March 14, 2007

Since yesterday evening, I am in a reminiscing mood. I am remembering the days, around this time last year, when I waited for the ‘Muktha’ updates at  Sanjay’s blog. I eagerly looked forward to all the posts and comments there.

I found Sanjay’s blog really interesting. I still do. The whole concept of blogging was new to me. Gradually I started visiting Shruthi‘s blog, who was regularly giving Muktha updates. Reading the older posts at Common Man’s and Nycthemeron blog was one of my prime past times in early 2006.

What lovely insights and experiences Sanjay and Shruthi have provided for us to read. Wonderful thoughts and excellent narrative style. Thanks a lot to both of you.

I feel life as a reader, than as a blogger, was more relaxed. Writing new posts and deleting spam comments was what bloggers did. I only knew to comment and comment. Now as a blogger, readers ask me “Why have you not replied to my comment?” or “Why the blog is not updated?”

As a reader, I used to wait for other’s comments. There used to be lively, healthy and humourous discussions on Sanjay’s blog (Muktha Page). On most days, the comments simply kept pouring. And if one never visited the page for an hour, s/he would have missed being a part of the action!

Such was the ferocity with which everyone commented that once I had to attend a meeting for a few hours by which time nearly 100 comments had been posted! And it took me almost a day to read the whole thing and continue commenting.

Being a reader was bliss. I commented quite regularly at both the above mentioned blogs (and in other blogs too). Most of my blog friends encouraged me to comment and some even felt I deserved my own blog. Although I hesitated starting one immediately, I finally had Rambling with Bellur (RwB) on the last day of May 2006.

Since then, I have been regularly posting at RwB. When the blogs got blocked in mid July ’06, I changed from Blogspot to WordPress on July 18, 2006 (Thanks Sanju). Sad that I missed a 50 (no. of days) at Blogspot.

I am really happy and mystified seeing all your comments that has boosted my confidence and made me cross the 100 post mark (in November 2006) without any hassle. In a few days time, I hope to touch the 200 mark.

After starting RwB, I got to read really wonderful blogposts from a host of bloggers: Silkboard, Shark, Kishor Cariappa, Mridula, Nilagriva, Opinionated Indian, Suresh Gundappa, Anoop, Shadow, Ari4U, Gangadhar (blog sadly deleted), MounaGreat Unknown, Land of Lime, Somebody, Mysorean, Travel Plaza, Sampada, December Stud, Churumuri, Sans Serif and many others from all over the world, thanks mainly to WordPress and Blogger.

Looking back, I feel RwB was something that I never imagined would happen. It is one of the best things to have happened in my life in 2006, although there were also some incredibly difficult times as well.

I think that the best part of my blogging experience has been actually meeting fellow bloggers and readers in person. I’ve had the opportunity to meet interesting people who share wonderful thoughts and experiences from varied fields. I feel but for blogging, we may have never known each other.

Also, another great news is that, today, most of the readers who were regulars at Sanjay’s blog have a blog of their own (some have two or more) and it is great to read all the various posts and seeing classic photos. Recently, Sanjay opened a new blog ‘Muktha Balaga’, where all Muktha Balaga members can blog and comment. Here’s a list of Muktha Balaga bloggers:

Prashanth M
Prashanth M’s Photo Blog
Veena Shivanna

There are also others in the group who do not own a blog but are prolific writers and have interesting opinions about most topics. BR Usha and Praneshachar, for instance, have written guest articles for RwB. Of course, there are others like TSSM, Diya, Chaitanya, Prasanna, Anil Anand, Ram, Subbaramu to name a few, whose comments are very thought provoking.

I would like to thank everyone for visiting, writing and commenting at RwB. This blog is nothing without your active participation, encouragement and support.

I am thankful to my blog for another reason. Not only has it given me the chance to meet and befriend wonderful people, it has given me a very good career break.

A lot’s changed in the last twelve months. I wonder in amazement what the next twelve will bring.

26 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. RK,
    thanks for that great memory recap. I still remember the fights and still continuing the saga – old men dont change much!

    Your posts are very vibrent, full of quality and color. I may wait for 3 days for 1 post but thats like jataka pakshi getting water!

    Keep up the good blog and wish it many hits


  2. shark Says:

    and Thank YOU for giving us RWB. I have not seen a more interesting Blog, with updates almost every single day 🙂 It really is a pleasure reading your blog!

  3. Veena Says:

    This is a great blog., Almost all the navarasas are seen here…! More importantly, very jovial-less-controversies 🙂

    Anytime would love to browse through & I know nobody can beat you in ashu kavithes & other witty posts.
    The great thing about all these bloggers are ‘We know each other’…! just like some childhood friends…!

    Nice recap Bellur.. Thanks Much & my gratitude would go to Sanjay – the Mane owner as well… He is the connector anyway

  4. praneshachar Says:

    AS you we too are fortunate to have one another known each
    other meetings etc., etc.,
    I again reiterate you are a “nadedaduva vishwakosha”
    “a walking encycopedia”
    your interest in allmost all topics be it films cricket music
    political issues etc etc., is amazing and hats off to you
    you are unique again here by bringing thanks giving like you posted your 100th post good going
    next 12 months bring more happiness more cheer to you and your family so also to all of us

  5. Something tells me its ur birthday!!!
    If it is so, Many many happy returns of the day.

    If it is not so, even then, have many happy returns of the day!!

  6. usha Says:

    Bellur November nalliro thanksgiving eegle mugisbitra?? Advance agi …:) wonderful post.

    Time passes so fast… nimnella mathadsakke shuru madi ondh varsha agtha banthu… i guess thats the reason behind this post RK? I think muktha updates began from Dec 2005 or Feb 2006? I m very poor at remembering dates…

    It s been a pleasure reading all informations posted here and team blogs.The humor, arguments, interactions exchanged …. I am sure all of us are benifitted lot today.

    Meeting all of you in person along with TNS opened up interactions with a new group who are samanamanaskaru as Smt Praneshachar rightly stated, from then there’s no looking back, number of meets discussions held pleasure times enjoyed have seen a tremendous increase.

    Veena rightly stated that it seems as if we r childhood friends now.. i second that wholeheartedly.

    Three cheers to blogging ,bloggers and our friendship

  7. Vani Says:

    Heavy dose of emotions, Bellur!

    Thanks to Sanjay for creating the platform for all of us to meet….

    Thanks to you for your committed blogging. You have made many a dull morning cheery and bright.

    Look forward to many more posts and meets and discussions in future.

  8. SHADOW Says:

    Nice post bellur… it made me to remeber the days @ Muktha Balaga. At the same i thank Sanjay & Shruthi who made me to jump into blog world.

  9. Veena Says:

    Srik, don’t miss the data !!..
    When we spoke about obsession, scorpions .. we attached bellur to it… Bellur is a scorpion & his birthday doesn’t atleast falls in March ree.. 🙂

  10. Prashanth M Says:

    nice posr Bellur…

  11. Ram Says:

    Dear Mr. RK

    Nice Reminiscence. I enjoy reading posts and comments in your blog. Happy blogging.

  12. praneshachar Says:

    sanjay needs to be complimented because of his mukta blog all this has happened, so may friends likeminded from different fields neverthless they are together linked linked for ever
    three cheers to sanjay bellur shruthi and all

  13. Sanjay M Says:

    You’re simply a rare breed bellur – apart from all your amazing talents, the feeling of gratitude itself being a rare phenomenon 🙂

    Thanks to you and all the others (who’ve mentioned my name here as well) – actually its only been an honor for me to have all your comments on the blog! And esp bellur often I’ve refrained from mentioning (just to avoid too much of flattery 😉 ) that many times your comments really gave the writer a sense of satisfaction that here is atleast one reader who got exactly what the writer wanted to convey!

    Btw I completely agree with

    I feel life as a reader, than as a blogger, was more relaxed.

    and that’s probably why I myself more of a reader now. Often I’ve wondered whether to write or not to write… and though the mood changes, I’ve always believed that I should write more when I really feel compelled from the depths of the heart by a powerful concept – idea or story or anything – to write. Rather than writing more to keep the pace. But then, we need to balance between these two somewhere! 🙂

    RwB site is wonderful bellur, and one thing I really like a lot more about it is your generosity in Inviting Contributors! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading them as much as your posts, and I feel it also gives others who are reluctant confidence to get more into writing!

    Congrats on your century of posts …and why just a double century… wishing you all the best for many many more posts, contributions and comments! 🙂

  14. nilagriva Says:

    I like your attitude of taking some time to take a step back and expressing gratitude towards several people who have contributed directly or indirectly to your blog.

    I sometimes feel that we don’t feel grateful enough for several things that we have. We take them for granted. But I am really glad that people like RK keep my pessimistic pangs at bay.

    Your energy levels are also high – which is really admirable. I personally can’t make at least a post per week. So, I really find your enthusiasm wonderful.

    Anyway, RK, congratulations on the new milestone. Keep ’em coming!

  15. TSSM Says:

    I am fairly new to the blogging world, but from what little I have seen , yours is one of the finest blog sites that I have come across.

    That’s because, your articulation is so good that we feel ,we are part of your expressions, feelings,emotions,sentiments- be it kallekayi parishe or MS or CTR.

    A genuine warmth flows from your writings.Hence, we are like bees, rushing to savour your sweet nectar. Your consistency
    is amazing.

    Best wishes for your ton and hoping to be part of your double century.

  16. Diya Says:

    I’d just like to second all thats been said here…..

    It’s been a wonderful experience for me to read RwB. To get to know so many of the individuals who’s thoughts and views were very remarkably well-rounded and un-biased (most times 😉 ) has been an enriching experience for me….

    ALL THE BEST BELLUR ! ! ! May the next 12 months enable all of us to share in more such experiences and emotions 🙂 Thanks for RwB 🙂

  17. Shruthi Says:

    Bellur, your blog is a very interesting one – I am really glad you started one – and do keep going!

  18. Mysorean Says:

    Congratulations on reaching the milestone!

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  19. silkboard Says:

    Late here, but wanted to say thanks for the mention. Keep it on, your blog is a good one!

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  23. samaganam Says:

    Great going bellur sir!I think you will beat the world record 🙂

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