna, and it included the fat uncle who drinks a huge jug of Rasna. Jingle:
Ras ki rachna Rasna (chorus: RASNA!)
Tarah tarah ke swaad ki rachna rasna (chorus: RASNA!)
verse: Ek packet se ban jaaye batteess gilaas (music)
Rasna ka har zaayeka sabke man ki bujhaaye pyaas!
Ras ki rachna Rasna (chorus: RASNA!)
At some point during this ad’s release, I think the long version had even the names of all the 10 flavours (the 11th flavour introduced, Mango Ripe, was one of my favourites, was added later on and got its own jingle which I quote below. The 12th flavour was Kala Khatta, I think, and then there was Masala Soda (Jaljeera) which was always misspelt as Masala Sooda.) in the verses of the song. Once Rasna became part of the Sunday morning line-up of ads, they added a cute female to the ad, and I believe that girl’s parents wanted more money or something, eventually she grew up a little bit, and they made her endorse another cold drink – Sudha. The ad for this drink went thus: It shows the girl, you can see she is grown up, and she says: Pehchana? Badi ho gayi hoon, na? Aur (my taste has become refined, too)… Sudha… etc etc…. In the meantime, Rasna found another cute kid who was younger for their ads. They got their buck-toothed girl, and everyone was happy.
Anyway, my point was, Rasna added the cute kid to the ad and added the punch-line: I Love You, Rasna!
Mango Ripe jingle: Mango ripe! Mango ripe! Naya hai Rasna Mango Ripe… Koi samay ho koi bhi din Rasna Mango Ripe ka din (mmm yummy) (different ways of drinking Mango Ripe: either with water, or as milk shake – at one point they had the shake bottle free with some offer) Mango ripe! Mango ripe, mazey ka Rasna Mango Ripe! ( I LOVE YOU RASNA!)

At some point in time, Harish Bhimani started doing voice-overs for Rasna ads and started to mention that it was a product of Pioma Industries. And ever since, programs were not sponsored by Rasna, but by Pioma Industries.

STREET CAT: This ad featured one of the first “rap” songs ever on Indian television. Here’s the jingle, as far as I can remember it. People with fake tattoos of cartoon characters, maybe. A couple of kids with sunglasses. Two guys with jeans, maybe? I sort of remember some polka-dot ensemble but I could just be “trippin’, yo!”
(chorus:) Boom boom shaka laka boom boom shak! Street Cat’s gonna knock you back!
Say man, check the mean machine. It’s got what it takes, it’s just the scene,
It’s called the Street Cat! Moves like a rocket. (something) Whole world in your pocket.
Straight handlebars and wide wide wheels,
Now go show the world you got a clean pair of heels!
(chorus:) Boom boom shaka laka boom boom shak! Street Cat’s gonna knock you back!
Street Cat!

Straight handle bars, alright. This bicycle was the first of its kind in India, with the straight handle bars. Every kid who wanted to show off went nuts.

CEEMA BULBS & TUBES: Featuring actress Sridevi. “Sima bulbs and tubes…”

PSPO BULBS: yeh PSPO nahi jaanta….

NIRMA SUPER: Featuring Deepika…(popular during Ramayan days)
Shopkeeper says: maan gaye Deepika ji aapki paarkhi nazar aur Nirma Super dono ko…

LIJJAT PAPPAD: Featuring 2 huge rabbits munching pappads…
Lijjat papad…karram kurram…kurram karram…mazedaar lijjatdaar…swaad swaad mein lijjat papad…hehehehe….Sri mahila grih udyog ka Lijjat papad.

I hope you had a nice time walking down the memory lane and into the ad world of the ’80s! Readers are welcome to write in the comments section about the ads that I may have missed.


183 Responses to “Remember some of those ’80s ads?”

  1. Veena Shivanna Says:


    I have seen in Prof’s blog that people fight to comment first, I never got a chance , I didn’t actually craved for also. Somehow today I got to see this post now(not sure when it was posted).. I just skimmed through & posting it for the heck of it for being first. Will write more in detail after I read it neatly 🙂

  2. travel plaza Says:

    Great post RK. Thanks so much for reminding me of all those fun ads. Also it transported me to that time of life. Its always great to remember the past. I loved watching Yeh jo hai zindagi. In one episode, the family in yehjo hai…all sit on the one sofa they have and keep fighting over who will get up to let the guest sit.(I don’t know if you remember this) At the time we had only one old sofa in our house and we used always joke that our sofa was like that and any guest who came had to sit on the chair.
    You forgot to mention the famous Boost ad in which Kapil is jogging early in the morning. It was a great ad at the time..I can’t remember all the details..but I think that was the first time they brought about “Boost is the secret of my energy.”
    Ah, I think I can remember so many ads now. This comment will become longer than the post if I mention all of them:))
    Thanks for the great walk down memory lane!

  3. decemberstud Says:


    Great post !!! Your first paragraph is brilliant.

    Let me add a few more here (I don’t think I can get to as much detail as you have). Oh, and some or a lot of them maybe from 90’s, pardon me.

    SURF : Who can forget Kavitha Choudhury, our dear Lalitaji who went on to become much more famous after she acted in ‘Udaan’.

    DHARA : I remember a 5 year old kid angry at his parents and ‘leaving’ home. His grandfather comes in search of him. Obviously, the kid hasn’t gone too far from home. Grandpa tells the kid about the jilebis being prepared at home. The kid returns with glee. And, then you have the song “dhAra dhAra shudhdha dhAra”. And, I also remember the kid’s dad saying something to the effect of “You can leave the house, but after 20 or 25 years !!!”.

    NIRMA BATH : Very melodious music and I became an instant fan of Sonali Bendre.

    VICKS LOZENGES : Jayanth Kriplani and Baby Guddi. It ahd the jingle “vicks ki gOli lO, kich kich dUr karo”. Apaprently it created an absolutely unnecessary controversy because Jayanth Kriplani winks at the kid at the end of the ad. I would think that such controversies happen only in the west.

    LUX : I remember many different bactresses coming…the Kannada version went something like “sinimA tAreyara soundarya sAbUnu”.

    FAIR & LOVELY : Again, many past Miss India winners were featured. But, the classic and always remembered is the one with Juhi Chawla.

    LAKME : I remember the Kannada jingle “ Lakme vanishing cream…muttinaMtha kAMti mogada hUvu tannIrE…eMthA rUpa ellaru nODi kannaDiyE nAchide”.

    GOT MILK ?” Ad for milk featuring Yatin Karekar and gand with a jingle which goes soemthign like “dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh, dhoodh hai wonderful…pee sakte hair Oz glassful…dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh”

    EGG : From some Nation Egg Foundation (or some such org). The jingle was “mEri jAn mEri jAn murgi ke made, mEri jAn mEri jAn murgI ke made. Sunday hO yA Monday, rOz khAo aMDe”.

    LAKHANI CHAPPAL : Sangeeta Bijlani and Salman Khan with the hit song and we see just the legs at the end. We are made to believe that they are kissing..

    EVERYDAY : Can’t remebr the exact words, But let me mix up Hindi and Kannada versions for this milk powder….”Everyday…coffee ho yA chai, asli swAd yeh ???…everyday everyday tea coooffeyA hechchina swAda paDeyiri”.

    MALTOVA : The ever wonderful Maltova mom acting to the jingle “Watch him run, watch him paly, he’s the winner all the way….you become a Maltova mom”.

    COMPLAN : The son has grown taller than his mom and thus he can get to the Complan bottle which is stored at the top shelf.

    OIL OF OLAY : There’s this young guy who is hitting on a ‘girl’. The ‘girl’ recognizes him as his student in school. They guy ‘blushes’. We are supposed to believe that the woman looked like a girl after using Oil of Olay. Very interesting Ad.

    ERICSSON : The brilliant ad where an older gentleman is sitting at a restaurant. A girl in the next table is talking on her cell, but the cell is so small that the older guy doesn’t realize it. He thinks that she is inviting him to her table. Just when he gets up, she hangs up the cell phone. And, the sound of a broken glass in the background is brilliant.

    ONIDA : “Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride”. Can anyone ever forget it ?

    RASNA : RK, I think you are referring to Ankita Jhaveri when you talked about the little kid in Rasna. She was absolutely brilliant and made Rasna a household name.

    AMUL : RK, there were several different versions of Amul. Everyone from a kid to a grandmother were too young and too old for certain things. But then, they were all perfect for Amul chocolate.

    And finally……

    MOODS : A shy guy comes to a department store and stands there stuttering. Then, another man comes by, hits hard on the counter, looks at the shopkeeper and says “Moods Please !”. Then there is that one liner – “Act with confidence”. I sure wanted to act with confidence, but I had no freaking clue what the ad was all about. Ahh, some guys are just slow learners, or maybe they just don’t wanna learn 😉 Now that I have crossed the line, I guess it is harmless to say that the Raj Kappor – Nargis picturization of “pyAr hua” from Shri420 has been aptly used in a certain other ad.

    I rest….

    • kedar Says:

      LAKHANI CHAPPAL : Sangeeta Bijlani and Salman Khan with the hit song and we see just the legs at the end. We are made to believe that they are kissing..

      want vdo of ths add, pls make it available, or tell whom to contact, youtube is nt having ths, do u have ths, how do u remember thn, u must be having ths

  4. some body Says:

    vajradanti vajradanti vicco vajradanti
    toothpowder toothpaste
    aayurvedic jadee bootiyon se banaa
    sampoorn svadeshee
    toothpowder toothpaste
    vicco vajradantee

    don’t remember if it was this product or some other product that had a darasingh clone eating an apple and producing some wierd crunchy noises. maybe that was colgate toothpowder with a neem dantmanjan.

    – s.b.

  5. Good list, RK. Till date, I am able to visualize some these ads. My favourite was “Ja munna.. zara paas ki dukan se namak to le ao”

  6. shark Says:

    WOW! That was a neat compilation. I could remember EACH and EVERY one of them 😀

  7. shark Says:

    And how about that DHAARA ad? “Jilebi” boy…? I loved that one!

  8. some body Says:

    how come no one (and even i) failed to remember this one?

    bee jay bee jay
    babubhai jagjeevandas babubhai jagjeevandas babubhai jagjeevandas

    suiting shirting ke liye bee jay jay
    ?? ?? ke liye bee jay jay
    dress material saadiyon ke liye bee jay
    babubhai jagjeevandas …

    also, don’t recall whether this was only on the radio or on tv too …

    s kumaar kee suiting shirting shaan badhaae
    sajeelee rangelee tereen kee bahaar
    sajaulaa(?) lage s kumaar s kumaar s kumaar!

    the following two i remember was a radio jingle for sure:

    laal raseelee tamaataron se ho saare taiyyaar
    naa hee koee milaavat ismen
    naa banaavatee rang
    ek baar jo chakh le unglee chakhe baar baar
    (no idea what happened to volfarm!)

    hasmukh raam/rai/laal (forget which) kee hasmukh chaai
    pachaas varson ke baad muskuraataa
    sabko lubhaae
    hasmukh chaai!
    (no idea what happened to this happy flavoured tea either)

    i was in bombay during this time frame, so may be these were the local dd2 channel or local vividh bharati radio only.

    – s.b.

  9. Usha Says:

    Superb Ad compile, really nostalgic Bellur, Thx others too …for taking me through those magical ad’s, i went back to my childhood, where i used to be hooked to the TV even to watch these ad’s too…:)

    And more importantly in those days not having expertise in hindi(Since we were learning it in school as third language) we had to watch them again and again to understand it better 😉 oh it was fun 😀

  10. Rakesh Endlaw Says:

    Your compilation brought back nostalgic memories of some long running memorable ads of the 80’s. Some left out are Dabur Hajmola Masterji film shot in a school hostel with the characteristic last two words from the young school boy caught having Hajmola by Masterji – ‘ Hajmola Sir ‘ The Sridevi film on Dabur Amla Hair Oil – ‘ Khile Khile Matwale Baal ‘ was another memorable Ad film of those times based on a popular Bollywood film tune. The Ad which created a history of sorts in that era with emphasis on fuel efficiency was the popular line of Hero Honda’s campaign – ‘ Fill it, Shut it, Forget it ‘.

  11. Vani Says:


    Remember Bajaj Ad ” Jab Main Chota Bachcha tha, Badi Shararat Karta tha, meri chori pakdi jaati….. jab roshni deta Bajaj”

    Also, Sunil Gavaskar with a baseball bat
    ” Take the world in your stride, Dinesh! ”

    Many Many more….. Great post as usual.

  12. Shiv Says:

    Where is our famous ‘Gopaal hallu pudi’. I know u had mentioned something abt this eariler. But I think this one is a all time favorite, isn’t it?

  13. Shruthi Says:

    Too good, Bellur! What details! :)) It was a nice trip back to childhood! I remember each and every one of those so clearly!

  14. Gangadhar Says:

    This post ‘s awesome,my friend..I read this post the day u posted..Dint feel like comment then..But you know i’ve reading this post so many times since last friday..
    nice collection with so many details..

    hava great week

  15. Gangadhar Says:

    err..gramatical mistakes.. hehe

  16. Srik Says:

    Heroin : “Shaadi? Aur Tumse? Hhhhhh kabhi nahi”(in an angerful fast voice).

    Hero gives her Paan Pasand

    Heroin : “Shaadi? Aur Tumse? kabhi nahi”(in a soft and shyful voice)

  17. rk Says:

    nice to see your enthu to post first! 😉 fyi, the post was published at 2 mins to 6 and you commented 18 mins later! take your time to read this post. there’s just 4744 words in it.

    happy that you liked this post. and i remember the ‘sofa’ episode in YJHZ…..really funny that the same thing happened in your house!

    glad you liked it and thanks a ton for putting your list(as you have said, most are from the ’90s). and i loved the sonali ad too, not to forget the DHOODH DHOODH DHOODH DHOODH, piyo glass full…..remember? i even recorded the jingle then.

    some body,
    thanks for the additon. i think the second line was VICCO POWDER VICCO PASTE…
    yes, i remember dhara singh in a toothpowder ad.

    thanks. great to know you could visualise the ads.

    thanks. nice to know that you could remember EACH and EVERY one of them! 🙂 Dhara ad made all those kids who hated to eat yearn for lunch, breakfast and dinner time!

    some body,
    thanks for adding more ads to the list. maybe some of these were relayed in bombay coz i don’t remember seeing some of these.

    glad you liked them. i remember not able to catch so many words from the jingles due to my poor hindi. eg: i used to sing the NIRMA washing powder jingle like this: DHOODAL SEEPHAL SEDHI NIRMA SE AAYI RANGEEN KAPDON SE TIL MIL JAAI DHATH KI PASAND NIRMA…..

    thanks for visiting. yes, i left out quite some ads. had written about some 80s ads in a previous post. forgot to include them here. happy my readers are filling up the list and making the comments section very interesting to read. yes, “hero honda’s” punchline was the rage then. cheers & do visit again.

    yes, nice ads. gavaskar’s dinesh ads had 2 versions. one with the huge fat guy and the other which was shot in a pyramid with the mummies. remember writing about this in my post “Who said I am Nostalgic?“.
    thanks for liking this post.

    yes, i forgot to mention it here. glad you reminded me about it. thanks!

    welcome to RwB after a long time. hope you are fine now. thanks for liking this very short post. i am sure you read it in a jiffy!!! 😉

    thanks mate! nice to hear that.
    best wishes and have a great week ahead! we have a break in between as Nov.1st here is a holiday on account of “Kannada Rajyothsava”. remembered that you stayed briefly in bangalore some time back!. can u still understand “swalpa swalpa kannada?” 😉

    no worries.

    haha….i remember this….but was this in the 90s, i thought…..but thanks anyways for reminding me about PAN PASAND! and i think the voice over said: PAN KA SWAD, GAZAB KI MITHAS.

  18. Praveen Says:


    Awesome post.

    Here are couple of radio ads in kannada.

    1) Appa appa bandhru namghe yenooo thandru.

    Hmm.. Raju saluvaghe Dora baniyan Pappu saluvaghe dora

    2) Yen Ramanna Asthond Alvaghe Yochusthiddhe
    Maneghe matthu Dhangal kotkeghe yav sheet hakbeko anth yochusthidde.

    Adhak Yak yochesbekoo. Olle Charminar sheetgallna kondrayathu.
    Namm thathan kaldall kondiddhu yegalu Gatmutyagheve nodhu.
    Howdha !!! Sare charminar sheetanne kolthene.

    Maneghe Sahleghe matthu godhamugalege CHARMINAR sheetgallene kolli, parti nagaradallu CHARMINAR dastnugarariddare.

  19. Vani Says:


    Forgot ” Jo OK Saabun se nahaaye, Kamal sa khil jaaye” “OK Nahane ka Bada Saabun, Naya OK Gulabi”

    Then, the Lifebuoy Ad, “Tandurusti Ki Raksha Karta hai Lifebuoy, Lifebouy hai jahaan, Tandurusti hai wahaan. Lifebuoy!”

    Then there was the ad about “Hawkins Pressure Cooker”
    I only remember this last line.

    Then, the Horlicks Ad in Kannada, “Hrudayada Midita, Hrudayada Midita, Kutumbada yellara hrudayada midita, horlicks!”

    Dixi Cola I have heard, but it was not very famous.

    Then came ” Thums Up, Taste the Thunder!”

    “Lime and Lemony Limca, Limca Limca!”

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  21. christy Says:

    Hello RK,

    Too good article, though i wont remember all of them i love most of them which i know, it moved me back to my childhood,thanks for that. I would like to appreciate the way u have remembered all of them so correctly.

  22. Usha Says:

    There are few more ads i could recollect…

    Digjam suiting.. shekhar kappoor follwed by men waring digjam.. the drum beats were like marchpast one

    Cema bulbs and tubes -Sridevi was featured in that

    Hamdard ka tonic sinkara.. kaam ka boj main maara, peeyo hamdard ka sinkara.. (Javed jaffery was so slim in that ad)

    Promise 15 .toothpaste. ad by Maya Alagh, i used to like her smiling face(she looked like typical mum)

    There was a funny ad where kids go and place a deo -odonil in their father’s stinking shoes

    Of course friendly man from Eureka forbes (Nitish bharadwaj – Krishna of Mahabharat)

    Big babool-Paisa wasool

    • Soumya Says:

      I loved the Promise toothpaste jingle. I remember every word of it.

      Yaad hai jab daaton mein dar utha tha?
      Daadi maa ne jhat laung ka tel mala tha?
      Balsara ke naye Promise toothpaste mein, laung ke tel ke sabhi gun bhare.
      Saason ko mehkaaye Promise, daant swasth banaye Promise…Yahi toh Promise ki shaan hai.

  23. rk Says:

    thanks. loved reading the radio jingles you have listed!

    wow! nice to see the ads pouring in! thanks for the kannada jingles. i used to like the green and yellow shades that came like a wave in the limca ads. as for dixi cola, you will sometimes get to see the logo in some old indian movies.

    glad you liked the post.

    i am excited to see my readers so many ads! i have written about CEMA and “Hamdard”. thanks for reminding me about the others! 🙂

  24. Gangadhar Says:

    Oh..Nov1st is AP formation day..for us too!!
    yeah i know swalpa kannada..just know a few words like channagidiya.. 🙂 But you seem know telugu quite well!

  25. Usha Says:


    I went up to read theentire list to remember missed ones

    Bajaj : Buland bharath ka bulan tasveer..hamara baja, song was tuned like patriotic song…good one
    Rajdoot : Dharmendra on rajdoot picturised on country side.

    Videocon : What on its videocon

    I dont know how many remember there was an ad featruing priya tendulkar.. rajnifame.. niky tasha kitchnet a kitchen grill..oven of that age

    Amul. milk federation ad which featured Preeti sagar’s famous song.. for operation flood.. mero gaam gaatha bahen ja.. doodhi ki nadiyan bahen jaa (I m not sure of the lyrics since its folk based)

  26. rk Says:

    great to know that AP and Karnataka was formed on the same day! nice that you still remember Kannada…..and my telugu is not good…..can just manage a bit, yemi chepputaav? 😉

    bajaj’s ad was really very touching. and nice that you reminded about AMUL’s MANTHAN, The churning.

    What Amul says about Manthan: (quote) Manthan relates the story of a young urban group headed by a veterinary doctor, which is sent by an organization to a poor village in order to help start a milk cooperative.

    As they proceed, they come up against two kinds of vested interests. One, a private contractor who has been exploiting the village for years and two, the village headmen who sees in the cooperative a means to strengthen his own power.The team leader, who can see this thinks that if he could get the poor majority (who also happen to belong to the harijan community – or the out-castes) into the cooperative, he can thwart the headman.

    This is not as easy as he imagines. He picks a natural leader from among them, Bhola. Bhola is initially against this outside intrusion in his village. He suspects all outsiders and sees them only as exploiters. He has good reason. His own father, an urban contractor, abandoned his mother. And one of the members of the group is already carrying on with a village girl. Gradually, he comes to see the value of the cooperative.

    In the process, however, the dormant caste antagonisms are brought to the surface and cause a clash. This results in the burning of the harijans’ huts. The private contractor sees this opportunity to get back his influence with the villagers. Everything appears to have reverted to the way it always was. The village goes back to the old ways. The team now in despair, is asked by the organisation to leave the village. There is one ray of hope, Bhola. He has seen what the cooperative means for a village.

    The Producers
    Manthan has been sponsored by 500,000 farmers of Gujarat, constituents of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation.
    This is the first time in India that a feature film has been financed by farmers. Several new trails have been blazed by them; the “Anand Pattern” of dairy development, which today has been adopted all over the country, was also their contribution. Their dairy cooperatives illustrated how small farmers could triumph over adversity. Appropriately, the theme of “MANTHAN” is the churning up of the social structure when the milk cooperative movement erodes the power of traditional bosses in a village.

    The Director: SHYAM BENEGAL
    Shyam Benegal has made over 30 documentaries on various subjects: sociological, anthropological, cultural, industrial and a series of three TV films on concepts in Indian classical music and has won several awards for commercials and documentary films.
    Shyam Benegal scored a hit with his first feature film ANKUR. Extracting masterly performances from an unknown cast, his brilliant direction resulted in several national and international awards for ANKUR.
    He followed with another highly-acclaimed film, NISHANT. His recent children’s film CHARANDAS CHOR has also received favourable mention in the media. (unquote)

    Banner: Gujarat Co-operative
    Cast: Girish Karnad, Smita Patil, Anant Nag, Naseruddin Shah, Amrish Puri, Savita Bajaj, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and others.

    managed to write down the lyrics of the popular song from “Manthan” listening to the original. (i request my friends here who are well versed in gujrati to correct the wordings wherever i may have gone wrong):

    MANTHAN (1976)
    music: vanraj bhatia
    singer: preeti sagar

    mero gaam kaatha paare jaa
    dhoodh ki nadiya vaahe jaa
    koyal doko gaaye
    maare ghar aanganana bhoolon na
    aye maare ghar aanganana bhoolon namaare gaamdi leela ler
    jaahaan naache morni del
    jahaan dhoodh ki relam jer
    jahaan vadpi palli chaiyyan
    ma surthi charthi gaiyyan
    vo aao re
    re aao aao more gaam
    sabko pyaru maaru dhaam
    yaad rakhiyo mero shyam
    maare ghar aanganana bhoolon na
    aye maare ghar aanganana bhoolon na
    kabhi rukhna maare gaam
    oh pardesiya
    oh pardesiya
    oh pardesiya

    main tho dekhu saari baat
    binne beethe naahin raat
    hone kaho teeli baat
    main tho thaaki re
    naa main gayya gaava jaaon
    naa main paani bharva jaaon
    naa main sukh chain paaon
    maare ghar aanganana bhoolon na

    than aavya maara gaav
    ab tho chodo naahin shyam
    ab tho chodo naahin shyam
    suno suno morey laage
    maara banne bees vaage
    maara thaam o maara thaam
    maaro gaam ab tho choodi gayyo naav
    hari aavu maari gaaon
    oh pardesiya
    oh pardesiya

  27. some body Says:

    how about …

    tarzan the apeman: “sakura sakooraa sakooraa …”
    echo: “koneeekaaa koneekaa koneekaa …” (when sakura became konica)

    i wonder if they attempted something similar when binaca went cibaca?

    one minor correction:

    i think it is ‘saat svaad men lijjat paapad’ not ‘svaad svaad men lijjat paapad’ but i could be wrong!

    – s.b.

  28. Asha Says:

    Great collection and some hilarious! I do remember few of them!! :))

  29. Usha Says:


    Thx a ton Rk, for that vast info on manthan, i had watched that movie which had featured smitha patil and it was one of the best other language movie i managed to watch and understand in bits at that time.. refrehed memories, preethi sagar’s voice is very apt for the song and of course with shyam benagal directing it, it had to be a great success.

    Thx for the lyrics too…

  30. rk Says:

    some body,
    in those days, boys aped tarzan and would swing from the ‘C’ ladders in the park. the idea was good in the sakura koneka ad. and in the Binaka-Cibaca transformation, i think they simply said it orally. not sure.
    lijjat pappad: you may be right. thanks.

    welcome to RwB. thanks a lot for your comments. btw, you have a mouth-watering blog out there. very nice. after reading the “gasagase payasa” recipe, felt as if i just had a glass. keep blogging and best wishes.

    welcome. yes, preeti sagar’s rendition is very melancholic yet cheerful!

  31. Amul’s success story has the following background:

    The vision of Morarji Desai and Sardar Vallabhai Patel, ably supported by their deputy Mr.Tribhuvandas Patel,to help the milk producers in Kaira District, to replace the ‘Polson’ brand of milk with ‘Amul’ to Bombay Milk Scheme.

    The technological skills of Mr.Dalaya -a dairy technologist (from Michigan University)- who achieved, what was hitherto considered impossible- ‘to convert buffalo milk into milk powder’. I believe, CFTRI had also a role to play in it.) and the administrative prowess of V.Kurien, (a mechanical enginner from the same university ?) who kept politicians, bureaucrats, unscrupulous busineesmen at bay.

    Together they created the “Amul” whose byword is ‘Trust’. Trust, of the poor milk producers (mostly landless rural women folk) and trust of the consumers, in ensuring transparency and fairness in this cooperative venture of production, processing and supply.

    Amul has ousted International giants such as Nestle and Glaxo etc., from the top spots way back in the 70s itself.

    In all Amul is a success:-
    of Indian Farming Community ,
    by the Indian Technologists and Managers,
    for the Indian Public.
    A truely democratic feat indeed.

  32. Shreevya Says:


    Some more are:

    1.Tere dil ki baat main jaano…….jo log dil ki baat jaante hain wo saffola use kerte hain.
    2.Ghane mulyam kale baal
    khile-khile matwale baal
    dabur aawanla kesh tel
    resham ka ahsas jage
    chehra kitna khas lage
    aapke baal ho ya sridevi ke baal.saalon saal rakhe khyal
    dabur aawanla kesh tel
    3.kisi pagal kavi ki kalpna ho tum
    khud ko bhool jawoon wo nasha ho tum
    abb hosh naa aaye to behter hoga
    sapna hi sahi mera apna ho tum

  33. rk Says:

    thanks for sharing with us the interesting story behind AMUL’s success. as you have said, a truely democratic feat indeed.

    thanks for dropping by and adding to the list some very memorable jingles. keep visiting and take care.

  34. Shreevya Says:

    1. Nirma :one featuring deepika

    shopkeeper: deepika ji,aaiyee..aaiyee aapka sab saman taiyar
    deepika: ye nahi wo…jab wahi mahange daam wali safaai kam daamon mein mile to bhala koi ye kyun le wo na le
    shopkeeper: maan gaye
    shopkeeper:aapki paarkhi nazar aur nirma super dono ko


    2.Dabur Lal Dant Manjan

    Daaton ki kare hifazat
    moti sa chamkaye
    dabur lal dant manjan
    se chehra khil khil jaaye

  35. […] Ever since the days of Quiz Time with Siddhartha Basu, I have been of quizzes. I used to watch What’s the good word with Sabina Merchant. These were in the ’80s. During the ’90s, I regularly followed Derek O’Brien’s Bournvita Quiz Contest. After the millennium, I fell in love with Mastermind India, again with Siddhartha Basu. Basu is one of the best Quizmasters I have seen. […]

  36. Chandu Says:

    Oh this was so soul comforting !! To read about the little ads and jingles I grew up with . Thanks Bellur dear. I remember each and everyone of these ads.

    Someone mentioned the Bajaj Ad. I recorded my voice at the age of 7 , my father made me sing that in an ancient sony panasonic recorder, and now I am 29 , singing that jingle , and my nieces and nephews crack up listening to as a 7 year old sing that..Funny to think that panasonic tapes survive for 22 years and can be played without distortion.

    The 2nd and 3rd para run like this :-

    Badi rangeen jawaani thi,
    ek raja aur ek rani thi,
    raja rani sharmaa jaatey..ey ey.. jab Roshni deta bajaj

    Ab mein bilkul buddha hoon,
    Goli khaakar jeeta hoon,
    ab bhi meri chori pakadi jaa.aa…aa.ti…jab Roshni deta bajaj.

  37. rk Says:

    wow! your memory is great. thanks for adding to the list!

    nice to know you recorded the jingle long back (for posterity)! yes, i can imagine how a 7-yr-old would have sung it, coz me too used to sing a lot of jingles in that age (never recorded though).
    thanks for sharing the rest of the lyrics with us.
    glad you liked the post.
    keep visiting
    best wishes

  38. Bhavez Says:


    Can u plz give me the video of
    Lijjat Papad Cpmmercial

    if Possible

  39. rk Says:

    hi bhavez,
    right now, i don’t have the video. if and when i get it, will share it with my readers. thanks for dropping by. cheers.

  40. Ravie Says:

    hi guys

    u can’t believe how happy i am on going through this forum. and used to thought before this that only i am crazy enough to still remember those old DD classics and the music songs and videos.
    to start with i have got title music of Malgudi days and Byomkesh Bakshi.
    You can mail me at: to get those two title music numbers. I will be more than happy to share that w u all. byeeeee

  41. Vani Says:


    Flash ! Flash!

    You remember you have left that Maggi jingle incomplete…

    I remember a few strains….

    Din Mein jab be chahe jee
    Khaye mazeedaar maagi
    Snack banao ya bhojan par
    maggi maggi maggi

    Voice Over…Pal Bhar mein tayaar, khaane me mazedaar

  42. rk Says:

    glad you liked the post. thanks for letting us know about the title music of 2 very popular serials. if yo are ok, can you post the songs here in this blog?
    take care and regards

    thanks a lot for providing the rest of the jingle. god bless you.

  43. rk Says:

    just remembered a couple more:
    one is a melodious radio jingle:

    aa haahaa
    aa haahaa

    next is an ad that was always played before the kannada serial ‘crazy colonel’. it used to be telecast twice, consecutively:


    SULABHADEEPAYOGA (full ad repeat)

  44. prathyusha Says:

    hey i love the dairy milk song “kuch khaas hain zindgi main” “kuch khaas hain hum sabhi maim khaas hain …..really i love that song. please send me the video of that song plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ……………………………………………………………………………………..plz plz plz pzl plz

  45. Sidd Says:

    hey ppl…
    really really nice to see this post….so nostalgic..
    btw…does anyone know where we can find the video clips of these ads…maybe someone has old video cassetts which might have these on them…i remember they used to be there…
    if anyone can post some links to where we can find clips for these would be Great!!

  46. Swetha Says:

    Great compilation. :).. Another addition: I think the product was Bajaj Tubelights and the the jingle used to go something like this – ” Jab mein chota baccha tha..badi shararat karta tha..meri chori pakdi jaati….tab bhi roshni thi Bajaj” It had shafi inamdar who used to go about stealing cakes from the refrigerator 😀

  47. Mango Girl Says:

    Fantastic! You can watch the Gold Spot ad on YouTube, btw.

    Anyone else remember the Bombay Dyeing ad with Karan Kapoor (“my dream lover is the Bombay Dyeing maaaan…”)? And Imran Khan in the Cinthol ad? How we used to drool…

    And the cheesy “coming home to Siyaram’s” or was it some other ad with the Garden Vareli model as some kind of princess type.

    My recollection of the Vicco ad was “Vicco Turmeric…nahin cosmetic…Vicco Turmeric ayurvedic cream *tan tan tan tan* Keeeeeel muhaason ko jhat se mitaye, haldi aur chandan ke gun yeh samaye, twacha ki raksha kare ayurvedic cream! Vicco Tur-mer-ic ayur-vedic CREAM!”

  48. ena Says:

    rk.. do u hv tht jingle?..dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh..
    if u do..pls mail me…

  49. rk Says:

    me too love that jingle. will upload when i get it. thanks for commenting.

    yes, will be great to have those video clips here. searching for the same. have recorded a few in cassettes.

    thanks for visiting and commenting. remember that bajaj tubelights ad! 🙂
    do visit again.

    Mango Girl,
    thanks for the comments. and for infoming about the goldspot ad. you seem to have very good memory!

    hi….i have that dhoodh dhoodh jingle on a cassette. will try to upload it here soon. do visit again. thanks for commenting.

  50. praneshachar Says:

    your reply for jingle is for prathyusha
    p nodi confuse aita
    please see RK’s comments on 2.3.2007

  51. rk Says:

    pranesh sir,
    thanks. correction maadidhini.

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  53. some body Says:


    was this your most commented post? it was certainly one of the first comments i left anywhere! 🙂

    anyway, unless you’ve already done so before, it would be nice if you could present yours and solicit your readers’ old favourite dd serials – check this out.

    – s.b.

  54. rk Says:

    this is one of the posts with >50 comments.
    thanks for the link and the suggestion.
    mohan has written a very nostalgic and thought provoking post.
    take care

  55. nikhil Says:

    hello guys,
    what a fantastic page is this!!
    please can anybody tell me, how can i get the ad of DINESH SUITINGS in which SUNIL GAVASKAR acted.

  56. nikhil Says:

    if someone can get the ad of sunil gavaskar in dinesh suitings, please mail me at

    • H S Himamshu Says:

      Dear Sir / Madam,

      I am also searching for that Dinesh Suitings advertisement which
      involved Sunil Gavaskar.

      If you get this ad, Please do e-mail me at .

      Thank You

  57. greatunknown Says:

    Love the way you opened up the topic. Brilliant research work too!

    I’d like to add the Complan, Dyanora TV and Dr. Cool menthol sweets advertisements to the list.

  58. rk Says:

    remembered some of these print ads:

    ** the NUTRAMUL ad: the boy in karate dress.

    ** NP Double Bubble Gum. 25 paise i think. Big Fun was 30 paise.

    ** Kissan Jam ad which had illustrations of fruits in between the body text (in cursive font).

    ** EKCO SKETCH PENS were the first colour pens that i coloured with.

    ** Binaca Fluoride and FORHANS toothpaste ads which came in indrajal comics as a story board.

    ** DUCKBACK bags that some of my friends used to bring.

    ** NATARAJ Pencil: “Nataraj writes like a champion pencil” where a boy is batting with 3 Nataraj Pencils as wickets. In the TV ad, the voice over said: Aur Nataraj phir champion.

    ** Vicks Vaporub “Rub every Night”

    ** Maltova: “The Maltova gang takes to the hills”.

    ** Asoka Biscuits: Two boys eating biscuits. “Anytime is Asoka time”.

    ** Campa: “For the fun of it.”

  59. greatunknown Says:

    Shucks I was thinking of Campa Cola, but simply couldn’t get the name right!

    Excellent list yet again! You’re the Raja of Rambling!

    • Soumya Says:

      Does anyone remember the thums up print ad? a bunch of young picnickers using a large thums up crown cap as a raft? the punch line went: happy days are here again!
      the telly jingle went something like this: food (or good), friends and thums up. everybady’s feelin great with thums up…the refreshing cola…thums up the refreshing colaaa!

  60. Rajoo Says:

    Marlex; Khanna jaldi pakaye kaisi sheeti bajaye, marlex, marlex pressure cooker.

    Loma hair oil: The time to banish grey hair is now, use loma hair darkner

    Gripe water: Chotey bachey ko pal me manaey woodworth gripe water, pata hai har maa ko, chahiye baachey ko….

    Liril: Come alive with Liril

    Palmolive: Kapil Dev-Palmolive da jawab nahin….

    ***and so many more…thanx for this nostalgic trip.

  61. manjunath Says:


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  63. Shibu Says:

    This is gr8 topic.

    I have some Old Nostalgic mp3. Following are the list:

    Baje Sargam (Desh Raag).mp3
    Bharat Ek Khoj (By Vanraj Bhatia).mp3
    Ek Anek.mp3
    Jungle Book (Theme).mp3
    Malgudi Days (Theme).mp3
    Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.mp3

    I am also hunting for some more. If anybody have some more with them, we might all share.

    I want to share it with you all. But don’t know how. Email is ruled out as it is quite big.



  64. rk Says:

    in the lines of ‘autoraja’, ‘rambling raja”! thanks.

    rajoo, manjunath,
    glad you liked the nostalgic trip. thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    RwB will be pleased to share the mp3 files if you could kindly mail them to:

    thanks and take care

  65. Champa Says:

    Hey there thanks for those explanations .. i guess i have some thing in return for those nostalgic moments …

    but incase u ppl find more
    Please mail me @

  66. rk Says:

    wow! thanks for the wonderful links.

  67. leela Says:

    does any body knows if this loma hair oil is available anywhere? I was looking for it everywhere but I could not find it anywhere. is it still in the market?can anybody tell me where i can buy it? it was like a miracle. within 3 months my hair started turning black Leela

  68. Zav Says:

    This is the best post I have ever read. Excellent writeup about ADs.

  69. Mau Says:

    hey do you remember that ad,it was something like that…i like ice-cream .. i like cake i like tutti-fruity i dont like homework 😦
    It was soooooo cute

  70. Varun Reddy Says:


    Excellent write-up.. Am inspired by you to write on ads.. Will use the ads mentioned in your post as my reference…

    Thank You…

  71. Ketan Joshi Says:

    enjoyed this post as well……..wonder why no one has remembered the Jay soap ad with a very romantic song ” Pehla Pyaar , laye jeevan mein bahaar, pehla pyaar”

  72. Gayatri Ojha Says:

    Wow this is great !!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. aargeesworld Says:

    great post…taking us down the memory lane…wonderful!

  74. Bins Says:

    Gr8 Article, had a flashback of all sweet memories of the past which were refreshed by you.Didn’t all of us of 80’s had similar experience.Those days were the best of our lives, at that age absolutely no worries …

    Thanks a lot…



  75. Bala Says:

    Great one dude.. Really went back to our childhood days when we had good old DD. Boy. Those were the days..

    If I recall, The Sridevi CEMA ad went like this:
    ” Ghar Ghar mein ujiyara laaye,
    Cema cema cema cema,
    Roshan karke dil ko lubhaye,
    Cema cema cema cema,
    Cema Bulbs aur tubes,
    Daam bhi kam hai, Cema, Tikau bhi hai
    Cema cema cema cema.
    Tej roshni aur jyaada tikau, Cema bulbs aur tubes..

  76. Revathi Says:

    Hi RK,

    Nice post. Took me back to those wonderful days. We waited for the commercials. We even had a count of commercials telecast between programmes. There some more popular ads listed below:

    AMUL – Lord krishna stealing amul – “Maiyya, mein nahi maakan kayo” (ad shown before Quiz time)
    NESCAFE – English version in a foreign location and other featuring Ravi Shastri
    MELODY CHOCLATE – “Coffeee! Toffeee!! the argument continues”

    BOURNIVTA -“Tan ki shakti, man ki shakti .. Bournvitaa”

    CAMPCO CHOCOLATES – Based on Do, Re, Me
    C – for tasty campco chocolates
    A – for Vitamin number 1
    M – for milk to get you strength
    P – for protein full of fun
    C – for creamiest taste
    O – la la lall lall la

    CINTHOL featuring Moon Moon Sen
    GOKUL Santol

    AMRUTANJAN – “gayab”


    Solidaire –
    “We want, we want true colours, we want we want clear sound, we know what we want, we want Solidaire… SO LI DA IRE…”.
    SINGER – Sewing machine
    Hamara Bajaj

    Asian Paints

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  78. Priya Says:

    hey.. nice work thr!
    btw doesnt ne1 remember d old pepsi ad with aamir khan nd aishwarya.. nd d evergreen line “Hi, I am Sanju”

  79. ravi Says:

    sonali bhendre sizzeled in 1995 nirma ath soap in a sizzling swimsuit. she has never worn such in any movie later

  80. amit Says:

    Any one have a video of ad. of kohinoor condom featuring pooja bedi then share it with me e mail id

  81. shri Says:

    hiii…..some one here has forgotten a add

    1) a small little gal with comb frustrated with lice gotta?!?!!?!?

    2) Amul taste of india a gift for some one u love

    3) MRF and Dunlop tyres

    4) Kethan fans

    5) Ads from ASHA machines

    6) Safolla oil a kid nearby huge eating items…

    7) Lyril soap ad a lady near water stream

    8) Ads regarding public awarness (drugs,smoking,drinking)

    9) glimpse like a person holding hammer about to explode a coco encapsulated with helmet…

    stuffs like dat….thanks

  82. Vinayak Says:

    That’s a Great Post!
    I discovered it while looking for some info. on an old Ad.
    I would like to share a post with folks here.
    You are going to enjoy this one.
    An Ad from 1972 featuring Zeenat Aman

  83. j1006714 Says:

    Very cool! brought back old memories!

    I liked the ad for dhoodh..very catchy!
    dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh….
    dhoodh hai wonderful..peesakte hai roz glassful

    dhoodh hai mast in every season…piyo dhoodh for healthy reason!

    dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh….

    banoge strong fit n fine…jeeyoge bas 99

    (theres more and i might have mixed up the lines) 🙂

  84. Swapnali Says:

    Gr8 Job RK. Thanx for reminding old memories…

    Here one ad i would like to mention of Amrutanjan Balm,

    “Mere dard ki dawa hai tu,
    jab chahu main waha hai tu,
    mere jindagi ka tu dost hai,
    tu dost hai Amrutanjan”

    I jst loved to here this jingle…

  85. pinky Says:

    you guys are great! It’s absolutely wonderful to relive those golden days!
    My Doordarshan days began in 1985 and i remember some ads from that time.
    Do you remember those old sunday morning programmes? There were some science fiction serials for kids.One was named Zigma(most probably inspired from Star Trek). Before that they used to show an english serial based on UFOs(which used to scare me out of my wits!)
    Does any one remember the ad of a stitching machine they ued to show at that time? The machine was called Merit, a product of Singer company. They showed a bunch of very cute babies wearing birthday caps. There was a melodious jingle but unfortunately i dont remember exact words. It ended with something like
    “sajaye saware humne merit se” and then voice over ‘merit from singer”.
    This is a very old ad so it would be great if anyone can provide the words or the video

    • vibhor mathur Says:

      Yaad hai mujhko bachpan ke woh din ..Sajaye saware hune merit se.

      what about this.
      Saajan ke aangan main pehla kadam…jhumain bagiya mehke hardam..aao miljul kar jagah banaye..godrej storewell.

      Just you and me ..its now i want it to be…with so feeling so rare …..something share…THE TOGETHERNESS BAR>>Cadbury 5 Star Bar.

      Chale tum aur hum..chale sang har dum..baat badaye mail badaye ..yeh hai saath ki baat..cadbury’s 5star bar.

      sparkles in her eyes spring in her walk beauty and her glamour that’s everybody’s talk…she is today’s girl …she is LAKME girl

    • Soumya Says:

      It went Yaad hai humko sapno ke woh din,
      sajaaye, sanwaare hummey merit se…
      kushiyon ki baatein woh sapney mulayam,
      sajaaye, sanwaare hummey merit se.
      Merit from Singer.

  86. rk Says:

    Remember this jingle?

    Videocon washing machine
    It washes, it rinses
    It even dried your clothes
    In just a few minutes
    Ting Ting, Ting Ting
    You are ready for the show!
    Videocon washing machine

  87. the.consigliari Says:


  88. Santy Says:

    Thax all of u for the memories,khaithan ad me mazhar khan tha!not jj. when it gets to u it changes u u’ll never b the same again,rest is o.k! Thanx all my frnds for cleansing swt memoris,

  89. ravi pandey Says:

    gud attempt of golden days

    • Soumya Says:

      Remember this one? A very young Alisha Chinai wrapped in a white bath towel, selling Clearsil cleanser. Wipe a part of her face with a cotton ball and shows a how dirty your skin can be. Dekha? Yahi toh keel-muhaanso ki jad hai!

  90. Vivek Chauhan Says:

    Just to add, some soap ads of the byegone era…

    Vigil: This one featured Dilip Vengsarkar and his family (nopt sure i it was his real family). The jingle went somethign like this: Tandurusti ka saabun Vigil, parivaar ka saabun Vigil; Iski keemat kuchh bhi nahi, zyada din tak chale ye Vigil!

    Kalpa: This ad featured quick shots of a guy exercising at various location. Actuallynot just exercising, doing all sorts of high-adrelanin drills like kicking the thin air furiously and jumping from the hills, working at the factory, and then finally taking a bath with Kalpa Saabun. The jingle in the background went like this, “Jo apne paseene ki khaate hain, wo wo wo…Kalpa se nahaate hain.

  91. shri123 Says:

    Wonderful! Really cool.. I am amazed at the blogger’s memory to have recollected so many ads so accurately!!!!

  92. shri123 Says:

    MALTOVA: I want to add to it…

    Watch him run watch him play, he is a winner all the way, you become a Maltova Mum.
    Health-n-Strength and energy, with malt wheat cocoa and barley. You become a Maltova mum.

  93. prashant Says:

    Hey – can u give me / point me to the mp3 of the below jingle?

    Vajradanti Vajradanti,
    Vicco Vajradanti,
    Vicco powder Vicco paste
    Ayurvedic jadibutiyon se bana
    Sampoorn svadesi

    Thanks in advance

  94. Ravi Nath Says:

    I am searching for a ring tone of the old lifebuoy Ad “Tandurusti Ki Raksha Karta hai Lifebuoy, Lifebouy hai jahaan, Tandurusti hai wahaan. Lifebuoy!”

    Can you help me get a copy.

    Can call me on +919890001954

  95. Rakesh Says:

    Hi every body..waav!!..lot of Kannada Ads…nice to see…

  96. Sudhir Thakur Says:

    Hey RK,

    Great work, i didnot know you are contributing everywhere, after a great work of art ” Who says i am nostalgic” this 80s ad has again taken me by a storm…

    You really make people value the golden days of our past
    Hats off to you… a Salute… an honour to have your post..

    words are not enough.. but i would like to speak to you….
    on my no. 9900515332… pls do the needful..

    Thanks and Regards

  97. Ashwini Says:

    Revathy :

    It is “Coffee Bite” – “Coffeee! Toffeee!! the argument continues”
    and not MELODY CHOCOLATE – “Coffeee! Toffeee!! the argument continues”
    Well, Good job everyone …

    I felt like watching all of ’em again.


  98. Ashwini Says:

    MELODY CHOCOLATE – Melody Hai Choclatey Melody Hai Choclatey …

  99. Smita Says:

    One mor from me
    Nirma super
    shopkeeper – aayiye ayyiye deepika ji. ye lijiye apna sabun.
    Deepika(sita in ramyana serial) – ye nahi wo.
    shopkeeper – pad aap to wo pehle wo waali tikiya leti thi.
    Deepika(sita in ramyana serial) – haan jab wahi mahange daamo waali quality wahi safedi kum daam mein mile to koi ye kyun le wo na le.
    shopkeeper – mann gaye
    Deepika(sita in ramyana serial) – kisse
    shopkeeper- aapki baaki nazar aur nirma supre dono ko.

  100. suguna Says:

    Hi, We bumped into ur site when we were searching for the song which was played in Bangalore during the Russian Festival in Bangalore during the 80’s. My husband and myself are a mad duo who trip on these jingles and enjoyed going thru ur website. We were thrilled that there are guys like you who enjoy these even today… was a good flashback of those good’ol’days. Never felt this nostalgic before!! Thanks for taking pains to put it on the web for people like us…. we are from Bangalore and infact my husband is from BMS too… as they say “Great minds think alike”.. keep up the good work!!!…

  101. joby Says:

    do you remember the song in the digjam add that was from a famous english album.i couldnt recollect

  102. ramz Says:

    great post rk avare…

    one radio ad which just doesn’t get erased frm my mind is of ‘Finolex Pipes”, it goes like “nanna nallana holadalli palapala holedidhe neeru, finolex pipena mahathme nodu nalle idhu”
    i had used this ad and many more for my “mad ads” script during college days (92-95)… its sad tht i cudn’t save those scripts…..

  103. MADHURI Says:

    Hi, Does any one have a link to the jingle -meri jaan meri jaam murgi ke unde.

    Would really appreaciate it if you could send it to me.

    Thanks a ton

  104. rk Says:

    hi madhuri, reproducing the jingle from the above post:

    NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee): A very famous ad, because the jingle was catchy. Calendar (Again, I am using the famous character played by Satish kaushik in Mr. India): Meri jaan, meri jaan, murgi ke ande!

    Dilip Dhawan: Khaana meri jaan, meri jaan, murgi ke ande!

    Female: Omlet khilaoon, fried khilaoon, boiled khilaoon!

    Priti Sagar’s voice: Khilaoon murgi ke, murgi ke, ande hi ande!

    (voice over, probably Harish Bhimani): Sunday ho ya Monday, roj khaayein ande

    Calendar (with an egg held between thumb and first two fingers): Fantash-tick!

    • Soumya Says:

      The lady in the ad was archana puran singh. Omlet khilaoon, fried khilaoon, boiled khilaoon!
      Khilaon swad bhare, shakti bhare ande hi ande

  105. sp Says:

    I’m amazed you remember these classics in such detail. Would love to get hold of video versions of these…

    Thanks for reminding us of these classics.

  106. Nilesh Says:

    my mom was acting in this advtisment.i need to see this advertisment. can you give me any link to see this add.


  107. suguna Says:

    Talking about radio jingles, this one never fades from our childhood memories….. for charminar asbestos sheets. it goes like this…

    Yenu ramanna , ashtondu aala vaagi yochista iddhi,
    ramanna: maneygey mathu dhanagala kottigege yaava sheet haakisbeku antha yochisthidhini,

    Ayyo adakkey yaake yochisbeku, charminar brandna asbestos cement sheet galanney kondarayithu, namma thathana kaaladaagey kondaddu eegaloo gatti muti idhavoo nodu …

    • sakhipriya Says:

      do you remember jai kissan ad which goes like this
      jai kisaan rajya bellegala samrajya naaleya samrudhhi gaagi indhe thaniri hogi jai kisaanjai kisaan

  108. S Says:

    Which year was Bombay Dyeing advertisement with Lisa Ray published?

  109. Chrıs Says:

    btw doesnt ne1 remember d old pepsi ad with aamir khan nd aishwarya

  110. abhijit Says:

    wow!! that was totally great read..i was totally transported to another time.. i was in school those days..great it reminded of our old TV.. most importantly my father he was in doordarshan actually.. i can’t remember the last time i spent so much time reading some1’s blogs.. how about the deluxe nirodh ads..when we were orderd to fetch water, cards,the hindi text book…

  111. vibhor mathur Says:

    can anybody help me in getting this old thums up ad featuring salman khan…
    jingle goes like this
    My heart beats like thunder..when I think About you girl….(video featuring salman as a navy officer riding superbike stops in between to take flower bouquet for his GF.
    Amazing Ad Man.

    I want to know about the old MAAZA Ad…What comes natuarally.
    Please help

  112. SHIVA Says:

    I actually wanted to know about a serial named UDAAN which used to be telecasted on the DD national channel long long ago. Iam still a great fan of the serial where a simple girl who comes from a lower middle-class family grows to be an officer in the defence by sheer hardwork. I still remember the song of that serial where the girl runs into the backyard to see the aeroplane whenever there was a sound. I would like to have the ringtone of that song as it would be a great great help for me. I seriously dont know whoom to approach for this but i feel atleast my message would be conveyed so that anybody who reads it would kindly help me out. But the serial really has been in my memory since a long long time…

    Thanks & Best regards

  113. Jack 3d Says:

    Hi, I recently started reading this blog – thanks for the good work. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not displaying properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Bold). Anyway, I’m now on the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks!

  114. Suresh Says:

    @bellur adn et all

    If you all are interested then you can find a few ads that were played on DD during the 80’s here

    Cheers Bellur, you are as usual… kickass

  115. NaNOVapor Says:

    ahh this brings back memories..

  116. Great content you have here, keep up the good work.

  117. sameer Says:

    Dip dip dip and your ready to sip…….

    If you want it stronger dip a litlle longer …dip dip dip and your ready to sip

  118. Sharad Says:

    Nice post dude,

    Some which I remember…

    Ye Zameen ye aasmaan…. haa ye zameen ye aasmaan….
    hamara kal hamara aaj…. hamara kal hamara aaj…
    buland Bharat ki buland taqdeer….. Hamara bajaj.. hamara bajaj… hamara bajaj……

    Jab main chota bachcha tha… badi shararat karta tha.. meri chori pakdi jaati… jab roshan hota bajaj….
    ab main bilkul budhdha hu.. goli khakar jeeta hu… lekin aaj bhi ghar ke andar… roshan hota bajaj…

    Splendor ad… cruise the roads just ride the skies on splendor…

    alpenliebe ads… ye mummy ke liye.. ye papa ke liye.. by a small kid..

    tandurusti ki raksha karta hai lifebouy… lifebouy hai jaha… tandurusti hai waha…lifebouy!!!!!!

    oho deepikaji aye aye… ye lijiye apka saaman tayaar hai…
    ye nahi.. wo..
    lekin aap to hamesha wo mehengi waali tikiya….
    leti thi.. lekin jab wohi quality, wohi safedi wohi jhaag… kam damo me mile.. to koi ye kyu le… wo na le..
    man gaye…
    aapki par ki najar.. aur nirma super.. donoko…..


  119. Jay Says:

    can someone tell me the meaning of eh-kya-haal-bana-rakha-hain? thnx

    • Francis Ouseph Says:

      haal=condition (usually bad)
      hai=have (in this case)

      It means “what mess/condition have you got yourself into?”

  120. Manjula Says:

    Does anyone remember a coir board ad .. i think starring Harish bhimani and one more lady.. and one more suitings ad dont remember exactly which one.. but guess it shud be OCM, o see him… o see him…. and a couple bumping into each other on the stairs of an old heritage looking building, and the guy gives a finger ring to her.. i used to like to so much… does anyone remember??!!!

    • Soumya Says:

      The coir board ad featured the light eyed model poonam gidwani who also starred in the SOSYO ad.

      What a show, at your door.
      It’s coir decor from Coir board.
      Put it on the walls, take it to the ceiling,
      Makes a world of difference. Gives every room a meaning.
      Background voice: Coir Decor from Coir Board. A world of elegant difference (not sure about this line though)

  121. Funny21 Says:

    It’s nice to remember them but ads are more interesting nowadays…

  122. Francis Ouseph Says:

    Kapil Dev (somewhat lacklusterly)
    “Boost is the secret of my energy”

  123. Prashant Jaiswal Says:

    does any1 remember the VOLFORM add .. i dont remeber the whole wordings but was something like this

    • Soumya Says:

      Thoda ketchup try karo,
      Ketchup hota kaddu bhara.
      Isme kaddu nahi zara.

      Laal raseeley tamataron se hota yeh taiyaar (chorus: Volfarm)

      Naahi kpi milaawat isme, na banaawati rang,
      Ek baar jo chakh le isko, chaahe baar baar (chorus: Volfarm)

  124. Ramakrishna Says:

    Could you please send the mp3 amul ad song.. Doodh doodh doodh doodh.. doodh hai wonderful pee sakthe hai roj glass full doodh..


  125. Good – I should definitely pronounce, impressed with your website. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs as well as related information ended up being truly easy to do to access. I recently found what I hoped for before you know it at all. Reasonably unusual. Is likely to appreciate it for those who add forums or something, website theme . a tones way for your client to communicate. Excellent task..

  126. makrand Says:

    I am looking for lyrics of bombay dyeing adv. of 80-90’s , featuring lisa ray and may be shekhar kapoor, called as DREAM LOVER, EVERY NIGHT I THINK OF HIM AND PRAY…SOMETHING LIKE THAT…

  127. Vishwas Says:

    OK OK haan tata ka OK
    TATA ka OK dhulai ka sabun
    Kapde zyaada dhone waala
    mehnat kam aur jhaag zyada… ( can’t remember correctly)
    I think it’s from 1987-89

  128. guru Says:

    plz send me lyrics of maggie advertisement.maggie hot n.i dont knw full lines plz help me for that

  129. Aditya Says:

    I want to see the Ad Of Vicks Vaporab….IN which a kids goes out of the Home in-spite of heavy rain fall and when he returns back to home and sneeze at the Door and his Mother scolds him for going out and when he gives Flowers to his Mother saying happy birthday maa…. then she hugs him and applies Vicks on his body. next day he feels very Good. Please I want to see that Adv as soon as possible.

  130. Aditya Says:

    please I want to know the Lyrics Of Gold Spot ……….. The Zing Thing Gold Spot………… please

  131. samaganam Says:

    Hey ramki,I am scared that you will ban me from your blog,for writing so many times 🙂 but I have to write this,”thanda thanda frooti,cold draaaaaaank”?? awesome 🙂 your exact interpretation is tooooooooooooo good.Thanks so much for making me laugh like hell.

    Nice walk through the woods,actually remember a few of them,some I did not listen to,yes National Integration song still rings in the head but “damn awesome” how do you remember all the words? No wonder,I look at your posts everyday,they are so simple and too good,feels like I am reading from R K Narayan’s books(I cannot read anything else,yes I like simplicity).Simple and complete.
    Thanks for the wonderful treats 🙂 🙂

  132. arjun Says:

    AWESOME………………………everything is running in front of my eyes now…………… do great ………………..what a collection

  133. Simmi Says:

    The star of the Kinetic Honda ad was Mazhar Khan, former husband of Zeenat Aman. Not Javed Jaffrey.

  134. Tinu Says:

    Anyone remembers Onida ad? Neighbour’s Envy………..( Glass breaking noise)………Owner’s pride!

  135. Tinu Says:

    What about Tata Steel?……………Ispat bhi hum banaate hain………!

    • Akhilesh Malviya Says:

      Tata steel was the solely spponser of Bhsrat Ek Khoj serial on DD. Good corporate always invest at right place.

  136. Tinu Says:

    And Tobu cycles?!….Aao chalein hum….lekar apni…..Tobu cyclein…apni Tobu cyclein!

  137. Tinu Says:

    Jab mai cchota baccha tha….badi sharaarat karta tha,
    Meri chori pakdi jaati, jab roshan hota bajaj,

    Kya bharpoor jawani thi, Ik raja tha ik rani thi,
    dono ki kahani thi…par roshan ho gaya bajaj,

    Ab mai bilkul boodha hoon, goli kha ke jeeta hoon,
    Par aaj bhi ghar ke andar…..roshan hota Bajaj!

  138. Tinu Says:

    Naya Burnol ghar me hai hi nahi………!

  139. Tinu Says:

    Guys what about Film division ads…..Like ek titli, ek ek kar ke anek titliyaan!

    or “Swimmi” the fish

  140. Akhilesh Malviya Says:

    First of all I must thatnks to Bellure and all contributors for making such nich collection of our golden days. There are lot other which i will share with u all very soon.

  141. KASHYAP C PATEL Says:


  142. […] Remember some of those '80s ads? […]

  143. Jyoti Sharma Says:

    If am not wrong then PSPO are Fans not Bulbs and this is really very interesting remebering those old ads 🙂 WoW!!!

  144. khajan Joshi Says:

    Vigil Soap Ad, Panther Panther AD and One more Pyar hua ekrar hua..

  145. amit Says:

    can somebody tell me lyrics of Thumsup ad..herte beta mil gaya..thumsup thumsup..ido not remember…

    and Lyrics of FRYMS ad…(chips)Fryms d dam….

  146. umesh bhutani Says:

    Is it possible to get copy of the ad of NECC of meri jaan meri jaan murgi ke ande of satish kaushik. My son Sahil has done this ad with satish in 1988. I just want to have a copy of the same for my sweet memories.

    Thanks and warm regards
    Umesh bhutani

  147. Mariyam zabi Says:

    actually I have hindi project .and I need ur help.
    I want to write an advertisement on washing powder in hindi. can you help me pleeeeeeeeeez.

  148. Mariyam zabi Says:

    actually I have hindi project. I need ur help. I have to write an advertisement on washing powder. I want ur help. pleeeeeeeeeez.

  149. vasanth kumar shetty Says:

    Boaring yaar hmmm…….

  150. sakhipriya Says:

    wonder no body remembrs glycodin ad of 70’s

  151. Early 1970’s – Rang jamaata hai Coca Cola,
    Rang jamata hai rang

    Coca cola, coca cola

    Barfila – Coca Cola

  152. s bhattacharya Says:

    Sochte hai is bhains ko bhi digital banade. eysa koi add hamne dekha tha. If you have that add please include the same.

  153. chandkala Says:

    Tag line was “Apne nahi munne ki toh socho !”
    A vividh bharati ad . Was it Odomos? Please help….

  154. Neel Says:

    Woah man u rock seriously
    I am a teacher and i keep telling my kids about this bicycle and they are like “sir whats the big deal in having straight handle bars and pulley brakes…”
    But u rock man, Got me nostalgic
    And that (something…) that u have written is (straight on the wheels)

  155. Coming home to Siyaram?

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