Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram Alumni Meet – Jan 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

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Being a holiday, I got up only after the newspaper was slightly warm, due to the morning sun staring right on him in my balcony.

After breakfast, I watched Chota Bheem Aur Krishna with my son. Being a Karate buff, he was waiting for the next show – Chota Bheem and Master of Shaolin.

But I was waiting for the clock to strike 11. My friend Mahim had called me the evening before and told me about the Alumni meet to be held on the Republic Day at 11 in the morning at KVM…the three letters, in that particular order, brings back numerous memories!

On the way to school, I saw a flag hoisting ceremony taking place in an apartment complex. I stood on the foot path and sang the national anthem, with the elders inside. When I was nearing the school, I was not sure whether to go through the front or the back gate. But as they say, habits die hard. And I entered through the back gate, as I did years ago.

As I entered, I saw the tri-colour, and on the stage were seated Prabhakar Sir, as usual in a suit and coat (Retd. Principal) and Nagaraj Sir (Retd. Lab Asst.), Badri Sir (Physics), Vasanthi Krishnan madam, Mulgund sir, Kanthamani madam, Kulkarni madam, Jayalakshmi madam and Subhashini madam. Kusum Talwani madam and our beloved Satyanand Sir joined in soon. It looked like they hadn’t changed at all, since I last saw most of them, and that was years ago.

I was trying hard to recognise many faces out there on the ground. Most of them seemed familiar. Some seemed more familiar than the others. I could identify VVN Kiran, brother of VVN Anand, my classmate. I saw another face which told me I had seen a younger version of it a few years back… yes it was my super senior Venkataraghavan, ever chubby and plumpy! And it was easy to identify a couple more who it seemed had never changed, like Binu (Michael Jackson) and Sowmya (singer with cat eyes).

The meet started with everyone singing our school prayer. After that, a few known teachers and some unknown spoke one after the other. Badri Sir spoke of his KVM days, the disciplined students and his beloved colleagues.

As is his wont, Prabhakar Sir regaled us with his usual wit and memorable anecdotes. He started off with his signature style of tapping the mike, and wished us. He said, “Not much has changed since your school days…like the olden days, you students are still in the hot sun while we teachers are as usually in the shade (on the stage)”. He continued, “I usually don’t attend functions, but this one was a special one. A couple of years after I retired, I was called for most functions invariably as a Chief Guest. But since 1995, I told that I would like to carry lovely memories of this school, so please don’t call me. But today, I am enjoying being here. However big shots you people may become, you are still my students. That is the advantage of a mother and teacher. ”

He also narrated the story of how the windows on the ground floor got a fence. It seems the constant attack by the cricket ball and football would keep breaking the glasses. And Prabhakar sir would summon the parents of the boy who was the offender to pay for the damage. And the parents would naturally crib, haggle, crib, haggle… To get rid of this problem, Prabhakar sir told he instantly took the decision, after getting consent from the Commissioner, to erect fences, which was done in a jiffy by asking a local guy to finish the job. He told there was no sending a letter to Delhi, getting sanction, inviting a tender…none of the formalities!

“…Most students here would either remember me for the slap that they received, or a prize that they received.” And when he asked “How many of you have received a slap?” quite a few hands went up amidst laughter.

Photos: Mahim | Design: RK

The current principal Meenakshi Madam was happy to see the old students. She thanked Ms.Sumalatha, an alumni, who is currently working in the school as a teacher, for this alumni meet. It was pure bliss to hear Kusum Talwani madam’s endearing Hindi amidst KVM trivia. She said it was Prabhakar sir who made her lose stage fear and be a good orator and told “Prabhakar sir jab hamaare principal the, woh KVM ka swarn yug tha!” In her typical style, she ended her speech with “Bharat ka swarnim gaurav Kendriya Vidyalaya layega”.

Nagaraj Sir spoke about the early days of KVM, when it all began in 1966. In his humourous speech in Kannada, he told if he started sharing anecdotes since 1966, it will be late evening. But he shared a couple of stories of how the headmaster from the opposite Government High School had helped by accommodating the KVM students in 5-6 classrooms where the present CET Cell is situated, when our school was yet to get its present building. Also, due to the lack of space, the primary students came in between 7 and 11 in the morning while the others came between 11.30 and 4.15pm, he said. He said, “During Prabhakar sir’s tenure, KVM was just like Vijayanagara during Krishnadevaraya’s rule. This is not an exaggeration or praise. He taught us how to be efficient and work in the right way that will bring accolades.”

When his turn came, Satyanand sir got the most cheerful welcome. He sportingly said, “I don’t know if you guys are cheering me or booing me!” He too said that he has skipped many a family functions, but he was not going to miss this one for sure, as KVM was so dear to him. He stressed on the fact that parents must inculcate good habits in children and tell them the importance of both academics and sports, as both are equally important. I asked him to say a few words about Shivanna Sir, who is not in the best of health. Satyanand sir told how he, Shivanna and some colleagues used to play for a few minutes after school, before winding up for the day. It seems Prabhakar sir also used to join for the volleyball sessions, but used to excuse himself saying “hands are paining, Satyanand…time to take leave”.

One ex-student gave the command ‘Schoooool, Raashtrageet shuru karegi, shurooooo karrrr” for us to start the national anthem. We stood still and sang it. After ‘School Veeeeeshraam’, we dispersed and met our teachers and friends. Pictures were taken, memories shared.

A memorabilia (with nostalgic pics and a 100 year calendar) was given to all those who attended the meet

Sumptuous lunch was awaiting us on the other side (at the front ground). Delicious Ladoo, Mouth-watering Puliyogare and cool-as-cucumber curd rice with pickles were served for lunch. Puliyogare was a blockbuster hit with the crowd!

Chatting with Satyanand Sir during lunch, I got to know that he still rides his light green Bajaj scooter 1098! Nagaraj sir told that the 1982 model scooter ought to be at Sri Veerendra Heggade’s Vintage motor collection at Dharmasthala!

Nagaraj sir said, “After a family function, we immediately leave after lunch. But here, we simply don’t feel like going”. He summed up everyone’s feelings in such a simple way.

Myself, Mahim and his better half went around our classes starting from 1 std. ‘A’ sec. Some classes still had the old furniture while some had new tables and chairs. Mahim even rang the good old bell!

A few changes are evident – like the enclosure which has been made where there used to be Ramamani madam with her Sanchayika team (next to the Staff room on the first floor), and an enclosure on the first floor next to the stairs. An entrance has been made to the cycle stand next to the rest room on the ground floor. The auditorium (a brainchild of Prabhakar Sir) on top has got a better false ceiling and the wooden stage has a neat carpet (than those thick red-green-blue striped jamkhanas full of dust…remember cleaning them with each one holding one corner and each one trying to put dust into the opposite’s eyes?!).

Titled ‘Reminiscences’, we saw some old pictures on the notice board and could see late SVL madam, Iyer Sir, Suleena Nair madam, Nalini Ravel madam, Baby Sir, Suryanarayan Sir, Ramamani miss among others. Taps look sleek and good looking, and less menacing than the ones we used to operate – during our days, some taps were so hard and difficult to press… but if you were successful at getting the water out, you could not stop the tap, and sometimes would jam your index or ring finger! It was a pleasant surprise to see less of water leakage all round the school.

It was late afternoon when we bid adieu to the place which had given us numerous memories – some good, some bad, some naughty, some adorable, some cheerful, some tearful, some lovely, some scary… the list is endless. With a heavy heart, we came back to the future out of the back gate.

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68 Responses to “Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram Alumni Meet – Jan 26, 2012”

  1. Praveen GK Says:

    Fantastic post, Bellur. Long time no posts from your side. Such a nice nostalgic post. I was reminded of my days in BP INdian Public School.

    Those memories….

    Praveen GK

  2. GURUDATH Says:


  3. neela Says:

    So sad ! I wasn’t there.
    So happy you made it alive for me .
    Kusum Talwani Miss , Satyanand Sir and Shivanna Sir….
    Oh do let me know about the next meet !!
    And your alluding to my old school building brought back memories of Saraswati Miss.
    Taj Miss, Feroze miss… Aiyyappan Sir,so many illustrious teachers werein KVMB 3 …
    It was fun- going coming back at 11. But the mornings were real brrr !!
    Thanks for this wonderful flashback .

    • rk Says:

      glad you liked it, neela. will surely let you know about the next meet.
      btw, when exactly were you in KVM?
      take care and good luck for the exams!

  4. Anoop Khanna Says:

    Hello Ram, only being present there personally could be better than your blog! So sad that we can’t relive our school days!I passed out in 1976! a long way back in time but memories are still absolutely fresh and green! Did Vasanthi mam attend? Mrs. Kamalam Sethuraman?
    Your blog spurs me to make it to KVM on 26th Jan 2013.

    • rk Says:

      thanks anoop.
      yes, vasanthi ma’m was there too. kamalam ma’m absent.

    • Nalini Krishnan Says:

      Hi Anoop,
      Were you in the same batch as me. Thin and Tall Anoop.
      I was in DInesh Prabhu’s batch if you remember him.
      I too passed out in 1976 with PCMB class.
      I wish I can make it the next time would love to meet the KVM 1976 batch.

      • Anoop Khanna Says:

        Hello Nalini,
        Saw your post very late. Really nice to know that you remember me. I recollect only Neena Srinath, Mala Raghavan and Rajalakshmi. Where are you located these days? We 1976 PCMB batch have formed a yahoo group, why don’t you join that! I am currently at Mumbai. would be nice to be in touch. you can mail me at Good Luck

        • Hi Anoop,

          It is indeed a very nice blog post. I was briefly at the same alumni meet-up in Bangalore. But I recognized no classmates, and none of the teachers remembered me 🙂

          I’m Nina’s brother, Ashok. I was 3 years junior to you all. I can connect you up with both Nina and Mala (who is my cousin), if you’re interested. Email me at…

          Regards, Ashok

  5. somashekar Says:

    Hi Ram, Such a nice work and we look to see more from you and your involvement into some alumni activities in the school going further ….

  6. neela Says:

    I was in KVMB 3 from 1970 -1975.

    Classes 3-7.

    But the flavour lingers…..

  7. Satish Says:

    Any news about Saraswati madam? where is she?

  8. TS Srinivasamurthy Says:

    Dear RK
    As is your wont, a meticulously compiled momories.
    Thanks for taking us ‘down the memory lane’.
    wish that your son too has started following your footsteps.
    The more one gets older, the more rounder and smoother the rough edges of past events get.
    A great piece once again.
    with best wishes

  9. Nagendra Nachiketa Says:

    HI i WAS AT KVM FROM 82 TO 84 9TH AND 10TH. Prabhakar Sir was the Principal. Rarely saw him wearing the same suit on any given day. Very articulate. He used to take English classes for us. I guess i was in 9c and 10c. Ofcourse Satyanand Sir/ Shivanna Sir were the Physical Education Teacher. Reddappa Sir/Leelavathi Mam were teaching English. Kusum Talwani Mam was teaching History and Civics. Narayan Sir/CK Baby Sir was our Physics teacher. Ravikumar Nair Sir was teaching Maths.Iyer Sir taught Chemistry. Vijayal Mam taught Biology. Unable to remember who taught Hindi and Sanskrit and Unable to remember the SUPW Sir who was also the SCOUT Teacher. I realise its 28 years since I left KVM. Ofcourse I can never forget Padmavathi Mam who brought the actor out of me. Bhatt Sir was the Yakshagana expert. If any body remembers me do feel free to contact me. Due my wife’s Operation, I was unable to make it this time. Hopefully will try and attend in the forthcoming year.
    Nagendra Nachiketa

  10. Nandini Says:

    Well captured moments of the event.

  11. URL Says:

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  12. Nalini Krishnan Says:

    Please do let me know if there is a alumni meeting next time. I would have loved to come and see Satyanand sir, Shivanaa sir, Nagraj, Badri, Vasanthi, Satyavathi Madam, Rajanna Sir.
    Please put up some photos on face book and we can keep in touch.
    Lovey to hear about my old teachers.
    S. Nalini

  13. anitha Says:

    hi, which year did you pass out? my my….. amazing to see the pics and read the pledge and the prayer and read abt all those familiar ppl. total nostalgia


    It is really great to hear about my Alma Mater and our superb teachers when I was at KVM.
    Although far away in Virginia, I read thru the Alumni write up with joy.
    I hope to visit the next Alumni meet and hope to get to see my beloved teachers,

    Best Regards to each of you and fond memories of my school, OF 1967-70
    Vijay (Vidyadhar)Kulkarni
    Virginia, USA

  15. shivakumar Says:

    I am so happy to see/hear about my school. passed out in the year 1985. would love to hear from fellow students. any idea as to where padmavathi mam(hindi teacher) is? would want to meet up with her.
    e mail:

    • rk Says:

      hi shivakumar! great to see you visit this post!
      padmavathi mam stays very close to the school.
      plz chk your mail.

      do share more of your KVM memories with us!

      tk care

      • Usha Vaidhyanathan Says:

        I am Usha Vaidyanathan from 1981 batch. The memories of my school days at KVM is still fresh in my mind. i long to see my friends.

        I missed the Alumini Meet 2012 on January 26. I will definitely make it for the next meet.

    • Rajesh chahar Says:

      HI….Shiva Kumar….I am Rajesh Chahar………I think we were classmates….I was there in class VII and VIII in years 1981 and 1982….other classmates were Manoj Sharma, Neeraj Tyagi, rajesh Sharma, Raghvendra, etc. …Do you remember.

  16. Satyaki Hosmane Says:

    amazing post…..
    got tears in my eyes reading the post….
    Kusum Talwani was my favorite teacher…did Vijaya Lakshmi maam attend? she used to teach english…
    i passed out from class X in 1992….was in the C section from class IV to X…..

    • rk Says:

      hi satyaki,
      this is ramakrishna, from the same 1992 batch. was in ‘A’ section, along with mahim, chirag etc.
      BVL was missing at the event…hope she can make it to the next meet!
      great to see your comment here on my blog!
      hope to see you in the next meet!
      tk care

  17. Sudhakar N Rao Says:


    I was touched while reading the blog of RK about my school KVM teachers who had taught me also during my tenure at KVM between 1976-77 to 1980-81 ( i have studied from class 8 to 12 ).

    This refreshed my mind of my schooldays. I was also not aware ot the meeting of all the alumini on 26th Jan 2012 which i would love to attend it.

    I take this opportunity to thank all my teachers who have guided and helped me during my school days.

    Starting from 8th std in 1976-77 Mrs Kusum Talwani madam was my class teacher, Mrs Ramamani madam, Mr Narayan Sir ( Maths ) ,sorry i am not able to recollect other teachers names in 8th std.

    From class 9th to 12th , we had a previlage of being taught by the best of the teachers in science stream for 4 years ( Mr P Adinarayana Shetty Sir, Mr Badrinath Sir, Mrs Vasanthi Krishnan Madam, Mrs Satyavathi Madam,and our English teacher Mr Rama Rao Sir ) . i do remember those time along with PT Sirs Mr Satyanand Sir and Mr Shivanand Sir. I also thank the lab staffs who helped us during our practical classes.

    I take this opportunity to thank you Sir ,our principal Mr Prabhakar whose strictness was talked about even in our schooldays.

    About my classmates , I can recollect few names – Class 8 to 10 -Somasekhar B, Jameel Ahmed, Rajesh , Jai Kishan , Venu Krishnamurthy, Uma, and Gautham ( i am fortunate that i am still in touch with Gautham who is working in Union Bank of India as a Manager in Kannanur ( Kerala ).

    My class mates in class 11th and 12th were mostly the Jalahalli KV boys and girls who joined KVM – Sandeep , Ramachandran , Pradeep ( School leader ) , Sudha , Prabhakar, Ajay Kumar Pandey, Deeksha Ahuja to name a few. I remember we were 17 nos in Class XII and around 15 passed with first class. Our batch was the best in sports in volleyball and badminton , We had Anand Mulky who also represented the State team.

    About myself , presently i am working in Medreich Limited , a MNC company in pharma sector as Manager Accounts . We manufature medicines like Augmentin, Fefol, Fesovit,( for GSK )Paracetamol, Becosules ( for Pfizer ), Malareich ( vaccination for malaria ), Fleming , Cotramoxazole etc

    My childrens are studying in Air Force school Hebbal .

    I once again thank all my teachers and i will come and meet you all in the next alumini function.


    • rk Says:

      hi sudhakar,
      thanks for dropping by and sharing your lovely KVM memories here. hope you can make it to the next alumni meet!
      gd day

  18. Balasubramanyam Says:

    Hi everybody,
    I am an alumnus of KVM and was the first (guniepig) batch of the 10+2 scheme. I left KVM in 1977. I am happy to hear that an alumnus meet was held at KVM in Jan and I am sorry that I missed it. I hope to join the next meet. I remember with respect and gratitude Mrs Kusum Talwani madam, Mrs Ramamani madam, Mr Narayan Sir ( Maths ), Satyanand and Shivanna sir, Badrinath sir. I also remember my dear friends of my batch Sundar, Manjunath, Murli, Raghavan, Ganesh, SS Ravi, Meena, Vinaya Behara. Jolly Varghese, Nagendra. If any of you can recognise me, do pen me a reply


    • neel3 Says:

      @Balasubramanyam : I was in the next batch. Meena was my best friend Bhanu’s sister.
      My other classmates were Srilatha S, Jayshree, Rukmini, Sujatha, Dwarakanath Kini,Dinesh Mehta, Jagdeep Singh…

      • eskay Says:

        Hi this is sk from KVM batch 1968 to 1978 right from class 1 to class 10. If any of you can recognise me, do pen me a reply at My elder twin brothers passed out from KVM during the year 1977, my younger sister passed out in 1980 and my younger brother passed out from KVM in the year 1983. What an excellent faculty we had in all the subjects. Excellent principal in Mrs.Kamalam Sethuraman. My class mates were Harini, Jayshree, Amardeep singh, SS Jaganathan to name a few.

        • neel3 Says:

          @eskay : you must have been in my batch . I was in ‘A’ section. I was in KVM from 1970 June to 1975 August. I faintly remember the name SS Jagannathan, we used to call him khus – khus..or something like that. ( Sorry for that, now ) There was Deepak , Prakash and N Bhanu in my class.

          • srikanth.s Says:

            Thanks for the response neel. Yes you are right vaguely remember all the folks of our batch. N.Bhanu was staying in malleswaram and she had an elder sister also studying in our school itself in my memory goes right. Would love if you can establish contact with all the folks and keep me in the loop. have a great day. bye

            • neel3 Says:

              @Srikant : you were in my class ! Shakeel, and Srilatha too.
              N Bhanu’s sister , N. Meena became a dentist. Bhanu went on to MES after 10 th and did EE at UVCE and now I have lost contact.
              I stayed in 17 t cross for a short while and Dwarkanath (Sampige rd.) and Srilatha ( Margosa rd. )stayed in Malleshwaram too.

              • srikanth.s Says:

                You are absolutely right. Shakeel ahemed was also in our class staying close to bhanu’s house. Well srilatha was srinath’s younger sister and srinath studied with my elder twin borthers. I used to sport a chandan tilak on my fore head . Glad that you were able to place me. Would love to hear more on our class mates. I used to stay in 18th corss malleswaram opp to govt college.Thanks have a great day..

                • Kiran Srinivasan Says:

                  Gents, this is Kiran–see my post below; I too was in your class. Great re-connecting, let’s keep the dialog going. Srilatha S, Jayshree, Rukmini, Sujatha, Harini, Jyothi, Bhanu, Lakshmi (Volleyball spiker Raman’s sister), Dwarakanath Kini,Dinesh Mohta, Jagdeep Singh, Tirlochan Singh, B.Sriram, Dinesh Pai were all mates and good friends (B. Sriram and I are still in touch),

                  • Kiran Srinivasan Says:

                    Not to mention, HK Radha and late K.S. Raghavan (off spinner)–sister and brother; Raghavan was a dear friend, who was a batch ahead of us, but became our classmate at RVCE.

                    • srikanth.s Says:

                      Thanks kiran ! Nce to go through your detailed note. N.Dinesh was also in our class his elder brother was N.Umesh kvm batch 1966 – 77. Both are in bangalore. B.Sriram used to stay in malleswaram close to mes college if my memory serves right. Have a great day ! Cheers srikanth

                  • neel3 Says:

                    Thanks to Bellur and this wonderful blog- I am back in touch with my friend – N Bhanu

        • Yagnamurthy Says:

          hi does anyone remember prashant of the 1978 batch i think. what is he upto?. YM

      • Neel, I would have been your classmate too! I was in KVM from 1971 (4th) to 1980 (12th)…

        Regards, Ashok Srinath

        • srikanth.s Says:

          Ashok I too would have been your classmate. 1968 to 1978 passed out my 10th. Do keep posting regularly. thanks srilanth

  19. S S Gowrishankar Says:

    I am S.S.Gowrishankar, an alumnus of KVM and passed out X in 1981. The above narration by few other alumnus, rekindles in me the fond memory of my school days. I remember most of the teachers cited above and my inter action with them then. I am eager to participate in the next meet and meet my old friends and teachers. Please keep me informed.

  20. Sam Says:

    Hi, this is Sam, remember the days when our classes were in the Government High School building…volleyball matches were great…remember William Martin, Subash House, great spiker….B S’s brother, not recalling the name, but excellent high serve…oh those days were fantastic….Kamalam Sethuraman was the Principal…the elections were fantastic too…mail me at
    My classmates were Srinagesh, Srinath, right from class 1 to class XI…there was Geeta…Surekha…Saraswati Miss, Taj Miss, Dorothy Miss, Ramo Rao Sir…fantastic grooming and education par excellence from KVM….

  21. neel3 Says:

    I registered myself as an alumnus at

  22. Sam Says:

    Sam here from KL echoing my twin brother above. We had a great time all the way from the old place in the Govt High School building then moving to the new place behind the 18th cross bus stand. My batch had Srinagesh, Sriram, Srinath, Suman, Shobha, Sheetal, Uma, Usha, NN Murthy, Umesh, Mukund, Lakshman, Raman Spiker, Srinivasa Rao, KNV Prasad, Badri, Satheesheelan Inbaraj, Krishnamurthy, MN Ravi, Rama Rao, BS Srinivas, Pradeep Shankar, This was during Kamalam Sethuraman Madam who was the Principal – from 1966 through 1977. Recollect our great teachers, from NCC by Anand Sir, Prasad office and lab assistant, Govinda, Ramaiah our excellent admin and office help, to our library Padma miss, to Kumar in the office section, to our best arts and drawing Sir Sri HL Bhat, followed by Rama Rao Sir for English, Shetty Sir and Narayan Sir for Maths, Taj Miss in the old building, Badri Sir for Physics, Vasanthi Miss for Chemistry, our favourite in the lab Nagaraj Sir who was so patient with so many students. Sanskrit by Sri Mathur Krishnamurthy and Chandrashekar Sir was just too good. Biology by Vijaya Miss, Kusum Talwani Miss, and others – we had such great teachers who groomed so many of us with the right discipline and attitude. Hats of to our school KVM and Shivaji House – my favourite. Of course Satyanand Sir and Shivanna Sir for Cricket, volleyball and playing the students versus teachers cricket is still fresh. Thanks to Dr M V Nagendra our batch mate who was instrumental in taking some great pictures. Hope we get to hear from all of the batchmates. Reach out at

  23. […] Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram Alumni Meet – Jan 26, 2012 […]

  24. Kiran Srinivasan, Texas, USA Says:

    Thank you for bringing back such warm, enduring memories–great to see some of the greats in the photos! The teachers you and others have mentioned deserve our eternal gratitude and resp[ect for their efforts in molding generation after generation. My brother Arun (opener for the cricket team) and I were alumnis; he from 1965 to 1976 (old 10+1 scheme), and I from 1968 to 1978. We still remember our classes being held at the proximate Government school and our walking into the then-brand new premises where the school has been housed to-date. Ms. Kamalam Sethuraman was our dear Principal; she, in our opinion, did the most to make the school what it soon became then, and what it probably still is today–she was a teacher’s teacher, a caring disciplinarian, a truly selfless person! A premier institution of learning in Bangalore. Iconic teachers like Mrs. Tajunnisa (my favorite teacher at the time, whose wedding my family and I were fortunate to attend), Feroze Begum, Saraswati, Mrs. Kulkarni (whose son, Dr. Rohit, was my classmate), Mrs. Keerti Manjunath, Mrs. Ramamani, Mrs. Mangalam, Mrs. Talwani (what a kind soul), Mrs. Malathi Prakash, Mrs Rama, Messrs. Manjunath, Narayan, Iyer, Anand (our beloved “cutted”; I still recall the mass food poisoning that occurred following NCC cadets’ consumption of spoiled masala dosa from the joint located at the xn of 18th Cross and Sampige Road–right across my good friend and classmates’ Dunlos’ laundry and drycleaning store) ), Badrinath, Shivanna, Gopal, Satyanand, Rama Rao, Rajanna, Nagaraj, Rachachar (whose volleyball serves touched the skies with glory, but used to land usually a few feet from his own position on the service line; participating with them in after- school games was the highlight of our days) whose selfless service left enduring, positive imprints on young lives; our beloved “peons” (oh, how degrading I find the term now)–Gangadhar (whose son was my classmate–that was the beauty of that school), Prasad, and others who were our support system and shields from the ire of certain teachers (who can forget the covert assistance they gave soome of us during labs, etc.), and whose faces I remember very clearly , but alas, whose names slip my mind; and memoravble seniors, classmates, and juniors, whose company we cherished. Wow, what a time–I could go on and on, but time constrains. Please keep me posted about future such reunions.
    BTW, my brother was in BLR a couple of years ago and upon wandering off to school, still found Satyanand coaching youngsters on the cricket field (he was doing it simply becuse of his love for the game and his desire to mentor youngsters)–my brother and he had a great chat about the good ol’ days! Cheers.
    Kiran Srinivasan (Kiran, K.S, of those days).

    Classmates of this period, please do write in–let us re-connect! My e-mail:

  25. Uday Says:

    Wonderfully written- I felt as if I were there myself. I have fantastic memories of my time at KVM from 1990-1994. Great teachers, cricket and football in the school compound, and wonderful friends.
    Uday Rao

    • rk Says:

      hi uday,
      thanks for dropping by. glad u liked the post. i remember you were in the ‘C’ section (i am from ur batch too.) 🙂

  26. Sam Says:

    Happy Deepavali to all KV Malleswaram alumni….On Diwali day, passed by KV Malleswaram, and took some photos. The building, stage, prayer ground, and the lab are the same as from 1977. The volleyball court is now replaced with a basketball court with flooring and all….chanced by to meet Mayur K Shah and it was nostalgic going back to the 70s…entrance to the main door of the school is now decked on both sides by flowering plants….the space behind the lab has the primary school….sports room has moved out to its own building in front of the Principal’s home which is adjoining the school. What used to be the eating place facing the 18th cross bus-stand has given way to a parking place for bicycles with a shed as cover. the school’s honor roll has moved from the office wall to the sports room wall. A huge idol of Goddess Saraswathi welcomes you as one enters the school’s main door. RK…all the best…continue blogging….

    Sam, Ram and SK

  27. Sam Says:

    Dear RK
    Did KVM Alumni meet 2014 take place? Any updates please share. Eagerly looking for this in your blog. Take care.

  28. Kiran Srinivasan Says:

    Indeed. This blog helped us reconnect after decades!

  29. S.Venkatesh Kumar Says:

    Hi ! I am Venkatesh Kumar. It is a great pleasure to see this great work. I went back to my teacher days..9.9.1975 to 12th Dec 1976.I worked as primary teacher. I was glad to teach 1to 5th std, then middle section and 12th class too. I felt extremely happy to see the information, people whom I know at that time closely. I immediately recollected lots of love & affection my students and teacher friends showed me during my service at KVM. I would be glad to participate in our next Alumni meet/ small meeting too.Latter I worked with ING Vysya Bank, then with IDBI Bank. Now retired happily. Any one who remembers me can pl contact though :
    S.Venkatesh Kumar

  30. Prasad Nagaraju Says:

    Great article. I am trying to find old school mates from Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswara. I got out out class 10 in 1982 and class 12 in 1984. The names of all the teachers is reminiscent of good old days in Bangalore. Unable to find old school mates though

    • rk Says:

      hi prasad,
      maybe if you attend the yearly alumni meet on jan.26th at KVM, you can meet some of your batchmates and teachers. hope to see you there next year!

  31. Somashekar BV Says:

    From the batch of class X 1979, 23 of us met recently, at Hosur. We are looking to rope in more of our missing classmates from the batch of Class X of 1979.
    If you are one of them., or you know of any from this batch, please establish contacts with me.
    Most of us do plan to make it for the Alumni meet of Jan 26, 2016 ~~~
    Best Regards

  32. Anand Rao Says:

    Today 7th of November 2015, I got a news that Suleena Nair madam has passed away. May her soul rest in peace.

    Remembered by 1993 Class 10 passout students, now members of Alumni

    Warm Regards
    Anand Rao

  33. shamita75 Says:

    Was a student of KVM 1992 batch….your article brought back a lot of memories….. Wherever we go, the ideals and values they all instilled will always remain…..

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